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  • Comment on About this afternoon … with audio (2011-12-03 19:34:36)
    Cammy's penalty was BS, he back-checked with a lot of intensity and made a great play. He barely touched the LA player.
  • Comment on About this afternoon … with audio (2011-12-03 19:33:03)
    Weber: assist on Plek's power play goal.
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 15:40:18)
    Tell me about it, most days I can't even make it past the first few comments because of all the whining about PG, JM, Gomez, Markov... Makes it impossible to pick out the interesting comments.
  • Comment on More surgery for Markov (2011-12-03 15:23:14)
    You must be his orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Comment on Afternoon hockey in L.A. (2011-12-03 11:53:58)
    Great assessment. People seem to think that it's easy to coach a team with injuries to three of their top 6 D, and an offensive core with an under-performing top 6 (Gionta, Gomez, Cammy are all under-performing/absent). Show me another team with 3 rookies and 1 sophomore in defence and I'll show you a team that's doing worse than the Montreal Canadiens. Not saying that JM doesn't make mistakes, but seriously... it's not like we have a team like Washington.
  • Comment on Game 58: Sabres win after 10-round shootout (2011-02-15 21:34:44)

    We've seen so many forwards go down this year in terms of production when paired with Gomez. You'd have me believe that linemates don't play a SIGNIFICANT factor on a player's statistics? Give me a break. I never said Eller's production would soar, don't go putting words in my mouth. I believe Eller poor production is caused by non-scoring linemates, low ice-time, and the adjustment curve associated with a change in position. Your argument is that Eller should be able to play with a "sprinkler and a fire-hydrant" and be equally proficient at all forward positions. So you think Gionta should be able to centre effectively? You think DD would be great on the wing? I doubt that you do...

    From the games I've seen, Eller is actually fairly strong on the puck, and Martin has complimented his defensive play. He's also makes good passes, but when you're passing to Moen and Pyatt, what do you expect to happen?

    Let's agree to disagree. I've made my points, and you've decided to devolve into calling me names like "yogie," I doubt that there's more to be said. We'll see how Eller develops in the future.

  • Comment on Game 58: Sabres win after 10-round shootout (2011-02-15 20:29:57)

    Not double-talking at all. I didn't know who Eller played with. Moen and Pyatt was a guess since Eller was mostly on the 4th line. Don't compare Crosby with any player in the Canadiens line-up, that's a guy who can put up 100+ points per season, the closest guy we have is Plekanec. I am pretty sure that if DD were with Moen and Pyatt, he'd have quite a bit more trouble putting up points.

    No, Eller doesn't play defense, but my point is that position is important. If you get switched out of your natural position, it takes a while to adjust, especially if it's your first NHL season. Spacek himself said that he had trouble playing on the wrong side.

    Not sure what your point is with your "cousin," but I'm guessing you're saying potential doesn't matter, only production does? I disagree. We kept Plekanec because of his potential, we kept Pacioretty because of his potential, we kept Price because of his potential. Eller has shown he can play in the NHL, and has shown flashes of high-level skill and hockey smarts. Like I said, he still needs to develop, but he's also only 21.

  • Comment on Rolling along (2011-02-03 19:01:18)

    Why is Penner so much better than AK? Because he has 3 more goals?

  • Comment on Vacation? Not so fast there, fella! (2011-01-26 23:55:00)

    I think Eller is awesome. It's his first real season in the NHL, working on a defensive system he's probably unfamiliar with. I've seen some really impressive sequences from him, and it shows me that he has the skill/talent to play at a top level in the NHL. He also has a Darch-ian work ethic: he works his butt off every shift, so I doubt he'll be having consistency problems due to lack of trying.

    He's in his rookie year, working on a checking line, playing on the wing instead of his natural position, not getting much ice time, and still learning to develop his game. He'll get there.

  • Comment on Vacation? Not so fast there, fella! (2011-01-26 21:16:57)

    Wow, did you even bother to look up the stats or did you just make them up?

    Check the website, specifically under "2003-2004."

    Plekanec never even played 69 games in any of his seasons...