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  • Comment on Carey Price gets engaged (2012-08-21 00:44:14)
    Nice work by JT. Her newest blog entry is another well written piece. Check it out if you haven't Late in response to John (warning: biassed) Harvey-1 Langway-4 Laperrière-5 Robinson-2 Savard-3 Cournoyer-2 Gainey-4 Naslund-3 H Richard-1 Shutt-5 Durnan-2 Hainsworth-3 Plante-1 Vezina-4 Worsley-5 Dryden-2 Price-3 Roy-1 Theodore-5 Vachon-4 Carbonneau-1 Jarvis-3 Provost-2 Roberts-5 Gilles Tremblay-4
  • Comment on Hartley gets Flames job (2012-06-02 07:27:18)
    I can't say I have followed enough of Marc Crawford's career to comment on him as the Habs next coach. I did grow up and belleville and played sports with a couple of the "kids" though. About 30 years ago (that can't be right...), my friend was mouthing off to Danielle, Marks sister during shinny. She was the first girl I ever saw wear hockey skates, and could skate like a guy. She laid a beating on him that I have never forgotten! Rag dolling him with the left and popping him with right after right!
  • Comment on Audio: Price in nets vs Wild, Habs cancel practice on eve of game (2012-02-29 23:24:27)
    ok. I dont get it. Just reading some scouting reports by Bob M. Not many argue that he doesn't know his manure. So...the 6'2"181lb. Forsberg will be diffucult to handle due to his size, but the 6' 183lb. Dumba is too small? Bob. At least play one game of cosom hockey before commenting on the strength of hockey players. Competitiveness, pride, many things more important than size. Some of you think this is a porno! Also, who do you pick? Yakupov - concensus #1, competitive Grigorienko - big impact forward Forsberg - all around Galchenyuk - injured so could be diamond in rough Here is the funniest report ( about Dumba) "Draws many comparisons to PK Subban in skating, shot and risk taking, but may have more overall sense".
  • Comment on Julien’s Bruins pose a huge test for Habs, NHL first star Price (2011-11-21 14:11:32)
    Have you heard White will be playing after Christmas? Anything I read still says "indefinite" I am as stoked about a White-Nokelainen-Moen 4th as I am about the return of Markov. All 3 can take play,face-offs and forecheck like animals. Two prairie guys and a about character.
  • Comment on Julien’s Bruins pose a huge test for Habs, NHL first star Price (2011-11-21 14:08:00)
    I commented about the jerks during Eddy's moment of silence yesterday and JD does as well below. Truly embarrassing behavior. When I got home and watched the game again on PVR, you couldn't hear either those outbursts or the occasional faint boos during the US anthem.
  • Comment on About last night … (2011-11-20 17:38:38)
    I had a blast this weekend with all the Summiteers. What a great mix of people who were all engaging to chat with. The amount of habs knowledge on that trip was staggering. Thanks to Ian for all the time and effort involved in making that event happen. We got to chat with Boone over bacon and eggs, and a group of us closed Hurley's last night with Hickey. Both guys are just down to earth good dudes. Very level headed debaters too. What a game! My only complaints are reserved for the idiots who couldn't be respectful enough to be silent or stay off phones during Eddy's otherwise awesome ceremony. My wife Wendy didn't know what she was getting when she picked out her raffle prize. It was a habs T shirt with a scrawled signature and #28. For sure didn't look like Desjardin's or Dykhuis to any one at the table. Turned out to be a t-shirt that "Rudy" sent to her friend who billets Beaulieu to sign. Pretty cool and we were near the end of choices!
  • Comment on Staggering Isles host Habs (2011-11-17 10:38:15)
    Streit's head shots are just begging to have a photoshopped beret on top.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 09:48:13)
    They are fast! All time, I have to give the "Fastest Hab I've seen" award to Russ Courtnall or Cournoyer.
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 09:41:29)
    Go back and watch Pleks vs. the Caps and Pens again. He played a shut down role, and played it well enough to make Carbo proud. Pleks, Gill, Gorges were all instrumental in helping Halak win those two series. All depends on how you measure success
  • Comment on Some views of a big W (2011-11-17 09:38:55)
    7 blocks and 7 hits has got to keep Emelin in the line-up. When Markov pulls a Komisarek with him, he'll never sit again. For all the stats geeks on here. On the average, what percentage of the cap has Montreal been missing from their line on a day to day basis for the past 2 years? The other night without Spacec, Cammi, Gomez and Markov, they had roughly 23 million out of the line-up. Once you have the answer, judge JM again. Thats a big percentage to have unavailable to you as a coach. JM is no Pat Burns, but he deserves a bit of positive recognition as well IMO. Injuries provide chances for those farther down the depth chart. PG may not have a cupboard full of Edmonton like "sure things", but we do have a few too many NHL'ers to not consider a trade.