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  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 17:56:14)
    I can personally see more of Prust on the third line than the fourth. He's one season removed from 12 or 13 goals, I think, and if we played him with say, Eller and Moen, we could see something there. However, if he only plays on the fourth line for us, I agree, he'll be overpaid. We needed some more grit though, and I've little doubt that he'll do a whole lot better for us as a player and as a fighter than Laraque ever did. Habs rule, leafs drool.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 17:53:21)
    I'm just happy Gomez isn't a hab anymore; whether they buy him out, sit him home, or flush him down the toilet, I don't care--just so long as I never have to watch him give the puck away on an errant pass, lose yet another faceoff, or go a year between goals as a hab ever again. He'll be someone else's problem now, and that's good enough for me. As to your trades, I like Morgan Reilly and a 1st, even if Toronto wouldn't, and maybe O'Reilly and a 1st--though, another tough sell there, but Neiderreiter hasn't shown me much thus far, and Brassard doesn't fit for me. What about the Flyers and their rumoured interest? Why not Sean Coturier and a 1st? Habs rule, leafs drool.
  • Comment on Training camp notes, Day 3 (2013-01-15 17:44:59)
    Staubs did his job, but I think we'll be okay with Prust doing that job for us now. Plus, Prust has a lot more going on in the skills department as well, so it's win win IMO. Cheers. Habs rule, leafs drool.
  • Comment on Game 31: Flyers snuff out Canadiens rally (2010-12-15 16:43:25)

    Wow.  By the previous article, we have old punchless--Gomez the non-scorer--and one-punch--Spacek, after being bludgeoned by Macarthur on Sat--back tonight.  Doesn't exactly inspire me here.  Goatier (intentional sp) needs to do more than call up maxpac; with the room given us through Markov's injury, he needs to try and do something to address our woeful offence.  Pull the trigger on a deal to help our sad pp.  Address the only real weaknesses the team has shown to date this season.  It isn't reasonable to expect that Gomez can be dealt with that brutal deal, but maybe try and bring in someone to get him going.  You know, to at least 1/2 ppg, instead of the paltry 1/3ppg he is currently coasting at.


    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-12 21:58:58)

    I was at the game, and it was demoralizing to see the team play so poorly vs the team I hate more than anything.  Worse, the atmosphere at the acc was more like a mauseleum than a coliseum.  You just can't compare the acc to the Bell.  I attended the 1st inside-out fanfest at the Bell, vs Buffalo--we won, mais bien sur--and there was more cheering in the 1st ten minutes than I heard in the entire game last night.  I know TO fans have very little to cheer about these days, but this is an original 6 team, a rival come into your building...try and act like it, Toronto!  The one time I saw a Toronto-->Mtl game at the Bell several years ago was the most electric experience of my life, hockey fan wise.  This wasn't even a fork in an electrical socket!

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on Who are the real Canadiens? (2010-11-27 21:19:35)

    It's time to affix Gomez' butt firmly to the bench or the pressbox.  I cannot understand why he's still getting so much ice, as the idea of giving him the time to work out of his slump is clearly an abject failure.  A new approach that says, "Giving you a lot of ice-time to work out of your slump has failed.  Time to try something else, namely, a whole lot LESS ice-time.  Enjoy the bench, and if that doesn't work, the press box." 

    Good to see the 3 - 0 result so far, but this cannot excuse Gomez' poor play and lack of production.  Only a few other guys in the league who make as much and have done so little for the dough.  Drury and Horcoff come to mind, as did Lecavalier before his injury.  C'mon, Martin, do something radical before Gomez gets even more comfortable with his terrible results than he already seems to be--it's all well to talk about wins being more important than personal success (as it is largely true), but I thought it came off almost, well, blase when Gomez said it the other day.  As if he doesn't care either way.  Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

    Regardless, it's time he earned his money, or sat to make room for Halpern and others to get the job done.  He can't be bought out, not realistically, a trade is not gonna happen, and as rich as the team is, burying him like Finger or Redden is just too damn costly.  Sitting him and hoping that it works might be the only option we still have here.

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on Game 21: Habs sit back on 2-0 lead, lose 3-2 (2010-11-22 10:31:46)

    Weird, that, considering that he lambastes a few other ufa signees who also have a limited body of work to judge them on, like Niemi.  I myself think Halpern is rated WAY too low, considering his 5 goals and 11 points.  And his sub-million salary.  I wish we could get that kind of production from Gomez, even if 11 points in 18 or so games would still make him way overpaid.  When will that stiff wake up and start producing?

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on Game 21: Habs sit back on 2-0 lead, lose 3-2 (2010-11-22 10:26:59)

    Should be a good game tonight, but I am worried about our lack of toughness and dearth of goonery, both of which the Flyers have an abundance of.  They can ice at least 5 players who can fight better than anyone on our roster, and have multiple men who have no problem playing right on/over the edge of what's legal.  I think that a Flyer will end up getting suspended after tonight for one of those nasty blindside hits that are receiving so much attention of late.

    Could Goatier not have called us up a goon from the Bulldogs?  Do we even have a goon on the farm?  While I like--for the majority--the makeup of our roster, it's games like this where we get pushed around and abused.  I hope the refs don't put away their whistles and that out PP is 'on' tonight, as that will be the difference in a win and a loss, IMO.

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on Game 21: Habs sit back on 2-0 lead, lose 3-2 (2010-11-22 10:14:12)

    I can do without his support, and I think the team can as well.  However, if he helps turn a generation of girls into Hab fans, that can only be a good thing in the long term.

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks

  • Comment on Audio: Darkness at noon (2010-09-21 17:48:32)

    I wish I could see more footage of practices and training camp here in Toronto.  It's just so hard to judge how the new guys look other wise...  Is tomorrow's game televised?  I'm itching for my Habs fix...

    Habs rule, leafs drool. Cammalleri rocks