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  • Comment on Happy 83rd birthday to Habs legend Jean Béliveau (2014-09-01 13:02:57)
    I agree as well. Maclean really began to show his colors when Rogers got the rights while Cherry just kept doing what they pay Cherry to do. Everywhere you go in the country where Ron and Don are appearing people are looking at Maclean as the conduit to Cherry. They recognize Cherry, wave and shout, and tell their friends that Cherry gave a thumbs up back. He is very popular. Not here obviously. But here isn't everywhere. We often forget that.
  • Comment on Happy 83rd birthday to Habs legend Jean Béliveau (2014-09-01 12:51:43)
    I think you have to be careful as well. HIO is a niche on the net (164320th world wide) with a pretty limited viewership. Habseyesontheprize who many here disparage comes in 111843th for example and Hockeys Future at 11225th. HIO doesn't even make the top 500 in Canada sites visited (5629th) while TSN is 92nd, Bleacherreport 128th, Rds 396th, etc. All to say the opinions here are pretty much confined to a small segment of the population and it feeds on itself. People with divergent opinions get shoved away and the talk focuses on how bad Bouchard is playing, Ian's summit, or whatever else interests us. So the HIO poll on Cherry is remarkable in that it reflects any dissent from the locally adopted view. In other locations he is likely held in greater esteem, and when he drops by a franchised restaurant and tells your table you're ugly enough to be hockey players we eat it up. So yeah, reality bites the big fish in the puddle as much as it irritates the tiny fish in an ocean of differing views :-)
  • Comment on Familiar faces on Sportsnet’s NHL broadcast team (2014-08-30 10:59:34)
    If you were to pick two teams the Habs dislike most people would go with the misspelled Leaves or the Bruins - Cherry is tied to both and it shows. When he coached he was pretty sharply dressed, now he wears a costume - like Youppi. If you consider what Cherry says regarding hockey plays, how his old eyes actually pick up the little things - then it is difficult to dislike the message unless you have an opposing agenda. Essentially you have it there. People with opposing viewpoints wanting to shout him down, people who don't like the clown suits, people who can't stand him getting worked up for Toronto or Boston. The others just laugh and watch.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 13:01:04)
    We're all sorry. This shouldn't be happening. There is no need of it. No matter which side of the issue anyone is on. Using armed force to control any people always ends the same way.
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-28 12:18:08)
    Will the Ukrainian players in the KHL be saying goodbye and coming home?
  • Comment on Cournoyer speaks about vacant Habs captaincy (2014-08-27 13:06:14)
    The prospects are exciting. Each of their futures are bright. But if you look back, say 2005-2009, of the 35 draft picks only seven can still be said to be somehow with the organization while 3 are playing with the team (Price, Max, PK - a pretty good three). Countless words were written about most of the young guys, but the numbers don't lie. More guys never make it than do. Vicious business.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 17:02:56)
    The Canadiens were fourth in the League in penalty killing last year. The Canadiens were 19th in powerplay. The Canadiens were 14th in plus minus (even strength ratio). That means the PK was fine, even really good. Be still my heart. That means the PP sucked, they shouldn't have been in the playoffs. That means the team was average, middle of the 30 team pack, playing even up. So the team dumped the #3D by minutes who played the most shorthanded for a draft choice and overpaid the #2D who played the least shorthanded but the most PP. So much for stats. The team either has to remain strong on the PK, get a lot better on the PP, and stay even or a bit better at 5-5; or the team has to get way better 5-5. Oddly enough people will tell you the Habs PP is great. Go figure.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 13:53:14)
    Then pay more for less.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 11:59:14)
    I think the TSN franchise poll just showed who the "face" of the franchise is. Definitively. The "face" of HIO Habs fans may be something else but what the country sees is Price. The Canadiens are gambling big time with Subban. Who dares wins is a great motto. When you are successful it has a certain panache. Custer probably used it as well. Just to raise a little blood pressure for the weekend.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 11:53:22)
    You have to remember this is summertime and you're visiting a hockey talk page, a lesser known one at that, devoted to one team. Our opinions on in season coverage may not match that of a Rogers suit. The reason the product availability is a mess is because the demand is high. That brings in more providers, each with their own market share demands, to repackage the product. They all want you to buy bits of the same thing for more. Start cancelling packages rather than adding to packages. The Cup doesn't depend on whether you watch or not. Nothing you do has an effect on the score, but it can on availability of the feed in your area.