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  • Comment on Bowman bows out … for now (2008-01-14 16:12:08)
    My only point of departure from Mike's words is the notion that Scott Bowman can even contemplate loading a 10th Cup ring on his hands by virtue of affiliating himself with the Leafs. If Scotty's goal is to get another ring, there are 29 other NHL teams who are more poised for success than the Leafs in his lifetime, and in saying that I wish Scotty many more decades of health and happiness. I'm one of those fairly mean-spirited Habs fans who wouldn't shed a tear if the Leafs never won another game; let alone another Cup. I'm not proud of that trait, but I anticipate I will not be cured of it before the Leaf's hoist the mug for the 13th time. With any luck, I'll have turned to dust long before that.