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  • Comment on Habs will dress seven defencemen against Hurricanes (2014-02-08 14:48:01)
    A Habs' win in Carolina tonight puts them on pace for 97 points; right where all sensible fans had them pegged. When considering the massive amount of early season injuries that forced the Canadiens to recall tons of Bulldogs this is actually an impressive year-to-date effort. I look forward to the return of Alex Galchenyuk after The Break. The Habs only have 1 player older than 31 at the Olympics (Markov). They only have 1 player in Sochi under 6'0" (Captian Plekanec). So all the older & smaller players get to repair & recuperate during The Break. And then there's only 23 regular season games to focus on until the Playoffs. Carey Price is white hot right now but whereas Budaj has virtually equivalent stats I am troubled that Price gets this start. I have made my "rode hard, put away wet" analogy before about Price's heavy workload. C'est la vie. Hopefully "Champagne" Markov will find plenty of ice available in Sochi. His knees will need it. Hopefully MT will use The Break to reconfigure the Habs' hapless Power Play. And maybe MB can continue to tinker before the trade deadline and find more sandpaper and grit at Gionta's Hardware store... "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-04 09:50:38)
    MB & MT moving a pile of pawns lately. The last cup o' Couche-Tard caffeine for Louis LeBlanc. Christian was feed to the lions. Under-sized but talented Diaz was shipped out in a swap of "Frequently Scratched" personnel. Dale Weise was the Canucks version of Ryan White. Please note: The Canadiens' version of Ryan White will soon be available! Bottom Line: LL is done in Montreal. Thomas is yet another small forward-that might be useful on a team where the forwards averaged 6'2." Diaz has plenty of talent and probably will excel in the Olympics, but, again, would only be able to pull his "weight" if the rest of the d-men were 6'2," 210 pounds. Diaz also had the tendency to make ill-advised suicide passes and one of those cost the Habs Lars Eller in last years Series loss to the Sens. If Weise can simply stand in front of the opponent's net for 8 minutes per game he will instantly be in line for the Most Valuable Hab Award-the Silver Stones Cup. Gally's mugging at the conclusion of the Jets' game was criminal from an official's point of view. Gallagher undoubtedly has a (deserved) rep as walking the blue ice perimeter with a "purpose." Regardless, he can not be mugged by THREE opponents in ONE play sequence!! Hopefully those on-ice officials lost game assignments or are working in late April when it's 95 degrees. As for MT's other pawns (upgraded to rooks once per blue moon), Moen excels at penalty killing. Bourque excels at not exceling. Bourque should lead puck shooting drills...see if the Habs can "score" into the St. Lawrence when shooting of pont Champlain... I am glad that Emelin has recently regained (good) form and that Murray seems to have found his role on the team, though it is scary when once per game he breaks his "leash" and ends up deep in the o-zone. Bournival appears to have gone to Bourque's school of lost confidence. In a recurring theme, Bournival could help other NHL teams...that don't have six more players that are under 6 feet tall...The "size matters" argument holds water (or ice) when there are TOO MANY tiny dancers on a club. I love the smaller players-when they are protected by a forest of redwoods and oaks. "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 13:09:10)
    Sorry, I meant Eller scored 5 points (4 goals) on January 4, 2012 vs. the Jets. "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 12:59:10)
    Boone: Put a (year) DATE on Lars Eller scoring 5 against the Jets. You have 2 correct facts that are incorrectly linked. At any rate, Lars needs to get back to seeing his Sports Psychologist...and on a daily basis. With his size, speed & physicality Eller has embarrassed himself for months with paltry production. Too bad Denmark didn't make 2014 Olympics. "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 56 – Lost weekend for Canadiens (2014-02-02 12:52:03)
    I adore Michel Therrien's quotes. But he topped them all recently with this beaut: "We'd like to play Carey Price in 83 games out of 82..." I'm not sure if MT allowed for the pre-season, Olympic, and Playoff schedules when factoring Price's (over) 100% workload. I assume "Buds" was not given a "vote" on Price's playing schedule of 83 games... "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 54 – Rask routed as backup Budaj beats Boston (2014-01-30 18:55:18)
    Boone: Funny that you're stumped about Price "resting" tonight and then a couple entries later address the Fatigue Angle with Tuukka Rask. One possible explanation for Price's very weak Playoff performances is over-riding him in the regular season. Price looks like 55 regular season games is his top end...if he is to play at his HIGHEST level. Throw in his likely Olympic work as a starter and the big guy is primed for a Playoff performance nosedive. Budaj's capabilities, which are fairly well documented, have been WAY underutilized. Foolish. Add that "Buds" does well in Boston and this was an "easy" call for the Habs' coaching staff...whether they (actually) select goalies 1 month in advance...or not. In conclusion, how would any goaler like being behind the rapidly aging, somewhat immobile Canadiens' d-men...? "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Bourque to Colorado trade falls through: reports; Leblanc returned to Hamilton (2014-01-28 14:51:19)
    Well, at least Louis LeBlanc stayed in Montreal until his birthday. If LL is ever going to stick in the NHL he'll need the minutes to display "his" skill set. And there's no point putting him on the 3rd or 4th line. A "point-less" promotion, pun intended. It is amazing the ink spilled over trade speculation regarding Rene Bourque. Clearly there's no hockey value to a trade involving him. The "value" would only be in swapping contracts-and cap space. What would he bring for a draft pick-maybe a 5th rounder...? Carey Price is being rode hard...and put away wet. The wear and tear of Olympic work-regardless of how much he plays-will cost the Habs when Price shows up "lame" or over-raced at Playoff time. CP does not have the physical durability of Martin Brodeur, i.e., to "comfortably" play 70 regular season games. And if the Canadiens keep (over) "riding" Price we'll never know if Price can earn a displaying mental & emotional durability. It would be nice if all moves made...or NOT made...involved the logic of trying to win 2 or 3 Playoff rounds (or 4!). We've waited 21 years; we can wait more. IF there's purpose in the GM's transactions-unlike the signings of a pile of old & slow Free Agents. We need a "MoneyPuck" mentality!! "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Bourque on line with Brière, Bournival at practice; Leblanc called up from Hamilton (2014-01-20 22:07:22)
    Louis LeBlanc: On pace for 20 goals-in the AHL...if he plays the entire season there. If his last name was "Smith" he'd be in no danger of leaving the Hamilton metro area this season. Leblanc's playing style is Michael Bournival Lite. And LL will get tethered to the Habs' 4th line where we will never see the "full array" of his offensive talents-which seem to be minimal nowadays as he's tightened up defensively. Small centre or out-of-"natural"-position small winger. Yeah, we "need" that type of player to advance in the Playoffs... Let's see if he sticks with the Habs until his 6 days. "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Bourque on line with Brière, Bournival at practice; Leblanc called up from Hamilton (2014-01-20 18:55:44)
    I'm holding out hope that Denis Coderre will say negative things about Rene Bourque, Michael Bournival & Brandon Prust...and they'll start playing & producing like DD. Having said that, I note that all 3 of these players got adequate playing time in a great team win vs. Chicago 9 short days ago. Unfortunately with the Habs' current lineup we're only going to see effort & performance at that high level on an infrequent basis. The team as it is configured now is not geared towards reliably repeating that effort. Let's hope that today's practice D pairings are predictive for Wednesday and that Markov & Subban are partnered again. Someone should compare the Habs' record when those 2 are playing as a unit vs. when they aren't. Eye opening I would imagine. The Habs are on pace for a 99 point season. Scarily, that very credible showing includes giving 5-6 games each to the Couche-Tard Cup o' Coffee Club: Mike Blunden (6 games), Patrick Holland (5), and Louis LeBlanc (5). We'll mercifully leave out the 105 seconds played by a Finnish Flash to be named later. Conversely, it's time to "fish or cut bait" with d-men Beaulieu, Tinordi, and Pateryn. If the Habs aspire to win in the FUTURE these guys have to play in the National NOW. Speaking of cutting bait, if Murray & Bouillon are with the club in April we can expect another prompt & embarrassing playoff exit. Their terrible plus/minus stats accurately point to their surplus of age & lack of speed. As for weak plus/minus stats, I adore Alexi Emelin but his "numbers" are starting to look like he's a disabled T-34 Russian tank trying to defend the siege of Stalingrad. I don't see how playing in the Olympics helps him or the Canadiens. I expect the Canadiens will play well at Pittsburgh on Wednesday, summoning a Blackhawks-like effort. But for the last 32 games I hope they bite the bullet and let the young defensemen play. And leave the young forwards in Hamilton. The forwards need playing time...and lots of it. Not coffee. "Cannonading drive!!"
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban, Price headed to Sochi; Galchenyuk has broken hand (2014-01-07 12:05:31)
    More Francophones on the stage than there will be in Sochi. Ouch. Team Canada needs to subcontract out its announcements to the Canadiens Marketing team. It was painful listening to this "production" on the radio. The best way to "thank" everyone would be a classy & simple...and snappy...ceremony. That would be far better for ALL the players-those named to the team-and those not named. 21 minutes before a (player) name was said. Very weak. The game will be won (or lost) on the ice. Too much fanfare about non-players. Juniors. Women's team. Now men's team. Team Canada needs to reevaluate its reevaluation. "Cannonading drive!!"