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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 07:53:31)
    Agreed, Bergevin has done a great job! They do not need to make a trade in my mind. The coaching staff does need to change the PP scheme and revamp it. They have been using the same one as last season, which also did not work. The Pk is rock solid and the players who are not playing their best, should get better. Then they should be okay. Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 07:51:02)
    Not to mention that after that no goal call against Detroit and ensuing goalie interference " ghost" penalty fiasco, they will not want to admit twice in a week, the official sucked! Habfan17
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-31 06:58:54)
    The season is still young, however, it is concerning that it took the Habs forwards 8 and a half periods, plus one overtime to score a goal on this road trip. Everyone was saying how amazing Pleks was doing now that he did not have to be the defensive forward all the time. That we would finally get to see his offensive side. So far, only a couple of players can honestly say, they have been consistent and have been working hard each game. If not for Price, the Habs could and probably would be 2-1-8! Markov cannot continue to log the minutes he has been on this trip or he will be burned out by the time the play offs role around. It is time for Therrien and his staff to admit the PP scheme does not work and come up with a new one. Thank god the PK is doing so well. It is too bad they won't have any practice time before they face the Flames Saturday night. They should have a day off today. I hope they come to play and take the game to the Flames and show them they are better than they showed in Calgary. Subban needs to settle down! The Habs have to use that speed they are supposed to have and the size to go to the net! There are enough players with size now to force the play and set up in front of the opposing team's goal! Winning puck battles in the corner doesn't mean much if no one is in a position to score or in front of the net!! Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 15:18:20)
    No, we should bring him up to replace Eller! Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 15:15:21)
    Not only does MT keep putting the same players on the ice on the PP he is also using the same PP system he used last season that did not work. This poor road trip is on him. He should have called a time out in Edmonton when they were being out worked and showed some emotion to pump up the players. They should be playing the same game on the road as they did at home. I know some coaches tend to change things up on the road, but when you have a system that is working, why change it? Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 08:28:14)
    I agree. Eller is a solid centre and I believe that he needs at least one play making winger on his line. Patches is not a play maker his passes are only average. His strength is his quick shot. I think Sekac is a perfect left wing for Eller and Bourque when playing with intensity is a great right wing for him. Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 08:25:14)
    I would second that motion Jim. Eller was far from the only one that was not playing up to snuff! You mentioned Bourque, I would say that the only one that came to play was Price. I would even "call out" Therrien for his role of not making adjustments, especially on the power play and perhaps taking a time out and showing some emotion himself to get the players stoked!! Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 08:21:19)
    Hey Jim, That is so embarrassing to the league. Makes it look so bush! Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 08:01:43)
    I would guess that at the next board of Governors meeting, there will be a push to have an off ice official at all games who can over ride the on ice officials when they "miss" a goal or should have disallowed one. After that major screw up in Detroit, some heads should role. Both refs need to be suspended for "embellishment" then demoted to the AHL. That was just idiotic, It wasn't as if there was a lot of traffic around and they could not see. I thought having two refs was supposed to stop these things from happening!! Habfan17
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Canucks preview (2014-10-30 07:56:34)
    Yes, this was a real screw up and I agree, both of these refs need to be suspended without pay for embellishment and then sent down to the AHL. This is further proof that each game should have an off ice official that has the ability to over ride the on ice officials on goal calls when they miss them, or as you say, make them up! Habfan17