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  • Comment on Blue in the Face (2008-02-27 23:06:14)
    I can't remember so much hype around the trade deadline, surreal to hear every radio talk show host in the city dedicating airtime to the buildup, the regular topics they discuss are potholes and poop n scoop laws, suddenly becoming hockey experts. It has to be such a brutal distraction to the named and suspected trade bait players. Huet and Bob were soooo far apart, there was no way at his age and at the bucks he felt he is worth there was any hope of signing a new contract. When and how you end the relationship is the perennial question. There was a phase two and perhaps three in Bob's plan to the trade which never materialized, or fell apart, hell of a poker game going on. Bob likes the draft route to build teams, I get the feeling he sees better possibilities with cheaper and younger talent than getting into a bidding war and trading away "assets" which have quite frankly changed the complexion of the Habs for the better. However, if Huet starts standing on his head and dropping his goals against average...
  • Comment on T-Minus 7 Days (2008-02-21 22:29:43)
    Chris, scramble come backs are good for ratings. But why oh why do we allow so many goals? Blue line trades, I will be somewhat flexible. I love being a Lazy Boy GM.
  • Comment on T-Minus 7 Days (2008-02-20 17:57:05)
    Got 'em, got 'em got 'em, need 'em...wait, need who? Bob seems to be winning, without blowing the future. I really think the trade deadline hysteria is akin to the 15 minutes before closing time at the local watering hole....CRAP! need someone to take home...anyone...she'll do, no, not tall enough...O,K, that one!, three arms...wait, those two in the corner, no they're with each other...can I work out a deal?, they want way too much in return, I won't give up that! Stay the course, the boys are doing just fine. One mans opinion.
  • Comment on Trade Rumours (2008-02-11 18:14:14)
    Chris, I agree with the comment that Gainey is balanced, and cautious, it is not his style to knee jerk and trade a player for the sake of appeasing the blood hounds after a couple of iffy outings, or scoring slump. This business of putting a winning team on the ice is all about the short, medium and long term building and is an insane tightrope walk in Montreal. Looking at Bob's track record here and elsewhere, I think he has proven more than capable. that said, should Gainey decide to take a run at Hossa #2, I think the odds of signing is pretty remote, brothers talk. Yannick P? I think Old Hawks have seen that movie before, it ends poorly. Keep em coming Chris.
  • Comment on Sunday’s Super Blues (2008-02-06 19:50:40)
    Chris, Interesting scenarios. Goalies, like all professional athletes only want to play in the big league, they have sacrificed everything and spent their entire careers getting there. Halak like so many other second-third line netminders have the same insane desire to win cup rings, and make as much do-re-mi as possible, before they are relegated to old timer Viagra beer league status. I couldn't find the average number of seasons played for a #1 backstopper in the NHL, but if I were Halak, I'd get my agent to move me to a starting spot, somewhere, anywhere, before I needed little blue pills and Attends. Just a thought.
  • Comment on View From The Blues: New blogger joins I/O (2008-02-01 18:27:27)
    Chris, I wonder how the free spirits at the bar help/hinder the creative process when putting the Habs under the microscope....pretty much what most of us armchair experts are doing also, difference being our ability to spel, or writ anythin kohearent and most importantly, we have to buy our own suds. Experience working with the handicapped will serve you well, in life and dealing with this lot.