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  • Comment on Nilan sings God Bless America on HI/O Show (2014-01-12 22:22:52)
    Knuckles is so right about Bourque. I've tried to give Rene the benefit of the doubt but time to let him go. Probably can't get much, maybe a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick but I see it addition by subtraction kind of thing. Give Bournival his spot, he's dying on the 4th line, Therien is ruining this kid. With Chucky gone Bournival could get some premium ice time. Make it so Bergevin. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban, Price headed to Sochi; Galchenyuk has broken hand (2014-01-07 20:26:17)
    Have they said when Chucky got hurt last night? They showed the shift before he went to he dressing room but didn't appear to be anything to do with his wrist. Must have happened earlier in the game. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Centre for open-house practice (2014-01-05 22:17:20)
    Subban's call was iffy but I would love to hear an explanation from either ref about why no call was made about 3 minutes before that when Gallagher was basically assaulted by Anderson and the D man from the Sens in front of the night. Seriously watch the replay, Gallagher was cross checked 3 times, punched in the face by Anderson and slashed at least once, none of that gets called then you turn around and call Subban for what??? are you serious?? The NHL is turning into a circus and it is hard to watch anymore which sucks because I love watching hockey, especially my Habs. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 42 – Canadiens win a wild one in Dallas to begin 2014 (2014-01-02 21:46:18)
    Bournival 2:50 TOI, what's wrong with MT? Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-05-06 12:39:16)
    This what playoff hockey is all about so yes Gainey took the NHL at it's word and thought the game would be about speed, skill and finesse with good hard body checking, but alas, it's not even close. I knew the Habs were screwed last night on the first shift. PK gets cross checked in the face then Price gets tripped, no call on either, you may call this whining but check the video and tell me I'm wrong!! Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Rangers at Canadiens (2013-03-30 18:51:36)
    Salary Cap always confuses me. TSN saying if Habs send Kaberle to the minors it will free up cap room for a possible trade before the deadline. Can someone please explain??? Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on Crucial week ahead for Canadiens (2013-03-24 21:16:55)
    Could every nut bar, trade this and trade that guy on here just calm the &^** down already!! We are not a first place team and I would honestly like to wind up 6th, play the division winner from the weak one, Carolina or Winnipeg, even the Caps. This team plays better on the road. We are due for a rough patch, I would rather have it now then in 3 weeks or when the playoffs start. As for trades if Prust isn't coming back soon then we need a Clowe type guy because Moen just doesn't seem to be up for the job and I like Moen. We've got a good mix of vets and youngsters, please don't blow that apart for a rental. Let Timmins work his magic again with all those picks next year. He has earned that right with his recent picks in the past few years. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 22:02:35)
    I can't find that story on the link. kind of shocked there are 15 left. I thought Bartolo Colon was the last one, lol. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 21:10:04)
    Sorry I've never seen him before he is from La Presse, Gionette I think was his last name. Go Habs Go !!
  • Comment on How about those Habs! (2013-03-04 21:05:59)
    Score -- 4 for us, 3 for you, I know it's like math Einstein but I think you lost, so SHUT UP!!, you like the all caps, lol. Go Habs Go !!