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  • Comment on NHL trade deadline: Q & A (2008-02-24 21:07:24)
    Are you for real man? When they gave out brains, you thought they said trains and you hopped aboard. Why on earth would you trade Kovalev? True, he just turned 35 today, but he is playing better now than he did at 30. He is the de facto captain of the team and, if Koivu leaves, he will be the real captain. He now has the respect of his teammates, the press and the fans and, with this adulation that he needs, we won't have to worry about him becoming a floater. Finally, at 4.5 million per year, he is a bargain by today's inflated salary standards.
  • Comment on Gainey’s No. 23 joins immortals tonight (2008-02-21 23:53:25)
    What a great player, a great G.M. and a great man!! I will never forget, in a playoff series in the late 1970's, with two dislocated shoulders, he played like a man possessed and was instrumental in bringing us yet another cup. We couldn't have a better man leading the way now and he richly deserves the honour about to be bestowed on him on Saturday.
  • Comment on Game 61: Habs win on miraculous comeback (2008-02-20 20:17:55)
    Scotty90, Wonderful idea. Count me in please - I'm in Montreal. When you have some news/details on this or need some help in getting it organized, let me know through Habs I/O. Thanks.
  • Comment on Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out (2008-02-18 23:46:43)
    Don't go after Havlat - no way. He is brittle, always hurt and misses so many games that one might refer to him as a "cancelled Czech."
  • Comment on Forsberg (loosely translated from Swedish): Include me out (2008-02-18 23:20:36)
    Then you'd be "scoring" more than he is !!
  • Comment on Ask me about us (2008-01-30 01:27:38)
    Bad call, Likehoy. Your season 1 (12 games) was far too short to pass judgment and he was excellent in the playoffs that year. In season 3 (last year) he played for a rookie coach who mistreated him and, he played hurt all year, yet never used it as an excuse for his lack of production. He is the perfect player/leader to complement our team's youth over the next few seasons.
  • Comment on Ask me about us (2008-01-30 01:16:54)
    Agree 100%. After this season, Gainey should tear up Kovalev's contract (one year left) and give him a new one for four years. That way, he'll be with us for three years beyond the length of his current deal. He is a Hab now, wears the CH proudly and should also be wearing the "C." Can't take the "C" away from Koivu, of course, but what about a co-captain arrangement for as long as Koivu is here?
  • Comment on Game 50: Huet, Habs blank Caps, Ovechkin 4-0 (2008-01-30 00:24:38)
    Kovy - he's the greatest player (talent-wise) I've ever seen and I've seen them all since the 1960's. The only player whose raw talent came close was Bobby Orr but he was injury prone and had a short career.
  • Comment on Game 49: Habs roar back to finally beat Devils (2008-01-26 00:19:09)
    On Kovalev. My, oh my. What a difference a year makes! What about heart, too? The thing everyone used to say he had none of. He is the heart and soul of the team now and, IMO is the de facto captain. I admire Saku very much for what he has done both on and off the ice, but Kovy is the real leader now. He had heart even last year because he played hurt all year (you could see it even in the playoff series with Carolina the year before) and never used it as an excuse for his sub-par season. Definitely a great player and, if he can play like he has played this year at 34, he should have a few more seasons left and I hope it will be with the Habs.
  • Comment on Game 49: Habs roar back to finally beat Devils (2008-01-25 19:53:36)
    Wonderful, thoughtful post Mr. Young. I, too, hope that your health improves and that you will continue to contribute to the site. Good luck!