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  • Comment on Wisniewski’s rights traded to Blue Jackets (2011-06-30 11:32:29)
    The logic is that Pouliot is useless and unless there were 342nd round draft picks you would not get anything for him.
  • Comment on Punishment, recovery and a huge week (2011-03-28 11:16:42)
    Tomas Plekanec is the team's leading scorer. He is consistently their best offensive and defensive player, which is clear to anyone who watches the games. He's had some injuries and a revolving cast of linemates, so his numbers look like they will be slightly down from last year. Comparing that to Scott Gomez' continuing and complete no-show of a performance is silly in the extreme. There are other Canadiens who should be in for criticism - Kostitsyn and Spacek (pre injury) being the obvious examples - but after Carey Price Plex has probably been the Canadiens' MVP. I believe in Carey Price:
  • Comment on OK, this is officially BAD!! (2011-03-26 19:41:37)
    It's the winner of a 'design a mask for Price' contest. I believe in Carey Price:
  • Comment on Comment: Was silence golden for Price? (2010-09-22 23:32:15)

    Who says he's taking it hard?  He probably just recognizes a no-win situation.  If he comes out and says everything is fine and he's not upset, then the story will be that Price doesn't care and isn't taking things seriously again.   If he comes out and says that he's disappointed, then the story will be about how Price is downcast and rattled.

    The only thing he can do with the media and fans is play well - nothing he says will do anything at this point.

    I feel for him because I'm sure that isn't the performance he wanted to put in but it's preseason.  The fact that the media and fans are already calling for blood is just silly.

  • Comment on Comment: Was silence golden for Price? (2010-09-22 23:04:28)

    "Sympathetic media" har har har - you don't seriously believe that do you?

    Anything Price said would have been picked to pieces, as everyone (including him) knows.

    Raking up a controversy over the first game of preseason is ridiculous.


  • Comment on Talking $$$ on the Lord’s Day (2010-07-25 13:04:31)

    Yeah, if indeed any concern about whether Price wants to play for the Canadiens starts, it will be because of the media and nothing else.  Granted it's frustrating (I assume) when there is no story, but making stuff up and creating a controversy is pretty weak.  Unfortunately it's also SOP for the sports media, and media in general, these days. 

    I believe in Carey Price:

  • Comment on Has Kovalchuk signed yet? (2010-07-22 10:00:46)

    Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that.  Bergeron uses two francophone examples of young coaches passed over in favour of a retread like Cunneyworth, but I don't think he made language an issue at all.  It's a pretty unfair way of characterizing an article that is really saying that the Canadiens should be using Hamilton to provide an opportunity for young coaching prospects as well as player prospects, which is a decent point.


    I believe in Carey Price:

  • Comment on Habs sign Darche for 2010-11 (2010-06-22 12:04:32)

    Trade Gomez?  That would involve tricking some other GM into taking his terrible contract.

    It's the same as the people who suggest Montreal should trade Hamrlik - it's fine in theory but no-one else wants that ghastly contract either. 


    All the best artists are Italian anyway:

  • Comment on AUDIO UPDATE: Halak to Blues for 2 prospects (2010-06-17 16:04:57)

    Perhaps one day when you, in your life, have accomplished as much as these 'yokel losers' you smear with your venom achieve in a single day, then you will be ready to at last emerge from your parents' basement, blinking in the sunlight, and realize that you are naught but an empty vessel into which knowledge and wisdom may yet be poured.

    Halak was beaten by Leighton, a waiver wire pickup, so if you think he's truly anything special I invite you to remove your tinted glasses and see the world as it really is.  Your irrational attachment to Halak brings you nothing but suffering - realize that he is nothing, traded for nothing, and let peace at last enter your soul.


    All the best artists are Italian anyway:

  • Comment on It’s déja vu all over again (2010-04-08 20:41:15)

    If it comes down to needing something from the Toronto game?

    You know the answer is 'no'.