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  • Comment on About last night … (2011-04-27 09:09:24)
    I know Spacek has made SOME mistakes out there, but for the love of God if you can afford to sit a d-man, it HAS to be Sopel. The guy is slow, has lousy one-on-one coverage, and is scary as hell every time he touches the puck. Yes, he can block shots. That's still not enough to make up for all of the other glaring weaknesses. Mara should have been in his spot the entire series... And please Jacques, keep Darche on the Gionta/Gomez line..Moen BARELY has enough hockey skill to warrant a 4th line role, to put him on the 2nd line is ludicrous. I'd love to sit AK as well, but unfortunately we're out of bodies. Really too bad about Desharnais, as he was playing out of his mind before he got hurt. Any chance Pacioretty shocks the hockey world and returns for Game 7 tonight? I know, wishful thinking, but how sweet would it be to see him net the winner after everything that's happened against the B's this year... Ok Carey, just steal us one more and EVERYONE will have forgotten about that Slovak goalie from last year.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-03-25 10:37:13)
    Boone, I agree with a lot of what you have to say usually, but I think there's some unfair criticisms and evaluations in this write-up. I forgive you though, you must still be reeling from the beatdown we took last night. I agree with you wholeheartedly about Price and Subban. Superstars in the making, and every team in the league would love to have them. What I don't agree with: - You don't think teams would want Plekanec, Gionta, or Pacioretty? But Krejci and Horton are shoe-ins? I'd take our 3 over those 2 any day. - You SHOULD add Pacioretty to the list of budding superstars. I'm not saying he's going to ever be a 40-goal scorer, but he's developing into something every team always seems to want but can't find...a power forward that can skate and score. - I must have been watching a different game than you, because I thought Darche was very embarrassing. He's forgiven because he hasn't played in forever, but he was fumbling the puck all night and shouldn't have been out on our PP (yes, I know, he's one of the few guys who goes to the net, but his hands are almost as hard as Moen's). - I totallly get your criticism of Cammalerri (add Kostitsyn to that), but I actually thought Gomez was one of our better players last night. He created the most scoring chances, but unfortunately Gionta was not in sniper mode last night, and Moen...well, I'd probably have just as good of chance as burying one as Moen. And to criticize him for his 2 penalties? One wasn't even a freakin' penalty...he whiffed on the so-called high stick on Chara. Yes, there D is battered and looked awful last night, but the forwards have to start helping in their own end. I think our biggest problem right now is our lack of offense. The first line is a mess. Plekanec has been struggling (even before the injury), Cammalleri has stopped scoring (which is the only dimension of his game that's strong), and they have no third linemate to play with. Halpern should be a 4th line center, not a 1st line winger. The second line is suffering from the same problem. They have a 4th line winger in Moen playing alongside them. Pacioretty's return will rememdy that, but not sure what to do about our 1st line.
  • Comment on Good morning, eighth place (2010-12-28 11:29:14)

    I'm not ready to press the panic button yet on Price, but in the last couple of weeks here's a list of things that's eerily reminding me of how things went for him the majority of last season:

    1. The fluky goals are starting to go in.  Call it bad bounces or simply bad luck, but there were so many of these types of goals going in on him last year people were starting to wonder if he was creating his own bad karma.

    2. The stinker goal every game.  And the worst thing is they seem to be in the first half of the game, when the game is either scoreless or the Habs are only down a goal and pressing.  It's a big deflator for the whole team, especially when we're having trouble finding the net ourselves.

    3. His puckhandling is downright scary.  Early in the season he was making the safe play, staying in his net more and not fielding every possible puck.  Once his confidence got up, he's not only venturing out of the net more, but he's making high-risk passes and quite frankly selfish decisions with the puck.  I sometimes wonder if P.K. is under that mask.

    4. Can't stop a breakaway to save his life.  I'd honestly say at best he stops 20% of the breakaways he faces.  As a goalie myself, the worst you want to be at is around 50-50.  Sure, it's not his fault the breakaways (and giveaways) have been more frequent of late, but it would be such a boost to the team if he made the big save more times than not.  Goalie coach should spend half hour to an hour each day for him just on breakaways.

    The scary signs are there, but I still have faith (and hope) that he's just in a mini-slump like the rest of the team.  I can't believe the first quarter of the season was just a fluke.  I just pray the things I've seen in the last couple of weeks are me being paranoid, because this year there's no Halak waiting in the wings to save our playoff butts. 

  • Comment on Canadiens acquire Sopel, Dawes from Thrashers (2011-02-24 14:49:47)

    A very solid deal for Gauthier...sure, not the blockbuster everyone dreams about, but gives us some solid depth on D (which we desperately need right now).

    IMO, Maxwell and Dawes are a wash...two players who currently look decent in the AHL, but are a longshot to make an impact in the NHL right now.  So that leaves a 4th round pick for Sopel, which I think is a very nice exchange for the Habs. I know some people are behind Weber, but I really don't think he's ready at this point.  He gets shoved off the puck way too easy, and he's just not strong enough to move anyone from in front of the net.