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  • Comment on Game 65: Canadiens move ahead of Sens (2008-03-01 01:16:28)
    Latendresse was the Beast forward in tonights game... the Defence were solid tough throughout the whole game... our hitting wore down Buffalo, they were shaking everytime they had to go into the corners against Komi. Montreal out powered them in every aspect of the game. I believe that this team believes in themselves, they fear no team, they are playing super confident hockey right now...they are not giving these teams below them a chance to breathe. they are on you instantly, Buffalo never had clean opportunities in Montreal's zone. against Jersey will be their test...lets see how they play then... insert Dandy for Smoli
  • Comment on Habs, Sens seem to be leading Hossa lottery (2008-02-25 11:19:59)
    the only problem I see with this trade is, it may mean that Brisebois permanently plays....
  • Comment on Habs, Sens seem to be leading Hossa lottery (2008-02-25 11:17:20)
    Hossa trade will be Kyle Chipchura, Grabovski, Valentenko or O'byrne, and Sergei Kostitsyn...
  • Comment on Game 63: Canadiens blanked on Gainey Night (2008-02-24 11:50:34)
    this is our Problem... first of all I said it before, we have two goalies with ZERO confidence thanks to Carbo... first mistake - plays Huet Thursday night against Pittsburgh when it should have been Price...Price needed to redeem himself for Tuesdays game...that would have given us the win Thursday and boosted Pricecs confidence back up... Huet should have played Saturday, he's our #1 goalie... for some reason Carbo is trying to push Price into the #1 spot... Second - last night he sits Latron and plays Smolinski...then benches smolinski for 90% of the third period...first of all, I would never play Smolinski again, he's useless...Latron would have been way better of a player in last nights game, especially his play in the corners... Dandy should have been playing also, we need his heart and grit on this team... now before last nights game I thought that we dont need to trade for anyone, mainly because I didn't want to see anyone from this team go...but after last nights game, I dont care who gets traded, as long as we get this impact player...because last night we had nobody who was able to make something happen (an impact player)... Gainey will do whats right either way...
  • Comment on Game 62: Comeback vs. Penguins wasn’t to be (2008-02-21 13:33:28)
    I think we should play Price tonight...give him a chance to repair his mishap last game. Huet is OK...again I will say he is our #1 goaltender for this year.... Price played good against the kids in Pittsburgh before. Huet has been an integral part of the team and will win us a cup for it with Price watching, learning and sometimes contributing... Next season Price will be playing the lead role with Huet backing him for our 2nd cup in a row... then Huet will retire and Price will carry the torch further and create new history for us to dwell on... sounds crazy? just remember where it came from when it happens...
  • Comment on Game 62: Comeback vs. Penguins wasn’t to be (2008-02-21 10:10:07)
    dont worry about Chris Neil...he's just a big mouth who will get penalized at the wrong time against Montreal and our power play will take care of the rest... we dont need a goon of anykind, we have talent, and talented players know how to deal with big mouth goons... this isn't the 80s style hockey anymore...
  • Comment on Game 62: Comeback vs. Penguins wasn’t to be (2008-02-21 10:08:01)
    Well lets see how they play tonight against Pittsburgh before we want any trades or not... this will be a bigger test than NYR were, if they can keep up the same intensity and play well hopefully for 60 mins then really we don't need anyone... But Hossa would still be a nice fit in Montreal, he'd get his respect in the league back and he can also revenge Ottawa for dumping him into the abyss of the league... Hossa this year + Lecav next year = 2 Stanley's back to back...
  • Comment on Oilers seem very hot on Hossa (2008-02-21 10:00:55)
    there's no way Hossa will go to Edmonton... For what? to completely freeze with a losing team? Its much colder in Edmonton than in Montreal... Edmonton is not a contender... The money isn't going to matter as much because he already has it... But the main reason He'd rather come to Montreal is....He can revenge Ottawa...the team that dumped him on his ass and quickly forgot about him....He'd love to come here now and help us knock Ottawa on their asses and say "hey, remember me, the guy you got rid of for Heatley, well Im back..." something along those lines. Hossa would be perfect in Montreal...I can sense a cup this year, and when we also pick up Lecav for next season will be another cup to go with our centennial year...a mini 2 season Dynasty to mark our Anniversary.
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-20 06:53:39)
    DID YOU HERE THAT!!!!!!! KOVALEV SAID RYDER MADE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE GAME.... WOW oh wait....lets trade him, we can get Tangshite. what a joke
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-20 06:48:51)
    What a GAME!!!!!! this one goes out to all those who want to trade Ryder... to all those who doubted Kovalev after last season and wanted him traded... Montreal does not even need to make a trade this year, if we do it'll only ruin the chemistry right now and become a giant mistake... I was very impressed with Markov's play...loved what he did to Jagr behind the net.... this team is a team to reconned with...they are a threat to the league now...teams fear us...we dont f*** around. -after tonights game I can feel the cup coming back home