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  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-17 10:37:51)
    The game being played is pretty tight. The Canadiens open up a bit when they get down a couple. So we look at most goals as "this mistake led to". Hockey math puts you at five players to six when you attack. If there are no mistakes there are no possible shots. PP is important. Reading the comments you see a bunch of people making snarky comments at each other. This always happens when the team begins to lose and fan belief begins to wobble. The coach though is starting to trot out the hot goalie, bad bounces, luck, excuses and is playing role players obtained at the deadline rather than regulars. This type of thing happens when coaches begin to feel pressure. Most of it all is from the NHL end of the season battle for positioning. The Canadiens were largely uninjured throughout the season and found themselves surprisingly high in the standings. They will get to the playoffs. Anything can happen in the playoffs. Anything happens more often to good teams with more than one game in their repertoire. The Canadiens aren't that. So get used to the grumpies grumping at each other and throwing around terms of endearment. Just go with what you saw. It was a hard game to read. Your analysis was better than any other I read.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-15 15:22:37)
    Therrien can coach. He takes spells where he won't. He gets an idea in his head and goes with it. The GM gets him 4 players for one and picks. No training, no philosophy, just throw them right into the lineup and throw three other guys right out. That is 22% of your skating lineup, the one that got you to fighting for first over a pretty long haul, tossed aside and guys from mainly bottom feeding teams thrown in. On the grounds that they play better? Then on what grounds? None. All he sees in his players is faults so, since someone else had these guys in their roster...well they must be greater than. Maybe they are but I never saw anybody enter a new workplace and fit flawlessly on day one. Now a strict coach isn't a bad thing but he needs to be objective. Therrien lost it in Montreal first-go-around and in Pittsburg after taking them to the finals. Who fires coaches when that happens? People who notice that credit goes to the coach for wins but players take blame for execution, and from the coach in public. When the execution works, coach is a gem. When the player hits the bar, well the team had a chance to win it and didn't so the coach blames the D for allowing a goal or the forwards for not scoring one on the chance they had. Cool, what happened to no I in team? MT is a really good coach. MT is all that stands between MT being a really good coach with a Stanley Cup ring or three. Does a leopard change it's spots - stranger things have happened. He asks his players to adapt. If they can, he can.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Islanders preview: Pateryn in lineup for Habs while Gonchar expected to sit out (2015-03-14 09:56:41)
    :-) So losing is good, winning bad? More than enough times teams have struggled at season's end, got their act together during the first round, and begun to roll. It becomes an annual story. What doesn't become a story is the team that loses and is gone. Good teams don't offer excuses like hot goaltender, fatigue, bad bounces, luck. The Canadiens are starting to trot those out. Therrien next needs to give his little "no heart" speech and he is gone. Obtaining four marginal players and throwing them directly into a winning lineup sends one message only. Therrien has had season(s) to work with the players he has but guys off doormats can be dropped right in by him and win without even a practice. It is all about Therrien. No one says the man can't coach. They say he won't.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-13 10:35:19)
    They have played badly for a couple weeks. I think the breaking point was the 1-0 loss to Tampa. Carey Price played an incredible game. The team in front of him was sleep walking. When the players left the ice Price's body language was different. It was more than just angry at giving up the only goal. In a week or so Price will calm down but he has seen this team loaf and he knows that nothing has changed. You know as well as I do that teams and players get an idea in their noggins that they will lose and that puts them halfway there. The late season pickup of an unwanted forward and three players that had helped their previous teams fail miserably was bad enough, but dropping guys who had worked to get you to the top of the league in favor of those who had failed elsewhere sent a message. The message was we do not think you are good enough. The team is now repeating it back to management and what passes for a coach. They aren't good enough.
  • Comment on Senators vs. Canadiens preview: Parenteau back in Habs lineup (2015-03-12 11:25:59)
    So...then we're to expect huge things from DSP, Mitchell, Flynn, and Petry? First time I ever saw a team dump the guys who got them there for guys who couldn't be bothered to earn tickets to the playoffs. Exact opposite of what LA did each time. I could see if these guys were insurance but the guys who were part of the team were ripped out of there with a quick "Thanks for coming out." if that. So much for earning a spot and taking someone's job away. That was total BS. BS being an advanced stats term for basic player suitability and gullibility. 2-5 since. Coincidence? Lack of scoring. Coincidence? Sure. Sekac, a handful of draft picks, team bonding, all gone. Thrown out the window for guys who will be gone at the first opportunity after contributing SFA. SFA being an advanced stats term indicative of seasonal effort to results. You don't often get to see a team commit seppuku. Cool.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-03-11 11:18:56)
    I hope you good folks have noticed the "No excuses" motto only holds when the team is winning. Probably not.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-20 10:04:08)
    People say all sorts of things. Gerald Gallant and Dale Tallon have taken last years Panthers from .89 points per game at the 57 game mark to 1.223 points per game at the 57 game mark this year. That works out to 92 points extrapolated vs the 66 they tumbled to last season. Notable achievement.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 11:23:21)
    I think your view makes a lot of sense.
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