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  • Comment on GM Bergevin to hold press conference on Monday (2013-05-10 16:16:18)
    DD's play after signing the extention....look at one of those bar graphs where you seea nice bump and then a huge nose dive right off the page. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on GM Bergevin to hold press conference on Monday (2013-05-10 16:13:42)
    Koooch7800 - Re: Motivating Price? Really...you think a guy who was going out there with an injured groin and giving it his all needed motivation?? Yes, there were some goals that Price would love to have back for sure. A few of those by being misplayed by him - goalie error. But I'm also sure that a few of those goals that we were blaming him on were just not possible due to the limits of his injury. I thought he gutted it out pretty good. If we are talking motivation...why aren't we talking DD and his invisible act or Markov and his I don't want to handle the puck act and yes Plex too for the zero offense, I know MaxPac was playing with a separated shoulder but his play this year was hardly encouraging as a "Power Forward" while playing on the perimeter and Josh Gorges...maybe the Sharks knew something after all about his lack of defensive play. So instead of burying Price and saying he is the one that needs to be "motivated" I say look around the dressing room there are more worthy candidates to choose first. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-08 00:51:03)
    I said at the start of this series we would need more than 2 lines scoring to win. Well we haven't got that. DD's line has been an absolute anchor out there even strength or on the PP. Yet the guys scoring and/or providing the energy are not getting the TOI. Why? What was the reason for the 3rd period JM coaching job. Was it to remind the fans he coached both Ottawa and Mtl and couldn't win in the playoffs? "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on Therrien: “Anderson was the story of the game” (Video) (2013-05-03 00:33:22)
    Well Game Plan for Game 2 better be crashing the net on Anderson. The shots were not indicative of the good scoring chances. Way too many shots from outside or bad angles. Momentum changed when the Habs let up on the 5-3 PP in the 2nd period. Instead of turning up the intensity they daudled and played for the perfect shot from the point and wasted the clock and made no effort to score. If we had added another goal there that would have made the difference. Secondly, playing DD's line 20 mins tonite????? DD was a useless turd out there. Meanwhile Chucky and Galy11 get cut back to 12 & 14 mins respectively which doesn't make sense. I'd rather see double shifting DD or Plex between them once Eller was out of the game to get their firepower going. We are going nowhere in this series if the #1 & 2 lines don't get off their asses and do some scoring. Nice goal by Bourque. But that line should have buried more with the TOI they had out there. Pax has to get to the net....enough with the long range shots...he won't be beating Anderson anytime soon with those. Lastly, play Tinordi more...Diaz & Gorges were crap out there all night. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-13 02:16:13)
    The time is now to make Rene Bourque a heaalthy scratch. By making him a consistant outsider to the games being played maybe he'll get the message and want to join in and play again. I'm not confident in that. PG's haste in trading Cammy (like why??) has brought us an even worse non-compete guy. 17.28 TOI tonite - 0 shots + 0 Hits. I was watching TSN and I saw that freak on the ice. That is the correct term -> Freak. I mean he's what - 6/2 - 210 and he's what a PG vegan - allergic to hitting. What like Man-size smurf that doesn't believe in body contact. Somewhere on that Bill of Sale there has to be a Return Policy? "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-13 02:07:37)
    I guess you didn't see the 1st Goal Buffalo scored tonight. Tyler Ennis walked in from the Right Face-off circle and put on a couple of dekes to move Markov and Budaja out of position and score. But if you watch the play closely you'll see DD just glide and watch it all happen. He could have helped Markov out but he didn't and the same with Budaja. He just took a picture and watched it happen right in front of him. Great example of Coast 2 Coast. Both Bourque and LL + geoffrion really didn't bring their games tonight. Bourque had 17.28 TOI..0 - shots & 0 - hits. You're telling me this guy competed tonight. You're saying Eller is a floater? I don't think so. Eller is saddled with dead weights or new born rooks to play with. He covers the PK and heavy lifting shifts. DD I give credit to his O-Zone prowess but he sucks in our end. He's also very lazy in our end. He also get very little face off action in our end. He's pampered with that + he got the 2 Golden Boys on his wings. He doesn't have to do the heavy lifting. So don't give me that CRAP that he is on some other plain from Eller or Plex. Yes...look at Plex's #'s..pretty impressive considering he's gotten very little mileage from the wingers he's played with all year.....seems like every game new line-mates. Face it...Habs have one Offensive Power line and DD happens to be on it. I wonder how good would it be if it had a 25 game stretch of Plex/Eller centering it and combined how good would DD do in that time with "their" rotating wingers and assignments. Hockey is a team game. It is not one that is just successful for the individual....unless of course you are a Leafs fan and tha's the only peg you can hang your cap on. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on Rebuilding Oilers still need time (2012-03-08 03:08:41)
    Yes the players to have an onus to produce when they get the call up and then put into the game. However, the coaching staff has the responsibility to put them in positions to succeed. Sitting on the bench for 58 mins. and 43. sec. every night will not help you produce points on the 4th line. Our call ups should be filling in for the players they are replacing. So if our 2nd line RW goes out due to injury. WE should be bringing someone up that has offensive talent not some grinder. We should be putting him on the 2nd line RW position and leave him there until the original RW is able to return. Instead we do the following: we healthy scratch them, bench them, we put scoring type players into checking roles with no offensive opportunities and very limited TOI. They inevitably are sent back down and fans & management write them off as a loser because they didn't produce anything. We eventually get rid of them only to see them re-surface on another team and have success. Reason: we have formula coaches who a) mistrust young players b) players have roles and individual skills and abilities are secondary c) adore veterans....especially those that have no offense in their game. And you wonder why we average just over 2 goals a game. If it wasn't for Price's play this year we'd be all by ourselves with the #1 pick firmly secured in our hands. You know its true. :) "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-03-02 02:29:40)
    Just what exactly is RC thinking about with less than 5 mins. left on the clock in the 3rd period? It certainly couldn't have been about defensive hockey and protecting a 4-1 lead. Yup keep throwing those two Norris candidates out there (Kaberle & Campoli). I know that there is a lot of love on these boards tonite for DD but he is not that strong in our end. This is where his size is a liability. He can't move anybody or hold anybody against the boards...I don't care how ripped you say he is. He was on back to back shifts that his line got scored against. They got caught in running around in our end of the rink chasing the puck and paid for it. I blame RC for the 2nd goal as DD should not have been on the ice. We should have been in shut down mode. Our "checker" should have been on the ice...ie. Lars Eller should have been out there but no ...RC knows better and had #81 stapled to the bench again. I guess he figured we should be trying to run up the score with only a few minutes to go. The season can't end fast enough with this assclown running the show from behind the bench. Same for PG who is upset in an article the other day in the 4th period that stated we need to do a "re-build"...he finds that offensive. He figures they have this all worked out and will have it turned around in no time. Exactly what "no time" actually refers to is another matter. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on Multimedia: Audio, video after 3-1 loss to New Jersey (2012-02-20 01:34:34)
    Great 1st post above.....just wanted to add. Not only are we shrt on depth up front...but "finishing talent". Specifically players that can handle the puck with the business end of their stick and put it in the net on a regular basis and as well make proper passes to their team-mates to do likewise. Much too often we see opportunities flushed away because we have Johnny 2 Left Hands out there and he flubs a glorious opportunity once again by missing an open net or a wide open team-mate. It gets rather tiring. Our 4th line resembles something just made up of AHL spare parts on a good nite. I agreer with croozer's post.....enough with the band-aids. Let's finally cut the dead tissue away from the wound and make a fresh incision for change. WE need a new GM that comes in with a vision and some creativity. I'm tired of seeing the Habs announce a Blockbuster trade - "Today the Habs have agreed to send 4th Liner so and so + a 8th Round pick in 2019 to Pho in exhange for a 5th liner and a 6th round pick in 2017....."...like wow...let me sit down before I faint. We need someone that can see the team's weaknesses & strengths and find a way to beef up the one without taking too much away from the other while always keeping an eye on the future. He/she must have a thorough understanding of the salary cap so we don't get poisoned by another Gomez deal. He/she must have a good working relationship with the coach he/she selects. AS this person will be the one responsible for properly managing their playing time. Lastly, they should have the autonomy to run the team without being cuckolded by Mr. Molson every step of the way. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage
  • Comment on Multimedia: Audio, video after 3-1 loss to New Jersey (2012-02-20 01:13:49)
    + 1......and that has me worried about him doing the re-tooling for the 27th. I still think he's got one "flubber" of a trade to go....although Bourque is starting to look worse each game he cruises in and out of. "I reject your reality and substitute my own". - Adam Savage