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  • Comment on Habs cut 18, including Leblanc, Tinordi (2010-09-27 16:28:17)

    Is RDS also streaming the game?

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 16:36:33)

    Are you friggin' kiddin' me???!!!

    Lars Eller and Ian Schultz -- that's all we get for a proven playoff hero?

    We could see the Halak trade coming -- the organization has been in love with Price to the point of blindness, and Jaro was never appreciated the way he should have been.  When he was interviewed after the playoffs, Halak sounded like a guy not too intent on coming back -- and why would he be?

    Price may have size and technique, but I'll take heart and character over that any day and that's what Jaro has.  That's why he's a winner and Price is not (yet).

    But if the argument is that Halak has better trade value right now, then how come Gauthier wasn't able to get more value?

    Winning teams start on the second floor.  In the glory years, the Habs' real MVP was Sam Pollock.  We're a long way from him now.  Gauthier let the brightest coaching prospect get away, and now he traded the goalie who stole two rounds and got peanuts in return.

    Next time we rebuild, let's start by getting a real GM.

    Quo vadis, Pierre?

  • Comment on Photos: Carey Price’s new mask (2009-09-17 14:30:12)

    No question, the pretzel mask is a classic.  But actually, Plante had a pretzel mask way before Dryden.  I think even Charlie Hodge had one too.  And Dryden's target mask stands alone because of the simplicity and legibility of the painted design.  It's like modern abstract art, unlike many current masks that are just cluttered with small images you can never perceive even in a television medium shot.  Kudos to Dryden for going with it.

    I also like Price's new mask.  As far as the red pads vs. white pads, it's not a question of looking big.  The reason most goalie switched to white pads last season is because a specialist (an opthamologist?) wrote an article about Marc AndrĂ© Fleury's yellow pads, saying they were favoring the shooter, who could more easily perceive the edge between the yellow pads and the white net and boards.  Any little bit helps, I guess.

    But red or white pads aside, the biggest part of any goalie's game is between his ears.  One more year of maturity should help Price.  I'm rooting for him.