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  • Comment on Pacioretty wins Masterton trophy (2012-06-21 11:34:25)
    How about this? Instead of swapping 3rd for 1st pick, the Canadiens should try to trade for the 1st pick. They should offer PK and a second round plus weber/diaz. Then draft Yakupov and Galchenyak. they played on the same team MB should make it happen
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2012-03-13 11:09:27)
    very good comments plus game winner in shoot out yesterday, played over 19 minutes, 2 very good scoring chances amazing what confidence in a player can do??
  • Comment on About last night … (2012-02-14 07:58:52)
    some good points, I am an AK fan, cannot wait for him to get traded so i can watch him score 30 plus goal with a team who will know how to harness his talent.
  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 12:23:19)
    maybe martin is keeping him for phili and boston? if not, martin will start ruining another young prospect
  • Comment on Tough one tonight (2011-02-22 08:55:25)

    I agree with your comment about switching ak46 for halpern, but this is another example of Jacques martin continually picking on AK, Yes AK46 has not been playing that great but so has the whole team, especially Gomez who gets rewarded by getting to play with gionta and pacioretty.

    In defense of Andrei Kostitsyn, ever since AK was taking off the line with pleks and cammy (beginning of the year), it has been down hill.

    If you recall the reason he was taking off was to help gionta who was in a slump, it worked, unfortunately at the expense of AK46. Since that point and Martin comments "Andrei is playing well because he is in a contract year" AK has not been himself. Everyone is quick to criticize at AK but nobody asked why he is not playing up to his potential. The answer is Jacques Martin, I do not know what he has against ak46, maybe it stems back to AK brother but as a coach Jacques should think about the team before himself. It seems he is trying to sabotage AK career. AK is a very skilled hockey player who needs positive reinforcement and made to feel he is an important part of the team. Jacques took him off the top line and has been player top center man and wingers and getting minimal power play time.

    It is very sad that we will probably loss him and he will be a star on another team, like many other players



  • Comment on AK46, Weber to sit (2010-12-21 14:12:41)

    Martins true colors are showing, recall martins comment on why andrei was doing well at the beginning of the season "andrei is playing in a contract year" A coach should never talk publicly like that. Martin is clearly showing no respect for AK46.

  • Comment on AK46, Weber to sit (2010-12-21 14:09:49)

    AK46 has team leading +9, 3rd in points, 4th in goal, solution bench him