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  • Comment on Habs happy to be home with 2-0 series lead (with video) (2014-04-19 19:53:52)
    Thanks CJ, Still, it does not seem fair, The teams in the playoffs are focused on winning and it would be a distraction to the team to announce a trade. They certainly couldn't trade a roster player! I think the league needs to make a change to the rules and agreement. Habfan17
  • Comment on Habs happy to be home with 2-0 series lead (with video) (2014-04-19 19:21:39)
    Nashville and Washington made a trade today! I thought there was a freeze until after the playoffs. Doesn't the freeze actually start at trade deadline day? It does not seem fair to the teams still playing! A bit of an unfair advantage I would say! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 09:48:03)
    That is awesome. I felt so good for him when he scored the goal! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 07:22:17)
    Good morning Jim! I had read some negative articles about Vanek not trying when he didn't have the puck, but he sure isn't that player here! Maybe he does float from time to time during the regular season. Maybe it was more a statement to the teams he was on. So far, he has been great in a Habs uniform and I hope we get to be entertained by him for a few more years, as a Hab!! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-17 06:49:52)
    I thought the whole team played well! There were a few moments from some players I think they would like back, but overall, the team played a great game! Two observations I made was that Pacioretty seemed a bit lost and unable to play at the faster pace. Subban seems to be over thinking his game instead of using "the force", his natural instincts. I am hoping that is what it is and not a limiting hockey sense. It is like watching a looped video when he goes for that big hit along the boards! I keep cringing thinking if he misses, the way he turns his body, he will seriously hurt himself! I think PK would benefit from some hitting coaching from Larry Robinson. He should watch a few hours of Big Bird hit videos. Having said that, it is not meant to be negative, simply an observation. I think both players had overall strong games like the rest of their team mates. Pleks made some awesome moves and Gorges saved the day a couple of times. Bring on game two and I hope they play the same way! Vanek made some super slick passes. I hope he decides to stay if MB offers him a contract! He reminds me a bit of Kovalev, only with more hustle! Habfan17
  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-14 17:39:36)
    Maybe you have found a role for Parros!! Get in front and screen the goalie, or Weise!! Habfan17
  • Comment on Eller returns as Habs prepare to face Lightning (2014-04-14 17:38:50)
    Well said! I think Price is up for the challenge and winning at least one round is imperative in my opinion. Now that they are in, I hope they win it all, even though that would mean they drop down in the draft. At least if they get to the second round, Galchenyuk is supposed to be back and he will gain invaluable experience. Habfan17
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-14 08:27:58)
    lol.... It is odd that the players themselves don't step up and force the issue. Is it a case of misplaced bravado? Habfan17
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-14 06:55:31)
    I guess I didn't explain it well, I would eject the first player who goes after the "hitter". for the rest of the game. 3rd man rule! If players know they will be thrown out, then hopefully they will not go after the players who throw clean hard hits. Perhaps to go step further, if a player attacks an opposing player who throws a check deemed legal by the league, the attacking player receives an automatic 3 game suspension. I love hitting but not the whimpy, cowardly retaliation crap that goes on after players doing their jobs within the rules. It turns hockey and the NHL into a farce, a bush league! Habfan17
  • Comment on Habs will open playoff series Wednesday night in Tampa (2014-04-14 06:48:00)
    Just for the record, with the exception of the Rocket, I don't think they should be retired either. I like, dare I say it, what the Leafs do and hang numbers in honour. I hate the football numbers in hockey, call me a purest! I also don't see an issue when a number that was worn by a star in one era, is worn by a star in another! That does not diminish what the first player has done or dishonour them. I see Subban and if his idol was Doug Harvey, why not let him have the number? What does it hurt. It actually helps in my mind, it supplies continuity! Same with Galchenyuk. If he becomes a star player and wanted to wear number 12, who does it hurt. It is "retired" already for two players! Moore and Cournoyer. Does it hurt or dishonour either one in any way? If Price wanted to wear number 1, it would be great. It would generate more interest and passion. It would generate conversations, it would be awesome. I do think that teams should decide who gets to wear those honoured numbers, but they should not be moth balled forever! In my opinion. If the Habs drafted a kid who turned into an electrifying player like Lafleur and had worshipped him as a kid, let him wear number 10, it makes for a stronger connection to the team! Habfan17