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Habs fan since: 1945 when I was born
Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanec
All-time favorite player: Jean Beliveau ( but there were so many!)

Larry Berbrier

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  • Comment on Habs take it easy (2011-01-13 13:03:43)

    Today's players are insane. Colin campell is a wuss. The concussion rate is way too much. Even in the 50s and 60s, when I played junior, we never had such brain trauma. We never wore the head gear they have today either. Maybe too much "protection" gives players the added incentive to injure and disrespect the opposition. It is not only the goons who are responsible. Everyone is bigger and faster now. The only real solution is: the right for any player's lawyer to sue both the league and the individual players and coaches for assault or worse and really cripple the offending players and teams with major time suspensions and loss of pay as a consequence of their continued ignorance of the safety factor and continued support of the Cherry factor of the manly art of physical mayhem on the ice. Or, ( tongue in cheek) we wait for a life-threatening injury to occur, and then think about what we might or should have done. By the way, that sob Todd Bertuzzi is still playing, making big bucks, while his victim still continues to be incapacitated and will never regain normalcy. He should have been suspended for life. Until next time. Larry B.