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  • Comment on Liveblog: Washington 0 – Canadiens 0 after one (2015-01-31 12:39:32)
    In boxing, even amateur, and reputable MMA, a rabbit punch is a foul. A deliberate rabbit punch as Emery used is a DQ. Two would result in a license lift (suspension). How many did Emery throw? The NHL won't do anything. There is nothing malicious about that. They are just incompetent to judge these things.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Ribeiro rehabilitated in Nashville (2015-01-21 12:26:25)
    Sure Riberio has changed. I have a scorpion and turtle river crossing story to tell anyone who believes that one.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Predators preview: Carey Price will start in goal (2015-01-20 12:30:28)
    They have Reway at 5'10" as well.
  • Comment on Habs vs. Predators preview: Carey Price will start in goal (2015-01-20 12:21:20)
    During that time period (a month) Galchenyuk and DD had equal minutes, maybe a few seconds difference over the month if I remember correctly. The first line status was being pegged to Pac for the bulk of his shifts. The team went 8-3. Then they changed it up. That experiment was over. Result logged. It is like Beaulieu going to Hamilton. He went because the team moved Bourque and Moen. To move those guys they needed to take someone back. Both were D, both were coming off injuries, both were on stale contracts, and both were older. So Beaulieu goes to Hamilton. The team does a fairly good job of sorting it out and a terrible job of explaining the move. Now Beaulieu is playing on the 3/4 D, lots of minutes. There are three D just below him who can take his job away if they can. You build a team through competition. What happens to Emelin, Weaver, Gilbert? That is up to them. Just like it was for Moen and Bourque.
  • Comment on Carey Price back on the ice at Habs’ practice (2015-01-20 11:20:56)
    Hey Twi. Good argument.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Beaulieu provides a breath of fresh air on Habs’ blue line (2015-01-18 17:52:27)
    I don't think HIO is less active. The page is updated and any Canadiens news of consequence is posted fairly quickly. The links are appreciated and the reporters columns usually good reading. I suppose you could count the polls as likely unique reader visits and they run about 1500 or so when the polls change quickly. Twice that on intriguing polls (fire Therrien, sell Price). Figure three thousand unique visitors a day minimum. Alexa has them at 4,456th in Canada, mainly from Canada, mainly male, some college, and the majority of visitors from home. The average daily visit total is 5 minutes. The average visit is 2.35 page views, which indicates that most folks go to the main page, click on the latest news page, read it, and leave. A few click the links. Now posters are another thing. There are only a few regular posters but they post a lot. As with your post (advocating a "hide" button so you do not see posts from people with whom you disagree) a great many posters discourage debate and prefer the last word on anything, or to repeat themselves by reposting previous comments. Admittedly this does discourage discussion but would seem (from looking at poll archives and the archives comment numbers themselves) to have little or no effect on page views over the years. All that would indicate that most visitors come here because it is a great and reliable source for news on the Canadiens. I don't think it is fair to ask HIO to devote resources to a marginal issue faced by a few posters. In any case this was a new New post which if hidden would leave you reading a comments page containing only your own posts.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-01-15 09:40:53)
    I guess advanced stats are an analysis of past behavior. You can likely narrow it down to how a player "has" played with different brands of visor, or helmet and visor combinations. The reason you can do that is because those events have occurred. They are observations of what occurred not rules. Much like I see the sun appear in the east, cross the sky, disappear in the west. Since I have discovered the earth is a globe that must indicate the sun circles the earth. Advanced stats are good at indicating a trend in play. But not so good on providing the reason why. If you are scored on a lot glove side high from the lip of the faceoff circle is it due to a weakness, the left handed shots, lack of coverage by the left D or winger, set plays, or the green water bottle being visible to the shooter against white background, red posts, and white jersey? What happens if you use a white water bottle when playing against Sidney? The mind reels, and that is why coaches seem a little spinney sometimes. If it was all about spreadsheets no one would pay for a ticket. Last night Gonchar was 100% on faceoffs in the neutral zone. Cool.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk dropped from Canadiens’ first line as Therrien mixes things up at practice (2015-01-12 19:02:41)
    :mrgreen: :mrred: :oops: naw that didn't work. :mad: like the man said colon mad colon. Naw. So much to learn, so little time.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk dropped from Canadiens’ first line as Therrien mixes things up at practice (2015-01-12 18:52:20)
    I doubt I know anything better than anyone. I do know that 5 guys on a PP are facing four guys and a goalie. That makes five. One can't get far, rules. So standing on top of the goalie makes it 4 on 4 outside the crease. You don't want to do that. I do know that the more time a goalie has to prepare for a shot the less chance of scoring. If the Habs are going to use a forward on one point of the PP it needs to be a fast forward, and they have to get outside the crease until the puck arrives there. They have to open up the box. Point shots close up the box. Speed and accurate passes open it. And not giving away the advantage by chatting with the goalie. Crosby and Malkin do it all the time.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk dropped from Canadiens’ first line as Therrien mixes things up at practice (2015-01-12 18:37:36)