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  • Comment on Liveblog: The losing streak is over (2014-11-20 19:13:36)
    I winder if this trade wasn't also a way to keep Boston from trading for him. With all their injuries on the back end. Habfan17
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 06:54:23)
    I don't think they should be allowed to draft in the top 5. It is great that the NHL has changed the lottery system up so more teams have a better shot at the first overall pick, but they should have put in a rule that no team can draft in the top 5 more than 2 consecutive years. Maybe that would force the teams to work harder to improve faster! Habfan17
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 06:51:46)
    A couple of days back, there was some discussion here about expansion. Bettman has brought it up and from what I have heard, he is looking to the 2017-18 season to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the NHL. There was speculation that it would also allow the NHL to do their due diligence on Vegas, not wanting the arena empty with give away tickets not being used. It would also give them time to see if Seattle can get a new arena built in time. They went on to discuss Quebec city saying that they should get a team, and then they were talking about Toronto. They mentioned that Markham did not work, nor would Hamilton, but that a second team playing out of the Air Canada Centre could work using a precedent of other pro teams already playing out of the same building. I believe it was either the NBA of baseball. Maybe both. The thought is they could get as much as $1,5 billion for an expansion team in Toronto and $1 billion for another expansion team. I have my doubts that another team would fly out of the Hanger in Toronto. It would eliminate the need to pay both Buffalo and the leafs, encroachment fees as they would have to do if a team were to be placed in Hamilton. Relocating a team or teams was also a possiblilty the panel discussed. For me, Toronto is a no go, I don't see it happening. Although the thought of an expansion team in Toronto winning the cup before the Leafs makes me smile! I am also wary of adding too many teams. One issue already is having two divisions with a odd number of teams, so adding two makes sense. My other concern is if the league did add 4 teams, each of the current teams would have to make available 4 players/prospects and that is a lot of depth to give up. Bettman has said that expansion is on the agenda for the next board of governor's meeting. I wonder if that will affect up coming trades. Expansion would be 3 seasons away, but could affect what some GM's do now, with a view to the future. Habfan17
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Lesser lights shine for Penguins as Habs focus on Crosby (2014-11-19 14:04:39)
    The problem is, it was a low percentage play passing through opposing players and he had a play up of the left wing boards. These things will come with time. Not all plays have to be thrilling! Sometimes the quiet safe plays lead to the thrilling ones! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 08:19:55)
    I second the motion! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 06:28:19)
    I agree. I wish this team had the same dedication as the teams of the 70's. To quote Serge Savard, " we didn't want to be embarrassed by the teams we thought were weaker, and we wanted to show the better teams, we were the best!" This team needs a couple of more players with that attitude. Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 06:24:29)
    I don't know about about upsetting DD basher's, but there are a couple of facts that lead to the success of Eller and Sekac, and the lesser success of DD and PAP. DD tends to look for Patches most often and the other teams know it. He does not use PAP enough. DD gets muscled too easily. He works very hard, does okay, but he doesn't have the core strength and speed of players like Crosby. Sekac and Eller work well as they create space for each other using their size and speed. Eller protects the puck better than DD and Prust provides the energy and digs pucks out. Patches is great taking quick shots, but will never dig pucks like Prust. That is a key element. neither Patches or Prust are strong retrieving pucks, that whole line is solid when they start with possession and keep it. Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-19 06:17:16)
    I thought some of the Habs had strong games, Sekac and Galchenyuk stood out. Beaulieu stood out for the wrong reasons, but he has to learn. What I found more telling is that both DD and Pleks were ineffective! They weren't able to shake their checkers on many occasions and at a key time on the power play, Pleks lots the draw cleanly to the right of Fleury and the Penguins iced the puck.. No, this is not a bashing, just pointing out what I saw. The Habs need more strength down the middle. It has been said by many, so I am not saying anything original. Against the best teams, both DD and Pleks, who we all know is solid defensively, were both outmatched. I also know we are talking Crosby and Malkin, however, if you look at their points per game playoffs versus regular season, they go down. I would bet if you look at their stats against the top 8 teams versus the rest, they would not be as good either. That is when your best players need to shine, or at least keep pace. In the next two seasons, I would think we will see at least one change there. Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Penguins should be a dandy (2014-11-18 13:34:13)
    I think he is under pressure to put a team there. Apparently he wants time to make sure there is enough fans to actually sell some tickets and have bu tts in the seats, not just give aways and the arena empty. Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Penguins should be a dandy (2014-11-18 13:23:05)
    @ Habinburlington - regarding expansion. Actually, I heard yesterday that Bettman, who usually will not talk about expansion, said publicly, that it is on the schedule for the next Board of Governor's meeting. The Thought is that It will give them time to finish their due diligence of having a team in Vegas and to see if Seattle can get a new arena built. There was also talk of Quebec city and of a second team playing out of the Air Canada centre. What they weren't clear on was, if the teams would be expansion teams, windfall for the current owners of up to $2.5 billion to be shared, or if any would be relocations. They went on the say that the reason Bettman is discussing it now is because the 2017-18 season will be the 100th for the league and it would be the perfect time to have new teams. Habfan17