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  • Comment on Boudreau is back (2011-12-01 13:13:14)
    I hate the comment that "As long as fans keep going to the games and buying merchandise and buying beer then the team is going to suck because all Jeff Molson cares about is making money" If this was the case, the Habs would consistently operate with a team significantly below the salary cap. We are always at or near the top in terms of what we spend on players - but in a salary cap world our GM is limited in what he can do. Whether or not the current or previous GM's have made the correct decisions is a whole different story, but to say that the team is bad because the Owners know they can make money no matter what makes absolutely no sense. I can guarantee the Molson's would make a significantly larger amount of money in a season in which we win the cup than we would in a season where we don't make the playoffs, and I can guarantee that the Molson's want to win.
  • Comment on Canadiens hold blood donor clinic (2011-11-02 16:07:24)
    No doubt there is still work to do on the offensive game - but I feel like JM must have his eyes closed if he doesn't see the offensive upside this guy brings. If me noticing his upside is blind man love, so be it.
  • Comment on Canadiens hold blood donor clinic (2011-11-02 07:35:04)
    Regarding Eller... Jacques, he hasn't shown you he can score because you haven't put him consistently on a line with highly skilled players, and because you've forced him into a defensive role and benched him whenever he tries to step outside of it. It is a good thing that he is becoming a well rounded player, but he certainly looked like a guy who can bury thirty plus when he pulled that sick toe drag and fired a laser the other night against the Bruins. As for the giveaway - it was pretty obvious that should have been two minutes for slashing to anyone that was watching, I don't get why JM and some fans are ragging on him for that. He was just starting the breakout, and would have been just fine if he hadn't taken a two hander that 99 times out of a 100 is called a slash.
  • Comment on Canadiens still chilling (2011-10-31 12:22:01)
    Jack Todd is hopeless - he writes too bad no one was watching the World Series? It was the biggest audience to watch a world series since 2004, when the Sox won their first series in FOREVER. Seriously, where does he get his info from? And Luis Pujols? He's only the best player of his generation, you could at least get his first name right!
  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 11:58:19)

    I beg to disagree - last night Gionta outmuscled Gaustad and Tyler Myers on a number of occasions. If the Habs are too small, then why did we beat the Sabres 2 out of 3, and took them to overtime last night? Why have we beaten the Big Bad Bruins every time we have played them this year? The problem last night, as with a lot of nights, is that the NHL seems to think little hooks and slashes are more deserving of penalties than brutal hits from behind or hits to the head.

  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 11:13:22)

    It might just be me, but I'd like to see them bring up Avtsin and try him on a line with Kostitsyn and Plekanec. Let Eller play with Gomer and Gio, put Pouliot back with Darche and Desharnais, then Moen, Pyatt and Halpern could round it out.

  • Comment on CKAC: MaxPac fractures rib; no recalls yet (2011-01-19 11:33:41)

    I realize he's raw, but I like his size, and he plays the same sort of game as Kostitsyn. Plus it would allow the third and fourth lines that have worked well to stay intact, and allows Eller to still play with skill guys. More than anything I kind of just want to see the guy play and see what he's got - he's been on a tear lately in the A.