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  • Comment on Injury bug hits Habs defence as Drewiske, Bouillon sidelined (2013-09-19 16:22:38)
    Tinordi and Beaulieu (if healthy) should start the season with the big club, in the lineup. Why delay the future? These kids are young and talented and bring different skill sets to the table, so let's see what they can do! I suppose Pateryn can be thrown into the mix but in reality, the organization expects more out of Tinordi and Beaulieu, both former 1st round picks. Markov - Tinordi Gorges - Subban Murray - Beaulieu/Pateryn That defense corps is young, but it does have some veteran leadership and the reigning Norris Trophy winner to boot. That's my two cents!!
  • Comment on Canadiens wake up in first place despite loss to Islanders (2013-02-22 11:00:21)
    Can we win a Stanley Cup with David Desharnais as our top line center?
  • Comment on Canadiens wake up in first place despite loss to Islanders (2013-02-22 10:59:11)
    Who cares about his father... He'd be a very valuable asset and a great young player you can add our core. I agree not to overpay a holdout, but so far Bergevin has done pretty well when it comes to negotiations. Just sayin'!
  • Comment on Canadiens wake up in first place despite loss to Islanders (2013-02-22 10:48:15)
    Would love to see the Habs explore a trade for C Ryan O'Reilly. Clearly there are salary cap implications but he'd be a nice piece to fit into our roster. Big, young, strong centerman who can undoubtedly fit into a 2nd/3rd line role, with spot duty on a top offensive line. Could a package surrounding David Desharnais convince the Avs to bite?
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 10:01:08)
    Pacioretty - Galchenuk - Gallagher Bourque - Plekanec - Cole Moen - Eller - Gionta Prust - Desharnais - Armstrong It's time folks. 1st unit PP, top line. The two Gally' or die with them. With regards to Gionta and Desharnais dropping, I don't view it as a demotion. Playing on a 3rd line should open more space for Gio and playing with a skilled centerman like Eller will provide offensive chances. As for Desharnais on the 4th, again more space and he should help feed Prust and Armstrong. If we're going to be a lousy team this year, we need to play the kids.
  • Comment on 40 years later, Tretiak is revered in Montreal (2012-09-03 18:28:44)
    Wow I never thought of that actually... Although don't hockey players (Montreal Canadiens) get special treatment if signing here? Like can their kids still go to English schools and they still get paid in American dollars? I figure most NHL players don't really care about politics. All the main election issues don't really affect their lives (I know its an ignorant comment and shouldn't be accurate, but I think there's some truth to it). They make a ton of money and probably don't live in this province year-round. That being said, hope the PLQ wins and PK Subban signs this week! That would make for a killer week!!
  • Comment on 40 years later, Tretiak is revered in Montreal (2012-09-03 18:25:10)
    Hey all, What's the odds PK signs this week?
  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-02 10:48:12)
    I absolutely can't stand people who rip on PK Subban. It's evident these fans have such little knowledge about the Habs and the NHL... Perhaps blinded by a hidden agenda, but clearly misguided in their sentiments towards arguably our most valuable skater. Not since Alex Kovalev have we had a player with the flair and skill that Subban has. The difference is that Kovalev could do no wrong, yet Subban is constantly ripped such ridiculous reasons. PK's the type of player 29 other teams would kill to have. The type of player who gets locked up for MULTIYEAR deals, before hitting unrestricted free agency. The type of player who can be considered a franchise piece to build around. Yet in Montreal we're simply not used to actually having this type of player on our team (at least not recently anyway). Certain members of the media and certain fans only pay attention to the "attitude" and swagger he has, like it's a bad thing... We finally have a guy with elite skill and confidence in his ability to shut opponents up and help us win, yet we shit on him for it. I find it absurd that some want to alienate this guy and think we're better off without him. Wake up. This is a contract negotiation. Subban's worth to this team is 2nd to Carey Price's (and people seem to forget he too had a lengthy negotiation for his prior contract). Anyone who calls Subban greety or a distraction needs to stop - you continue to give Habs fans a bad name and demonstrate your lack of knowledge of the game. Seriously, it's absurd. Especially after the previous regime we've had here - the lackluster, boring, dull Canadiens...we finally get a breath of fresh air with PK Subban and what do we do: we crap on him. Enough!
  • Comment on Enjoy Night 1 of Second Season? (2012-04-12 10:03:49)
    That's real unfortunate. Jim Nill was my #1 choice for the job. Anyone associated with the Red Wings is a winner in my books... He runs their amateur scouting dept. (found gems such as Datsyuk, Zetterberg, etc.) Pierre McGuire is my next choice
  • Comment on Video from the last morning in Brossard (2012-04-09 19:32:20)
    Thank you! Maybe Lavoie did fabricate the story a little bit, I think I have a good enough grasp of how the media works and how they try to generate buzz (it's working with us isn't it?!) The question in my mind was legit: a reporter asking one of our better veteran defensemen to comment on one of this team's brighest spots amidst a dismal season. This player who he asked him to comment on, replaced Markov! Subban logged a team high in minutes played, minutes that no doubt would be assumed by Markov. Again, maybe I'm making too much about this. I just can't see a Boston Bruin coming out and showing his obvious disdain for Brad Marchand. Or a Philadelphia Flyer coming out and saying that Scott Hartnell is too brash. Or even a Toronto Maple Leaf coming out and saying that Phil Kessel is too soft and Dion Phaneuf isn't captain material (Leafs jab here yes!)... In Montreal, if you're too good or too cocky - the rest of the team can't stand it! Get him outta here!! Just makes absolutely 0 sense...