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  • Comment on Hockey Night in Boston on Sunday (2013-03-03 13:33:30)
    Tomas Kaberle: Star! Let's see if Tomas Kaberle can string two great games together. If he were somehow able to continue to play like he did against the Pens last night, it would create the trade possibility that would be a boon to the club. Heck, if he continues to play that way, he'd well earn his current salary and be a valuable asset to a team going deep into the playoffs, including the one he's on.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Penguins at Canadiens (2013-03-02 22:37:24)
    Kaberle was amazing tonight. He played a near perfect game. Hopefully, some platooning can take place to give players a needed rest. Josh Gorges looked tired.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-20 14:51:31)
    Booner, you cloud the line in the new media between journalist and fan. In the process, you mock and manipulate fans' emotions towards their team. You act the part at one moment, then play on their emotions at the next. Is it journalism; is it advocacy? It's a hybrid writing that, like many news journalists today, gives up the guise of impartiality, but uses the tools of how to emotionalize the reader and keep em coming back for those ads on the side of the page? It's an interesting discussion which should be had. I understand that papers are trying to figure out their role in the decentralized world of the net, but c'mon. Isn't this a little too obvious? And no, you only participate in the same site as had the cartoon stories. You might even agree with me in private on those.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-20 12:02:19)
    THE TWO SIDED COIN OF THE MONTREAL MEDIA This ridiculous analogy of the Booner is the extremist, exploitative aspect of the Montreal media that detracts from players (or even coaches) wanting to play here. There's a fine line between praise and mockery, even mocking the reader and fan and their alleged over zealous approach to their favorite team. This is what opens the door to the "sky is falling" analogies after a couple of losses. It's insanity. Booner, rather than to mock your readers, why don't you try doing something somewhat resembling the quality of Red Fisher's example? Maybe all those fantasy games that were covered here are getting mixed up in your head with the real ones...
  • Comment on Habs’ Gallagher sidelined with concussion (2013-02-17 15:22:54)
    I'd like to hear more and in depth about this baseball-hockey game they played. Playing tennis with a hockey stick has been a fantastic tool for myself [sic: hockey grammar] for getting the skill to not only hit the puck out of the air, but block it, even put it down on the ice in position to then gain possession of it. It's amazing to me that tennis hockey is not part of everyone's regime. A little of that made the difference with Rene Bourque the other night.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-02-10 12:36:32)
    PK Subban is the best talent ever for defeating a team concept. Hello PK. So long playoffs.
  • Comment on Diaz gracious winner of very unofficial Swiss scoring award (2013-01-16 21:46:47)
    PK would screw up the team in order to put himself front and center. The players don't respect him and shouldn't. It's too bad he doesnt have the personality of his goalie brother, but it's the case. Time to unload him for some unselfish player(s) while he's at an all time high value in the eyes of other teams.
  • Comment on Day 2 at Habs training camp (2013-01-15 12:14:09)
    TRADE PK SUBBAN NOW He's a killer in the locker room. A selfish guy who wants to make the game about himself, rather than about team is not an influence you want to have around. P.K. pushes himself as a team leader, rather than being a natural leader looked up to by his teammates. Overpaying one more player who is overrated right now makes no sense. Get rid of P.K. while he has value for a good player who is team oriented.
  • Comment on This week’s real, live HIO stories (2013-01-09 23:45:03)
    ...And, in other fantasy news at HIO, the NHL will, in fact have a fantasy season. We're ready to pretend that teams are playing in Florida, Arizona and even California too. And, if you get too bored here, we'll even pretend that you are interested for you.
  • Comment on Cole shines in fantasy win over Lightning (2012-11-28 11:18:52)
    This is the kind of news I'm expecting from the regular press. It is often based on assumptions that are fantasy. When I tune into this publication, it's sickening to see Eric Cole and a headline saying anything like: "Habs win." Even a half hearted effort to produce hockey news would use this space to cover the baby Habs and the QMJHL and other real hockey, including a closer look at the Habs top prospects. But this? Oh yeah, that would take some effort and thought. Cut out this garbage and leave the fantasy to the front page of traditional news, where it is sometimes disguised as news.