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  • Comment on Habs’ Markov looks fine at practice (2013-12-09 13:17:51)
    You don`t... Thats why french is such a crazy languague theres a lot of sheer memorization and repitition. Certain cases can leads you towards an answer (the mme ending being more feminine) but even at that there are a ton of exceptions. That`s why I`m so happy my folks sent me to french elementary school... I don`t know `why` french words are masculin or feminin but they are intrinsically engrained in my brain...
  • Comment on Parros gets green light from doctors (2013-09-29 09:57:47)
    Well I`ve seen many people talk about how much of a waste of money the Briere signing was, how we threw away all the Cole contract savings... People in your top 3 of scoring should make MORE than 4 mill so it seems like a great deal to me... And I realize he will be slated on the top unit but I think thats a mistake... With him and Desharnais you have the potential to dominate puck control down low and hit Patches in the slot... I never though Patches/desharnais was the right set of forwards for Markov/Subban on the PP
  • Comment on Parros gets green light from doctors (2013-09-29 09:41:03)
    I think Danny Briere is going to suprise everyone and finish in the top three of team scoring... Put him on the second wave of the PP to help control it down low, as opposed to the first wave up high with PK... And he will be pretty solid for us. You can see how high his hockey IQ is during this preseason, even if he has slowed down a bit. Also... Breaking Bad! Sad to see it go as of tonight but it`s been a helluva run
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-04 18:16:48)
    A player like Clarkson is going to cost us 5-6 per for the next half decade... NOT worth it, look at how he finished his season!
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-04 18:15:28)
    Obviously a good signing... We have the room and for one of the best free agent forwards available... Local guy... Playoff performer... Upgrade on Ryder... The forwards who are a better fit, like Vinny and Clarkson, will create cap issues in a few years when we need to sign our young guns... Whereas this move provides very little risk for very big reward..... AND we still have 5 million to spare... Haters going to hate!
  • Comment on One fan’s remarkable memory of Habs’ 1993 Cup win (2013-06-09 15:59:42)
    We did... Marc Bergevin.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-07 14:19:28)
    I'm at work so no time to actually fact check... Haha... Knew it was somethign around that number... And to clarify.. I do think, now, he's top 10. Easily. What I meant was that even back then, when I watched him for the first time in Hamilton, I had a sneaking suspicion this guy would turn into a huge star.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-07 14:16:30)
    Cheers, always with the good info! Even with being "weak defensively" I'm sure it was apparent how skilled and athletic he was... Still a head scratcher to me!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-07 14:13:42)
    Lets see here... No Europeans winning the Norris until Nicky Lid ( as if he was the first to ever merit it), Guys like Don Cherry and their blatant dislike for European hockey players, doing things the "white" way... Shall I go on Strummer?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-07 13:00:54)
    Don't worry guys, PK won't win the Norris this year. He's taken the league by storm but the old school veiled racism of the NHL will still be able to hide behind his fewer GP and TOI than the other nominees. He will have his time to shine for many, may seasons, where there WONT be any "legitimate" reasons to hold him back from hardware. PK Subban isn't just a top notch Dman - He's an absolute game breaker. How 15 D men were drafted before him will forever remain a mystery to me. Even more of a mystery than guys like Datsyuk and Markov who got drafted very late and turned into stars. These guys are more sneaky players, positional, crafted overseas at a time when scouting wasn't quite to the level it is now. Pk is an absolute beast. The first minute of his first shift I ever saw him play as a Bulldog my jaw dropped and I couldn't believe how skilled and athletic he was. Yes, he took big risks, but when you analyze any "problem" with a player (lack of skills, bad attitude, lazy, injury prone) there is nothing as easily rectified as coaching a player to simplify his game and take less chances. I find it absolutely astounding how so many scouts seemed to miss what I found blatantly obvious 30 seconds into the first shift I ever saw... That PK Subban is an all world talent and with a little polish could easily become a top 10 D man in this league...