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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at ‘Canes (2013-03-07 21:15:20)
    So excited for eller over the next few years
  • Comment on Pacioretty out 3 to 4 weeks following surgery to remove appendix (2013-01-27 12:03:16)
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-23 23:42:08)
    My point is that I am happy that M.B. appears to be making a conscious effort to re-instate the power and pride of the club as a hockey institution. Little things, like covering the CH in the locker room whilst reporters are in there, whilst token gestures, show that this is something that he intends to permeate throughout his decisions. Like other people on this site are commenting, Subban appears not to be "buying in" - something that needs to happen in this new regime. Also something I think Therrien would be making his feelings clear on. Carey was in a very different situation - not his first contract, has proved himself as a legitimate number 1 etc. Subban is coming off his entry level, and is just one of a number of young defensemen coming through. The best one? Certainly, and the difficulty regarding the situation is why no decision has been made either way. Look at all the young players we have coming through. Bergevin cant cave in on the first of what will be many RFA contracts over the next few years...
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-23 23:16:49)
    How many of those contracts were handed out by Bergevin? Only Price's.
  • Comment on How (and when) will the P.K. Subban Saga end? (2013-01-23 22:53:55)
    I LOVE Subban as a fan - He's a great player to watch and interesting to listen to off the ice. We have a better team with him in the lineup. However, I do not believe they should give in to his contract demands. No one is bigger than the club, and that should be an important fixture of MB's tenure. We need to re-instate the sense of pride that should surround this club, and that needs to start with players actually wanting to be here. MB will be offering fair money, based on what PK has done, is capable of over the next season or so, and what is being posted around the league for comparable defensemen. He is also wary of handing out another albatross from which we are already buried under. I for one, whilst would love to see PK back in the team, hope MB sticks to his guns.
  • Comment on Two days of mediation accomplish nothing (2012-11-30 01:43:31)
    De-certification could be the best thing for the future of the NHL - particularly a stronger Canadian presence in the NHL. If we can get to a scenario where the league is at the mercy of "free-market" forces in a similar way to say european soccer, players will be paid their market value and there will be no artificial inflation/deflation of worth. Failing franchises will fold (or relocate to appropriate markets?), and links between NHL clubs and junior affiliates will strengthen as a good youth setup becomes more and more important to financial (trades for cash) and on-ice performance. There are negatives for sure (lack of performance 'parity') but I for one would love to see and follow the added dimensions needed to be successful that introducing this system would introduce. Another bonus - no need for lockouts, strikes or BETTMAN!
  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 14:50:14)
    Try telling that to whichever useless GM takes Yakupov this year...
  • Comment on Bourque to wear number 27 (2012-01-13 14:45:30)
    Racist much?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Another shootout L (2011-12-08 22:46:50)
    #SackJacques has a ring to it no?
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-12-07 01:26:36)
    I'm going to my first ever Habs game in a week on Tuesday against the almighty Islanders. I've waited over 4 years to finally see the Habs in action, and thought that my first experience should be in the Mont Royal itself. After clearing out my savings to make the trip, I have to say I'm uber worried. Tonight the guys were so uninterested that it was a smack in the face of the 20,000+ fans, who pay close to $100s for a nose-bleeder seat! All I want to do is watch some good hockey and have the opportunity to sing some OLE. I have a feeling that this season there will be more boos than oles coming from the crowd, and I'm hoping to Beliveau that the players and the gopher behind the bench dont let that happen!!