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  • Comment on Canadiens continue California trip (2011-12-02 08:48:44)
    Leblanc looked pretty good, as did the entire team. San Jose is big, mean and fast but our smurfs hung tough. It was demoralizing when the Sharks came back so quickly from 1-0 and 2-1 deficits (goat's horns to Weber on both Sharks goals) but nobody quit. Soft goal by Price with a minute to go ruined a great performance by Desharnais, whose critics must surely now be permanently silenced. DD's hustle and vision on our 3rd goal were impressive, as was his shooutout goal. Highlight of the night was the check that Emelin laid on Pavelski in the second. He has earned his spot, but boy, do we need Markov back asap; Weber, Diaz and even Subban, were boys among men against the Sharks forwards.
  • Comment on Video: Habs score – finally – and win (2011-03-30 06:39:10)
    I am surprised no-one is talking about the treatment of Bill McCreary. Like him or not he's a 56-year-old guy who has given his heart and soul to hockey since doing his first NHL game in 1984. The Habs once again showed they are the classiest organization in the league by acknowledging his last game in Montreal. I thought it was pretty cool when he got all choked up during the ovation after the announcement but shook it off, did his little puck flip, and was able to get on with the opening face-off.
  • Comment on Price, Gionta take day off, Recchi spouts off (2011-03-23 22:37:33)
    I'm with you 100Habs. The elephant in the room is that ALL the Bruins and ALL the Habs know Chara did it on purpose. But they have to go through this bullshit Kabuki dance with the media because the League is incompetent and did nothing about the hit. So Recchi finds himself going along with the Boston media ¨embellishment¨story even thought he should know better and it makes him look bad. The Boston media is a joke. The Boston fans are a bigger joke and Bettman, Campbell and Murphy are the biggest joke of all.
  • Comment on About last night … (2010-12-24 08:48:42)

    Is anyone else concerned about the coaching insanity that had Squid on the ice for most of the last 5 minutes of the game?

    As for Desharnais, his situation is tough.  He is wasted on the 3rd or 4th line but Gomer and Pleks are under long-term contract.  Heads would explode in the French media but Super Smurf might be our best trade-bait to get a replacement for Markov.

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