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  • Comment on The Boston stranglers (2008-03-04 01:25:35)
    What a fantastic start to the road trip,they played unbelievable,other than not scoring enough goals the were by far the better team..........Yikes is this the type of crap that gets written,this team was ill prepared for the Sharks ( here'e where the excuses can be put in) .hahaha The Habs are taking a huge gamble on Price,.Really think of every goal scored on this guy and a lot of them are rather weak. and for years I've heard the (very famililar leaf like excuses) of how well the habs played but didn't win,....I still think the team needs some guys up front who can put the puck in the net on a consistent basis,. Let's face te Habs (inspite of a shaky hold on 1st for now) are a flakey team, Alaways on the verge of being good,.....What's next the familiar Canuck Chant "Wait till next year'.........I ama Habs Fan but have yet to see a 'Team' for a long long time now,the '93 Miracle not withstanding,.....Consistency (at the top) is just not hapenning yet,We are a very mediocre team ,and have a look at where the Bruins are only 5 points back of Montreal. Looks like were in for another let down year ,Until we get & keep substantial players,they will need a rocking chair on the bench for Saku before he see's any success with this group, Yet deep down i still want to believe that Gainey is the right answer to rebuilding this once mighty franchise,......Go Habs Go
  • Comment on The Boston stranglers (2008-01-10 21:52:00)
    Well I like to see the Habs beat the Bruins of course,.but what a bad habit they have of having 3rd period Meltdowns............sure glad the 2 goal lead was restored,.less than 2 minutes to go & these guys have been flying & hitting all night......... Go Habs Go Now that's better 5-2 Now Hope they keep this pace up ,the rest of the season
  • Comment on The first half of the season ends (2008-01-05 15:32:46)
    Well it doesn't look like the'Price' is right......does it? Too bad ,everytime the Habs show some promise,they find a way to lose,........ Price is not the Saviour.Let's get some scoring talent up front,and stop relying on the 'maybe when,& if only ,so& so would start scoring,..... It's time to do something big,...and I'm sure Bob Gainey is always working towards that goal,but I sure wish it would happen soon, it's hard to even stay interested in the game,when we haven't seen any winners since '93' and '86' before that,.(even then it was a miracle to win) This team ? was successfully dismantled as far back as the grundman days,.....and has not really been able to recover, too bad ,I suppose I'll always be a deep down Habs Fan,but no longer even care if theey are even on the tube anymore. ps: ( I still enjoy them beating the leafs or the Bruins,) but that's a sad commentary on todays team,when we have to appreciate them beating the likes of the leafs....(when they can)