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  • Comment on Canadiens spoil Jets party (2011-10-09 19:04:35)
    Cammy gone possibly two weeks per Brian Wilde and his sources at TSN http://twitter.com/#!/BrianWildeCTV/status/123166882378428416
  • Comment on What a soap opera! (2010-04-06 18:46:18)

    Here is a decent stream that is working:



    As for a bar, this is the info I found online:


    Best "Habs Bar" is Kilgour's on Bloor, just west of Spadina.

    A good "hockey bar" is the basement of the Madison - $9.99 pitchers and .25 wings during all Leafs games and HNIC.

  • Comment on What a soap opera! (2010-04-06 18:39:54)

    I love these NHL History commercials, here a really funny one about Pierre McGuire..



  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-13 02:43:39)
    Ok guys, one of the awesome posters over at www.hfboards.com (Tom Kostopolous) has written a little javascript, that when pasted into the voting page, will automatically choose All the habs players and all of the Wings players for the West - and it will automatically submit your choices. Then you just go back and repeat. 1) Create your account for the All Star Ballot Page. 2) Sign into the page. 3) At the voting page, delete the current address in the address bar and enter the following: javascript:players=new Array(8459442,8458529,8467338,8469460,8467496,8471679);for (x in players){p=player_info[players[x]];p.nhl_id=players[x];addPlayerToBallot(player_info[players[x]], 'eastern');}players=new Array(8467514,8466148,8468083,8457063,8467856,8458568);for (x in players){p=player_info[players[x]];p.nhl_id=players[x];addPlayerToBallot(player_info[players[x]], 'western');}document.getElementById('edit-vote-button').click(); Hit enter, it will auto-populate the players we want (All habs and Wings) And it will submit your choices automatically 4) Go back to vote again and repeat (with that same code above) Vote Early Folks, and Vote Often!
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 14:50:31)
    Some more info from CKAC.ca //// Le Canadien aurait donné la permission au défenseur de faire le saut de l'autre côté de l'Atlantique pour le reste de la campagne. Valentenko a signé une entente pour le reste de la saison et deux années d'option. Il aura donc le choix de revenir avec le Canadien à la conclusion de la présente campagne. http://www.corussports.com/canadiens/valentenko_finira_saison_russie-20081030-1253373.html //// Essentially means the Habs agreed to let him play in Russia for this season, and the extra 2 years on that 3 year deal is OPTIONAL. So he can return to the Habs at the end of this year - or he could screw us and stay.
  • Comment on Bettman interviews Gainey today (2008-10-30 09:12:11)
    Apparently his names been removed from the roster as well. The story was that he had to rush home because of a family issue. And now this, that he's signed a 3 year deal with Dynamo Moscow..
  • Comment on Bettman interviews Gainey today (2008-10-30 08:54:34)
    Hey so, rumors have it that Pavel Valentenko has signed a 3 year deal with Dynamo Moscow!!! http://www.dynamo.ru/newsclub.php?full=730 Can anyone confirm this?
  • Comment on Lafleur vs. Brodeur in all-star skills? (2008-10-30 08:51:18)
    THIS would be AMAZING! We could even have Roy in nets etc. So many things they can do... but knowing how Gary Buttman thinks/works, I doubt he's going to do it... he's a world class douche.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 12:33:40)
    According to CKAC, the Habs have a agreement with Moscow Dynamo to let Pavel play in their league for 1 year. Kinda seems to conflict with the 3 year deal thats being reported...
  • Comment on (2008-03-02 15:01:00)
    Brisebois looks hilarious. He seems to have a "hitler" mustache goin on???