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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 10:28:18)
    I'm very conservative when it comes to criticizing Therrien and coaches generally because to be perfectly honest I have no idea what's really involved in the plying of their trade. But I can say with some certainty at this point in the season that the Habs' roster itself is not materially worse than any of its major conference rivals, and is in several respects better (e.g. in nets, and at the 1-D position). So I'm going to go out on a limb here (look out!) and proclaim that both Cooper and Vigneault - who coach similar teams to the Canadiens - are simply out-coaching Therrien at this point. There's no other explanation that makes enough sense from my layman's point of view.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 10:18:39)
    I don't think Thomas's great but wacky goaltending would have been nearly as successful without Chara cleaning up his rebounds. Edit: I should mention that this is also an observation from my Bruins buddy.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-28 10:10:35)
    Carey Price. He gobbles up pucks, makes huge game-saving athletic saves when necessary, and moves the puck like a third defenceman. He's the best goalie of the current era. I don't want to give Therrien too much credit, and I'll readily admit that the quality of our D-corps drops off severely after the top pairing, but it seems to me that when you are a team with a unique talent like Carey Price, you might build a unique strategy around that player. I'm just saying... if we're allowing a lot of shot attempts, that could very well be on purpose. My Bruins-loving friend (I know) describes the Habs as being like a counter-punching boxer. The Canadiens can withstand a lot of heat, and can counter-punch with the best of them. There's no particular reason (other than injury) that you can't go deep with that strategy.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 08:52:12)
    Sad to see we have a men's rights activist in the HIO community.
  • Comment on Bouillon hopes to keep playing after being released by Canadiens (2014-10-07 10:36:34)
    I disagree. The English language is so useful and beautiful because it has such a gigantic vocabulary and evolves so quickly to capture subtle new expressions and meanings. For example, hockey folks have borrowed "upside" from the finance world, i.e. "an upward movement of stock prices," because it expresses the fact that, from a GM's perspective, a hockey player is an investment or an asset. As for "trending pattern," I've never heard this phrase before, and it's certainly redundant -- a trend is a type of pattern after all. But the word "trending" is way more precise than the word "moving." Moving is vague and can describe any random action. Trending specifically suggests an observable pattern.
  • Comment on Manny Malhotra set for Habs debut vs. Avalanche (with Patrick Roy video) (2014-09-25 13:32:42)
    And now that you've made this joke the Habs will tank and the Leafs will win the division. WAY TO GO.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 10:32:00)
    Oh. Wait. You're being sarcastic? I'm relatively new here.
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 10:30:17)
    Why would an NHL coach deliberately try to "ruin" a hockey player?
  • Comment on Habs will go with four alternate captains this season (2014-09-15 10:27:51)
    GMs have to manage the fans and the media, lest they lose public support for their mandate. From that perspective, this quadruple-A thing is good strategy, because it signals that this is a team in transition that is still rebuilding and still finding its cup-contender identity. In other words, expectations have been lowered.
  • Comment on Odds against a Habs rookie cracking lineup this season (2014-09-12 11:48:14)
    Sports events are popular because they serve as safe and effective outlets for our inherent love of tribal aggression. If we didn't have organized team sports, we'd probably have a lot more political and violent conflicts (we need some way to satisfy our natural desire to be part of an "us", as defined against "them" -- it's far from rational). The way I see it, singing the national anthem at sports events serves as a reminder that these types of events are part of the privilege of living in a well functioning state, and that in the end we're all on the same side and that therefore the competition should remain honourable and respectful.