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  • Comment on Game 46: Subban rescues Habs with OT winner (2011-01-17 23:30:37)

    Hold right here...


    Are you gonna pay for everybody?

  • Comment on Game 46: Subban rescues Habs with OT winner (2011-01-17 23:28:13)

    You are so pathetic, want to trade AK who has 25 points, best +-, most hits , the shortest leash on the team and treated as foster child cause he is making so much money...


    But three other guys on the team, who makes twice more, have 25 points, can't hit or work the boards the best treatment and always tones of time on ice dont even get enough critisism form you, not even talking about trading them...



  • Comment on AK46, Weber to sit (2010-12-21 22:16:28)

    For you it is one game. For AK it is a spit in his face.

    He will give up on this coach for sure now, dont expect him to produce.

    Should have not move him through the lines like that... That pissed him off, he lost his confidence...

    Know him in person.

    BTW, they call JM Dumbo, the whole team does... SK came up with it...

    P.S. Gomez will never be scratched. JM got him to this team. Worst move ever. 7 mil for poop.