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  • Comment on Journalist O’Byrne; Dogs at Bell Nov. 5 (2010-09-21 20:00:34)

    While not a Pulitzer Prize candidate, it is interesting to learn what O'Byrne does to pass the time in his own city. As a resident of Victoria, I find it amusing that we share common interests and frequent similar locations. I may even have passed by him without noticing (I'm not one to remember faces).

    If you read the Victoria-Times Colonist (and more to the point reside within Victoria), it's an interesting piece. If you don't, I doubt you understand. Give it a few more years and you'll wind up as one of the many retirees who can barely see over their steering wheels in this beautiful city (with its relatively dry climate, for that arthritis). Then you'll understand.

  • Comment on Gauthier on the eve of the draft (2010-06-25 08:18:57)

    Not at all, I like contrasting view points - most of you know more than I do about hockey. It's why I come here. Easy on the slander though, I didn't intend my comment as a personal attack on anybody in particular nor to 'censor' anyone. I didn't realize how strongly this community felt about the subject of an ignore function. I was seeing it through a lens of convenience, not maliciousness.

  • Comment on Gauthier on the eve of the draft (2010-06-25 08:17:31)

    edit: Double post.

  • Comment on Gauthier on the eve of the draft (2010-06-25 08:12:56)

    That's a valid point.

  • Comment on Gauthier on the eve of the draft (2010-06-25 04:52:01)

    Can we please implement an ignore function! A petition might be in order? Something - anything to make reading this website easier. It has such great information but man am I tired (and no doubt many of us readers as well) of the labour associated with uncovering it.