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  • Comment on Busy week begins (2011-09-12 14:45:15)
    Chez Doval, cause I can't get around it anytime i'm in town cause it's my dad's favourite. But actually there's one close to Drolet/Jean-Talon, which I go to with my friend often times before we catch a game at his place or ms. villeray. Don't know the name of that place but it's good.
  • Comment on Revived Devils hope to stay hot against Habs (2011-02-06 05:37:49)

    Looked at some stats this morning...

    Habs are 2nd in nhl @home this season

    In the last 10 games Devils are 4th in the league while Montreal is 9th

    Habs are 23rd in the league in goals scored, but 5th in goals against.. +11 ratio-for 11th spot

    Finally we're 8th in the league in standings..

    I don't mind all of this, i  guess it shows the defensive system is working. And if Carey pulls another one like yesterday, i think they're on the right track. Brodeur/Price today ? Hope we get a great duel, but that Brodeur gives up 1, and we win.

    And i love these afternoon games, means i can watch at a regular time from where i live now in Sweden !!

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 21:42:42)

    ...and yeah the sens are just terrible

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 21:40:05)

    The flyers were pretending that they were ready to fight a lot... pushing Sens to draw penalties for dropping gloves.. Shelley and Briere did it... and Sens announcer was upset over a "cheap shot" by Giroux

  • Comment on Gomez on ‘snubbing’ of Subban (2011-01-20 21:08:53)

    No conspiracy theorists here..

    It was obvious on the video of the goal... Gomez got upset because PK went and did is arrow-throwing-one-knee like a cupidon sending his arrows of love to the crowd as they chant their new-born hero

    ...rather than immediately going up to kiss Gomez and grab is butt, and say oohh thank you, thank you, thank you... for making a fabulous pass that funny enough was his only point in 5 games.. 

    After Subban made his move, it was obvious he was out to find Gomez on the ice... but Eller facewashed him away from his target

  • Comment on Canadiens recall Engqvist from Bulldogs (2011-01-20 04:40:15)

    I think so too, this call up has everything to do with Halpern's injury... if it's a concusion, they might not be taking any chances, à-la Crosby ? Last time I heard Halpern was great on face-off's but i haven't kept up with the stats.... and we'll have to wait until Engvist's first game to analyze how is faceoff skills par in the NHL..

  • Comment on Canadiens recall Engqvist from Bulldogs (2011-01-20 04:37:37)

    NJ should just stick to Lemaire... and leave our coaching prospects alone !!! jeeesus

  • Comment on MMXI – Max = ? (2010-12-31 16:10:57)

    They want people to watch the game at 5

  • Comment on MMXI – Max = ? (2010-12-31 16:10:15)

    You're gonna tell me that Desharnais with 6 games in the NHL is fit to replace Lapierre who scored 15 goals 2 years ago, and made some important plays during the playoffs last year. What happened ?

  • Comment on Winning streak ends (2011-02-06 17:42:42)

    Well well.. it looked like they couldnt keep the puck on their sticks for the longest time except in the third. Devils were first on the puck all the time, and habs kept leaving the puck go by them along the boards, or making passes, where there wouldn't be anyone. I think they were tired, and hopefully they'll be better next game.

    As for JM, i won't be to harsh since he managed to turn his team around in the third by I have this to say: What happened with 3 minutes to go ? Habs were really dominating their zone and i was surprised to see that Price was still in net.. Then the play got called at 2 minutes.. They got back in the zone but couldn't settle probably. Seriously ? they were down 3-1 why not take out the goalie with 3 minutes when you're owning their zone ?!