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  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 19:18:53)
    Here we go again...............
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 19:01:59)
    Boone "Woo-hoo! McGill to the national final!!" Gotta admit they have a strong team, was hoping for an Alberta win which would have sent STFX to the final.. You want a good atmosphere you need to go to STFX game its unreal that a town of 7,000 can send 1500-2000 per game. Mcgill will have a tough time in the Finals... UNB and Western are strong... UNB beats Mcgill, Mcgill beats Western.. Atlantic hockey is very close and very good hockey, prolly the best of the CIS leagues for competitiveness..
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 18:56:35)
    BGL should just concentrate on trying to win support for the green party after all he is deputy leader... What a joke! Elizabeth May is just using him because he is well known .. not for his fighting but for his "Code"
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 18:47:35)
    Thanks :)
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 18:40:43)
    Boone you already drinking :P you said 5 prospects in frozen four yet you listed four ! I understand I've been drinking since the beantown meltdown.. worst thing about shutouts you have nothing to celebrate... at least a 7-1 loss we get to celebrate one goal..
  • Comment on Calgary is getting colder (2011-02-18 16:44:47)


    Steven hindle stating setoguchi to habs or caps perhaps.. looking into details.. and PG was in SJ last night for the SJ wash game...

  • Comment on Calgary is getting colder (2011-02-18 16:28:46)

    I agree... I would imagine PG does something tonight .. because the way things are going there is going to be no one left come the deadline.....

  • Comment on Updates (2011-02-18 13:43:20)

    heres the deal... We can kiss the division lead goodbye... We will mostly likely still make the playoffs.... We will mostly likely go winless in the playoffs ... 


    The East is a two horse race   BOS and PHI ... 

    No other team can compete..

  • Comment on Updates (2011-02-18 13:21:35)

    Boston Strikes again... Hab killer peverley and Valabik for Wheeler and stuart ... 


    Boston is loading up.......

  • Comment on Cammy on trip but doesn’t practice (2011-01-31 21:10:11)

    The FHL has had some issues in its first season... most teams get maybe 600 fans which is less than some of the Jr A teams in the Central Junior League.. For example the Cornwall Colts get an avg 1000/game,  Akwesasne 600/game which is across the river on Cornwall Island. The main problem is for fans to go to the game from Canada or the USA they have to go thur customs/toll booth and its quite the hassel... I mean I'm find with it taking like two hrs to get out of the scotiabank place parking lot but 2 hrs to cross the bridge when it would normally take like 15mins from my parents is retarded. 

    PD was beyond skilled for the league and quite honestly is making way more money in Austria. 

    The league though has had players called up to the ECHL, which is pretty big for a first year league.. I have a feeling though the financials are going to destroy the league within 2-3 yrs. 

    They put a team in binghampton (broom county) where the jr Sens are.. stupid move.. that team relocated half way though the season.. But it was nice to see PD play again live..