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  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-13 21:30:39)
    Laraque is USELESS, even though no one wants to fights him, he still is just floating around out there. Begin should be in there instead of him, he brings way more speed, intensity and heart. If there was ever a time for Carbo to try a little line juggling, it is now. He said he would hesitate to break up the Kovy line, but he still hasn't done it. The team just doesn't seem to understand that they need to work, period.
  • Comment on Balsillie totally denies pursuit of Habs (2008-11-08 11:47:52)
    I blame the NHL messed up schedule for last night's loss. It's twice now in this young season that the we have had a 5 day break in between games. We came back from a long break and lost to the Ducks, then we won 3 straight. Now we come back from another long break and lose to the Jackets. How are we supposed to establish a rythym, when we have almost of a week off at once? We have played the fewest games in all of the NHL, so what the hell are we doing with all these days off in a row? A couple people on the team do need to step it up though. Latendresse got off to a fast start and seems to have lost the drive he had at the start of the season. O'Byrne is taking too many bad penalties and doesn't seem to be playing physical enough. Both Kostistyn's haven't done much this season but seem to be working, Sergei a little harder than Andrei. They just don't seem involved in the play as much. Komisarek and Kovalev aren't having bad season's, but are looking a little off and giving the puck up way too much. Finally, Halak hasn't looked good in his last 2 starts. He's making a habit of letting in soft goals, which we just cannot afford. Although I couldn't imagine this at the start of the season, if he continues like this, I could see him being sent down and Denis being called up.
  • Comment on Higgins in, AK 46 skates (2008-10-26 11:55:55)
    So for the 5 games we won in a row before losing our first game in regulation this season, we were contenders and then we lose one game because of a combination of poor goaltending on our side and excellent goaltending for the Ducks and all of a sudden Komisareks not playing well, we MUST split last years best line, Kovalev must be let go, Latendresse is useless and has no future with team, and we need a change in coaching staff. All after we haven't played for almost a week, A.Kostitsyn is injured and it was Higgins' first game back from injury. How come you never pointed out Latendresse, Kovalev and Komisarek's struggles when we were winnning. Because most of the team looks bad in a loss, and most of the team looks good in a win. You are one of those fans that talk about the cup when we win, and talk about everything we need to do in your opinion to win. The only part of your post I agree with is that there should be updates after each game.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-14 21:20:34)
    My thoughts exactly. The chemistry on this team is unbelievable, and I wouldn't want to mess with it too much. Gaborik is a risky pickup because of his history with groin injuries and the fact the he becomes a UFA after this season. We have too many free agents coming up and I don't think Gainey is looking to add another.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-14 21:16:16)
    LIGHTNING SIGN VETERAN FREE AGENT DEFENCEMAN MALIK http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=252644&lid=sublink01&lpos=headlines_nhl Atleast they are attemting to address their problems.
  • Comment on Hossa, a Penguin, slips through Habs grasp (2008-02-26 17:34:03)
    Imagine we some how get Grabovski into tonights lineup and he scores the game-winner in OT! I know... I watch too much T.V!
  • Comment on NHL trade deadline: Q & A (2008-02-25 17:35:09)
    That's good news. I heard somewhere that Atlanta's GM Don Waddell was at that game. Maybe taking a final look at some of the prospects that may be involved in "The Hossa Trade". Also, the Habs and the Thrashers are in the same city right now, so that could help and negociations.
  • Comment on Hamrlik still ailing, doubtful for Senators (2008-02-09 16:56:48)
    Good point, with Hamrlik out it seems as though Carboneau almost has to play Brisebois, but he doesn't. If Ryder is back in the lineup Dandenault could play on D and Brisebois could sit.
  • Comment on Rogie and the Hall: a strong case is made (2008-02-01 13:04:22)
    Forget Vachon, we have a guaranteed Hall-Of-Famer on our current roster.TOMAS PLEKANEC. Any player who get register 301 assists in 51 games is AMAZING! LOL "A resurgent Alexei Kovalev has enjoyed a strong season for the Habs thus far. He has 22 goals and 24 assists and is plus-11 after 51 games. Tomas Plekanec also has been strong with 16 goals and -->301<-- assists in 51 games." - NHL.com See for yourself... http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app/?service=page&page=NewsPage&articleid=351873
  • Comment on Rogie and the Hall: a strong case is made (2008-02-02 18:31:10)
    When I said to forget about Vachon being inducted into the Hall Of Fame, I was being sarcastic. Sorry if it wasn't obvious.