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  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-22 11:23:48)
    Poor Milan...fall down, go boom. Then again, coming at you head on isn't Milan's style. A knee to your knee, a spear to your nether regions, a punch while the linesman holds the other it isn't really fair to judge him in a fight. He's a little inexperienced at that. Like Bergeron and Marchand holding Crosby so Chara can punch him in his already broken jaw...the Bruins just scream class act. But tough? No, not by any means.
  • Comment on Bring on the Bruins! Canadiens get ready for a busy weekend (2014-11-22 11:00:58)
    The "salute" to the fans is stupid. If memory serves it was thrown in after the strike to say "Thanks for coming out...sorry about that." The Leafs obviously don't feel they need to say "sorry" for anything, and the seats are full. But absolutely no business can grow or maintain status quo if the front end employees disrespect the customers. The Leafs and the Canadiens have been terrible for a whole generation. It could be argued the Leafs for two. There have been flashes of previous glory but habitually it fades quickly within a season. By the same token fan behavior is quite often less than one would define as even the borderline of civility. Unfortunately for the Leafs the fans are the customers and the players are the front end staff. The decision by the team was petulant, immature, ill advised, and showed a startling lack of judgment. What is next? Sorry coach I'm getting my haircut this afternoon so I can't go to sick kids...I'll send over an autographed stick? Really bad judgment by what is already perceived to be a group of young men without direction. Disrespecting the fans when the seats are full is arrogance unconcealed. But what can you say about arrogance when the seats will be full forever? The people at fault are: the fans. They show up, they suckup, they fawn over these young men. Pathetic.
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 11:55:31)
    But what happens if no one leaves? What happens if one blog post climbs to 272,921 posts because we all stayed?
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 11:14:26)
    I suspect the story is more common than we'd think. Pretty hard to convince a young guy making "a fortune" to drive a Corolla and rent a one bedroom place around the corner from the practice facility. Pretty easy to convince him and his retinue that you can have all that money now - that game has been around since the dawn of time - by signing over the future.
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 09:43:10)
    Start saying Seattle. I have a sneaking suggestion that is where they are going. Think about Quebec for a bit. Sound but losing team with all sorts of future value. Went to Colorado, where the NHL had failed before. Won a Cup almost immediately and the rest you know as well. The way to relocate a franchise, establish a market, and bring butts into the seats is "not" to start an expansion team with Mike Weaver and Andrei Kostitsyn but by transferring a team on the cusp of winning from a poor market into a high potential one. The NHL is simply building the asset for Seattle.
  • Comment on Mike Weaver listed as day-to-day as Canadiens prepare to face Blues (2014-11-20 09:37:01)
    I get really irked when I see someone on a partial break. The guy either has the gas in the tank to pull away or he waits on any touch, no matter how slight, to fall. Guys who got to the NHL by being able to protect the puck and are strong on their skates tripped up by the shadow of a stick brushing them. I have followed the Habs for years. They embellish. Somehow this is all right because they were cross checked for darting in and out of the crease? The Habs are a very low scoring team. They don't have a game breaker. They take every opportunity they get. I am glad when it works and they win. Doesn't make me blindly proud of some of their antics.
  • Comment on Episode 7: Chris Nilan and the panel weigh in on Habs’ humbling loss to Penguins, Hall of Famer Pat Burns and more (2014-11-19 16:30:44)
    Nice podcast. Thanks.
  • Comment on Carey Price named NHL’s second star as Canadiens get ready for a busy week (2014-11-17 16:52:51)
    I agree with you that without corporate accountability nothing changes below. But hockey is a contact sport. Now in most contact sports a foul is met with a penalty. In hockey that just is not so. Cross checking is not allowed in hockey for example yet cross checks are permitted all the time. There are a hundred, maybe two hundred a game not called. So illegal contact is condoned within the game and some blatant violations are called. Because if you call everything you have no game and if you call nothing you have no game. This has to be the only era in hockey where breaking a 400 buck stick gets you two minutes but seven slashes to your thigh gets nothing. In hockey you stand up for yourself and your team. Someone shoves you around you can take it and wait for the refs, or stand up to the bully. The refs aren't going to protect you. The only thing that works is standup guys. Now the Prust fight the other day, that was not called for, was play acting, and is the type of activity that should be banned. The Beaulieu recent incidents were the type that occurs within the current structure of the game. Ringette offers an alternative for those who feel that fighting should be banned. And just maybe it is a better game. But you aren't going to fill a lot of 21000 seat arenas for it.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-17 10:57:49)
    Most initially successful projects or business didn't fail until the Quants overran the boardroom.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-17 10:46:46)
    You could say the same about Washington, Pittsburg, Chicago, Tampa, Boston who all fill seats better than the Habs (6th)when visiting this year. TO doesn't draw flies on the road (about 90% capacity). Then again Florida only draws about 53% at home anyway while TO draws 101% at home so a lot of it so far this year depends on variables. Last year Montreal on the road was the 8th draw. Florida at home was 83% but this year stopped with the comps (supposedly) and dropped 30% in attendance. Check: