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Habs fan since: 1981
Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanec
All-time favorite player: Saku Koivu


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  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 14:10:20)
    I'm at the Wolves/Colts game tonight so late one for me as well ! Not gonna take my phone either so no updates lol but I like your score prediction for the habs :)
  • Comment on Multimedia: Gallagher, Bournival returned to junior (2011-09-30 15:10:02)
  • Comment on Senators strike late (2011-09-24 18:33:41)
    I read these blogs alot but the utter nonsense that went on was quite a waste of time scrolling through and quite unacceptable. This is supposed to be a blog regarding hockey and stats and facts, some people have opinions, which is fine, but to engage in an online bruhaha such as witnessed involving who's going to meet up with whom and punching each other in the face is quite ridiculous and should be kept to the confines of whatever type program you choose such as msn messenger or whatnot where it can be held privately. I for the most part have never been dissappointed with this website until what has transpired here. I will continue reading the news headlines and a few people's comments but posters that behave like this are unacceptable and i myself don't care about the, "who started it" bs and what have you, are basically children. It's easier to just not reply than to try and be tough and have the last word and make others like myself have to go through this garbage. I for one really don't care if you don't care about what i think, but i felt it manditory to bring this out after a smug little comment like " pss hey bill is it ok to post today ? " because that is just asking for it all over again. Maybe it's just time for some of you people to grow up a little bit by not being a smart a** about certain things. Is this website not about our beloved Canadiens? why are some people bringing things down a notch? and these are retorical questions fyi, not a reason for a response as to who started what. A more intellectual individual would just end it rather than start it. As you were.
  • Comment on Senators strike late (2011-09-24 18:04:05)
    never really posted before but really, you guys, yes all of you guys involved in this nonsense, probably shouldn't be either. that is all.
  • Comment on Postcard II from Rookie Camp (2011-09-13 20:28:50)
    bazinga . that is all .
  • Comment on Postcard I from Rookie Camp (2011-09-13 11:58:09)