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    here here

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    yes your right bang on i would trade gomez for a 200th draft pick and take the loss he should be so lucky to play in the NHL never mind montreal and im a big gainey fan and your right he did make a mistake on that one.

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    ok this is getting bad i have to say my 2 cents worth first and formost i wish the media  leave subban alone to play hockey and gomez what right does he have to say something abouth subban"s celabrations on scoring the overtime goal first this is comming from a guy who gets paid MILLIONS and plays like crap,second when ovechkin scores its a huge deal when he jumps into the glass listen if all the players toned it down  hockey would be so boring nobody would want to watch it, thats why we are having shootouts, we need kids like this to create fun and leave us guessing what they will do next.