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  • Comment on Game 42: Pacioretty caps Canadiens’ comeback (2011-01-08 13:05:47)

    Dear every Canadian citizen,

    May you hang your heads in shame. You deserve nothing but pain and misery for your fate at the World Juniors. Your brazen sense of entitlement is what lead you down this road.

    A failure of epic proportions. The biggest choke in the history of your own sport. Why try for that extra twenty minutes? Gold was assumed on you, correct?

    We pray that each and every one of you is crying right now, especially the parents and families of the inferior boys you chose to represent your nation.

    And while you cry, we laugh. We cherish. We gloat in your demise.

    But don't fret. Tonight, Don Cherry can remind you of what good kids you have, you should be proud, Kingston, Doug Gilmour, etc, etc, etc.

    Canada, we could not be more proud or happy at Wednesday night's events. We would also like to thank you for buying our $25 tickets for ten times as much. We hope you enjoyed the game.


    The United States of America, and every other nation on earth.