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  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-17 13:35:21)
    Well to be fair Santa does deliver a lot of cardboard and if you've ever slipped into a plankton feeding frenzy and found yourself filtered by a pod of baleen or blue whales you might not feel so smug. Babies scare me. Most days I don't even come here.
  • Comment on Saku Koivu expects ‘awesome, emotional’ Bell Centre tribute (2014-12-17 12:52:42)
    I don't think they'd do that. I know I'd stop watching if they did. Neither of those players have anything to offer the team.
  • Comment on No changes to Habs’ lineup against Hurricanes (2014-12-16 16:56:58)
    I like the kid as well and I don't see him learning how to play against NHL players in the AHL. I'm old school but these aren't old school times. I understand today that people call the cops if their favorite dandelion was crushed by some kid's foot. But the cure for impaired hearing and a yappy mouth is still at hand, so to speak. Beaulieu may not have the luv of the coach (witness the conflict between his words and ice time) but the kid is, has been, and will be ok in my books.
  • Comment on Habs brighten the day for sick kids in hospital (2014-12-16 11:52:19)
    Everyone keeps thinking Edmonton Oilers, but if you refocus on Seattle Metropolitans (where they could transfer the franchise to), you have to figure McDavid would be quite happy at age 24 with an 8 year multi-million contract in his pocket and 16 mill already in the bank.
  • Comment on Rookies Sekac, Andrighetto fitting in well with Canadiens (2014-12-15 10:55:22)
    I wonder what would have happened had they kept Langway and Laughlin? (The throw-ins that went with Engblom and Jarvis. - Paslawski was part of the Wikenheiser for Turnbull trade to St Louis) Some really good players traded for some really good players.
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 16:27:41)
    You would have to ask the people who vote on the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, the Professional Hockey Writers. Two of them, Mr. Hickey and Mr. Stubbs might be able to explain how the membership votes but Mr. Fisher would likely be the best one to remember the 60's and 50's. Most fans don't pay attention to the what of awards, they just like awards. But it is important to remember that the Stanley Cup, Wales Trophy, Campbell Bowl, President's Trophy, Art Ross, Jennings and Richard Trophies are awarded for achievement. They are "No one did it better awards". The rest are opinion vehicles voted on by the PHWA, all 180-200 members. There may well have been a reluctance to award Jean Beliveau the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy based on the legitimate fear his 10 Stanley Cup rings would chip or damage the material it is made of. But that might be myth :-)
  • Comment on ‘Our Dinner With Jean Béliveau’ (2014-12-14 10:11:44)
    That is fine. But I think you're missing the point. Jean Beliveau (one L ) was a great player, and none of us would ever compare him to another player. We just would not do that. For us he is incomparable. He is Jean Beliveau. Jean Beliveau was the man we would all like to have become. To you it is about your favorites, this current player or that team. To most of us, many having had their ups and downs in life, it is total admiration for a man who embodied all the finest qualities we wished somehow that we could find within ourselves. We feel a sense of loss that you do not feel. Let it ride. In time it will pass.
  • Comment on No changes expected to Habs’ lineup against Kings (2014-12-12 14:33:39)
    The issue I suppose isn't whether DD is a first line center. It may be do the Canadiens have one at all? 83% of HIO voters think Galchenyuk should be the first center, and he has played left wing for two seasons. What does that say? There is nothing wrong with DD and hockey being what it is the coach put him where he would get the most benefit out of him. It is like playing Sekac with Pleks really. They trained together last summer. They know each other best. But that doesn't equate to a magical 2 points per game. DD has a history of overcoming obstacles. I imagine he will make the best of this one.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban misses practice as he battles the flu (2014-12-12 10:05:58)
    I think they both should be up. I think they both deserved to stay. I don't think they respond to coaching any different than the journeymen X 5 that the team is carrying. I think the only way they will get NHL experience is in the NHL. I do agree that most NHL players pass through the AHL so it must be of benefit to a Habs D man to look at an opposing roster and think "Hmmm, I played against him five years ago in the this is where he disappeared to. I wonder what he has learned in the NHL over the last 475 season and playoff games? Whoopsie...never saw that move or speed in the A...whatsup with that???"
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-10 11:30:56)
    Odd, that doesn't usually happen. I don't know about UCE but I spent 2-3 minutes carefully crafting my response ...choir, magic 17 points (jersey # as a point goal), once mighty, Oilers aware of a game? Sigh...nobody reads anymore. I'm AFK.