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  • Comment on Update as Game 7 approaches (2011-04-27 16:54:18)
    Game 7 between the Booins and the Habs... Can it get much better than this... Interesting stat for Big Z about lifetime game 7s: 0-8. Hopefully that bodes well for us tonight. I'm also pleased that Lucy (Damnit... Lucic) will be in the Booins lineup tonight, considering how poorly he's played to date in this series, and since getting his 30th of the year at the end of march. Go habs, you've already exceeded expectations, so why not push it further?
  • Comment on Beat Leafs Saturday, win Cup: history books (2011-04-08 12:37:37)
    I absolutely agree with you. I was actually talking to a colleague, whose a Habs fan, about my concern a couple of days ago (when ever the leafs were officially eliminated from playoff contention, and no, I'm not talking about opening day...). Another coworker, who, unfortunately for him, cheers for the leafs, turned around and said "Don't say that... We're not the Bruins." I guess he had a valid point, the Bruins tend to make the playoffs... About the post you put right above it, don't worry about Komisarek injuring one of our players, to do that, he'd have to catch a Hab, which we all know that he can't since his skating is soooo poor. If Phaneuf tries, he may make contact, but at least he'll be well out of position and lead to a Habs goal. He is able to make the big hit from time to time, but when he tries to, he takes himself right out of the play. Either way, don't play our "big" (or little, if you rather) guns, since this game means essentially nothing and will be, as it has for a few years now, the equivalent of a playoff game for the leafs.
  • Comment on Video: How ya like me now? (2011-04-06 13:18:55)
    One of my favourite PK moments came a little bit after he was drafted, when he was sitting at a press conference. One of the reporters asked Subban what PK stood for. PK replied “It stands for Penalty Kill, or course” or something along those lines… Priceless, and as it turns out, quite possibly true as well!
  • Comment on Video: How ya like me now? (2011-04-06 13:17:09)
    Oops, responded to the wrong post...
  • Comment on Habs skip practice (2010-12-22 14:02:37)

    I've been following this site since I came across it last year in the playoff's, but finally decided to get an account now, as I am truly bored at work...

    In response to you "How many times do you hear Pierre Houde's "filet ouverte - encore raté"?" (even though it seems like a rhetorical question), my anser is: way too many times recently. During the Avs game, it was about three in the last period alone.

    However, he and the rest of the RDS crew keep repeating that statement, as if every time the goalie is out of place, it should be an automatic goal. I do agree, however, that more often than not, those should end up in the back of the net. What irritates me is that it seems like they don't understand that the player in question, with the puck on his stick, may be in a bad position to shoot (like behind the net, for example), or may be covered. So yes, the net may be open, but it doesn't mean that every time, it is a glorious chance. There are other players on the ice, which they seem to forget...

    Either way, that's my two cents for the time being.

  • Comment on The Islanders? Really?? (2011-02-11 10:40:37)

    While watching the last couple of games, something came to my mind. Most of us on this site would agree, Eller has shown us some flashes, but really needs to contribute more offensively (not to mention, most of our team needs to contribute more). However, during the few games that JM played Eller in his natural center position, he looked much more comfortable.

    While Desharnais has been playing good hockey and contributing as much, if not more, than I expected in his current role, it's evident his size can be an issue for him while trying to battle in front, or behind, either net. As a center, there's more defensive responsibility, and often times, centers will be amongst the biggest and most physical players. Most of the succesful smaller players (St-Louis, Fleury to name a couple) have historically (at least, to my recollection) been wingers.

    Why doesn't JM try to play both on the same line, with Eller playing center. By doing so, Eller will be more comfortable and we will truly see what he is capable of. Also, being much bigger than Desharnais, Eller may be more useful around the net and battling on either, the offensive or even defensive end. As for Desharnais, he seems to be pretty a gifted playmaker, with a decent shot and good hands for tips. I've been mulling this over for a few days, and truly beleive this may benefit Eller, who I personally would like to see succeed in this organization, and may even help out Desharnais, is he also seems to be responsible defensively, albeit sometimes challenged in his current role by his size. By him moving to the wing, it seems that he may have more success defensively, not that I'm complaining about the defence I've seen from him, by having to do less grinding behind or in front of the net, while opposing players are attempting to screen our goalies.... Thoughts?

  • Comment on The Islanders? Really?? (2011-02-11 10:51:30)

    Actually, Krob, I hadn't even had a chance to read any of the articles or posts... I just kinda wanted to get that off my chest since I've been getting really frustrated watching these last few games. Either way, I guess I like the way you think.

  • Comment on That was the “easy” game? (2011-02-18 09:54:57)

    With our road record falling 2 games below .500, I've been wondering. Does this have something to do with the players, or is it simply that Martin can't make adjustment if he doesn't have last change? I've never been a big Martin supporter. I do follow the sens quite a bit (since I'm living in O-town and most of my friends are sens fans, so when we go out for brews on the weekend, it's always sens games on the tube), and even when the Sens were on top of the eastern conference for a few consecutive years, I never felt it was due to Martin's coaching or system, rather, there winning ways were due to good to great teams at that time. Even with some of those teams that dominated the league, or at least, the Eastern conference, he was never able to lead them to a cup.

    Although I'm not a Martin supporter, I have been trying not to bash him. I mean, he did bring the team to the Conference Finals in his first year at the helm, albeit on the back of great performances by a select few players (I do say a few players, as Halak was NOT the only reason, but that's an old story and let's not get back on that beaten down horse). As well, this year, with the decimated D-corps we have, we're still battling for, not only a playoff spot, but also for the lead in our division.

    Speaking of the D-corp, Markov, Gorges, Gill, Spacek and Wiz out now... That IR list seems like it could be a pretty good group of defencemen... Oh yeah, that SHOULD be our d-corp... At least some of the kids are getting some experience much faster than anticipated, and are doing an admirable job. Had it not been for this rash, or it could even be categorized as an epidemic, would we have known that Weber is NHL ready, in a limited role, that is?

    I was just wondering, was I the only one that felt that way about JM's coaching, or is my view shared by others?


  • Comment on That’s a wrap (2011-02-28 13:22:33)

    I'm not going to disagree that the management team can be arrogant, but really, which GM and management in this league are not arrogant? At least, they don't bolster about how good they are or how much everyone in the league wants there overpaid spare parts *cough* burke *cough*.

    I will, however, disagree about Eller. As of a few weeks ago, I would have agreed with you. However, in the last 2-3 games, Eller has been playing center, with AK for that matter, and has actually looked quite comfortable and has produced some important points. Last game, he scored the second goal of the game, on a heck of a play by AK by the way, that gave the Habs quite the momentum going into the second.

    I'll reserve my judgement of the game agains the Leafs, as I only caught a portion of it. Versus the Canucks, however, he made a near perfect pass to AK, who ended up scoring the GWG. The issue was not necessarily about Eller playing with the big club, but Eller being put in a situations where he would not be succesful. Once again, I think the blame to lay here is more with JM than with Eller. Granted, he is responsible for his own production, but a player like Eller, who is good with the puck, strong in the corners, reasonably good defensively and a good passer should not have played 60 of 63 games with 4th line grinders. He should have been playing with skilled players.

    This is a very similar situation to Spezza's situation, when JM was the coach of the Sens (I'm not saying that Eller is another Spezza, but I'd personally take it if that were the case). It took JM leaving for Spezza to start putting up big numbers consistently. Once he left, Spezza was not scared of making a mistake, out of fear of being benched, or in his case, sent down to Bingo, and he flourished into one of the league's best playmaking centers. I'll concede, however, that many of those points and career seasons could easily be attributed to him playing with Heatley.

  • Comment on Habs take morning off (2011-03-03 14:16:44)

    I still haven't figured out why so many people are praising Stevie Y's job he's done so far. Yes, there's not debate this team is better than it was last year, and should only keep improving. Yes, Yzerman's make a few good deals and signings, I'm not debating that either. What I disagree with are the people that make it seem as if without Yzerman, there's no way the Bolts would be in the position they are in today. He stepped into one of the best possible situations any GM could, with a young rising superstar in Stamkos, a cornerstone piece on defense in Hedman as well as a good cast of complementary players like St-Louis (can he be considered the best RW in the league? If not, he's undoubtebly top 3), Lecavalier, who really seems to have picked up the pace in the last couple of weeks, another good rugger winger in Malone.

    He has made some good moves which have improved the club, but has also made so moves which haven't worked out quite as planned, like S.Gagne (21 points and a -18 to date). The hiring of Boucher was also very astute. His best move to date, imho, was him acquiring Roloson for next to nothing. Once again, I'm not bashing Yzerman in any way, I just think that people are making too much about him and the lightning's turnaround. He stepped into probably the best possible situation for a GM, whether it is Yzerman or anyone else.