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  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-18 10:25:42)
    Best to you and yours as well Doug. This will be my last post on this or any other topic. I understand the light this has cast me in. I'm not stupid,and I'm not a masochist. I'm sorry that I've given the impression that I'm an animal with a penchant for violence. I felt I was being mocked in a public forum so I responded as I saw fit. As I said before, I tried to end the discussion a number of times. It was a lot more fun talking about hockey, which I did for a long time without incident. I know you have good intentions but I'm not sure you do understand why Claytons email, even his sanitized version, incensed me. And of the 10,000 or so derogatory words available to him, am I supposed to believe he chose that one by accident, besides knowing for a fact that he didn't? This matter will be resolved offline.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 19:12:45)
    It's not a secret. He knew what he was saying. It wouldn't matter what colour I was I would be insulted. I'm sick of your games. I apologized to the admins yesterday and hoped that would be it and you guys kept it rolling. If you think I enjoy this you are wrong. Every time I think it's done I feel I have to respond to the fresh twists you put on everything.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 18:36:59)
    Thanks Herb. Figured it wouldn't belong until Clayton's ally came around. I do remember actually. The thread you are referring to is the one where Clayton called me a moron, out of the blue, after I made a comment about Markov diving. I don't post for your approval. And you are right, I don't like you. You've repeatedly insulted me. I've said a number of times now that I'm prepared to let it rest (here. In real life, where people don't get away with slurs, I feel a line has been crossed). I'm still waiting for that to happen.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 18:57:37)
    Really? His racist emails are cc'd to your gmail account. Or didn't you know that?
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 17:28:09)
    We can get into a game of "he said" all night. Fact is, you know I'm black, and you know exactly what you said. And even if you had of said "N-word", which you didn't, that wouldn't be any better.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 17:09:35)
    Please. Don't feign objectivity. The e mails you sent me were cc'd to your pal herb. I could prove that by publishing his email address like you did with mine (a special thanks to the admins for leaving that up). Why didnt you publish the email where you called me a ni**er? In case you didn't notice my account was deleted. I thought I was entitled to know why and I asked, and asked, until I was satisfied. It didn't concern you but you had to keep it going. You and your e-friends continued to slander me. I was never banned. I never fired the first shot at you. Grabs is very selective with his memory. The angel routine is great though.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 15:04:27)
    Moey I have no problem with you. I'll always defend myself. I was prepared to sweep it under the carpet until I read the same core group of people posting a lot of inaccuracies. I have never initiated any confrontation with anyone here. Clayton and Herb have been calling me names for months. I'd prefer to discuss it with them in person, and I intend to. I don't like this internet bravado. But as long as I see stuff posted about me I will respond.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-17 10:29:13)
    Re: The BS written by Grabbed the Cup, GTC, Ian Cobb, Yeats, ClaytonM etc If The Gilles Poisson posts were offensive to francophones or anyone else, they were welcome to say so and I would have stopped immediately. I have no problem with being criticized until it gets personal. As much as yeats seems to be congratulating himself, nobody "blew my cover". If anyone was stupid enough to believe the Poisson posts were genuine that's something they should be worried about, not me. "Kilroy" was never banned from the site as ClaytonM and Grabs say. I stopped posting when it became a chatroom where a certain contingent even had the audacity to suggest others "had to earn the right" to post. Clayton M has published my email but not the emails I received from him which I was responding to. None of you have any idea what was said between Dave Stubbs and I. I know I'll have an opportunity to meet ClaytonM and Herb Jones and then they will have their chance to call me names to my face.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-16 12:29:02)
    Done. But for those keeping score the blank post was blank because I didn't like what I had posted. If a post is removed by the administrators there is no "blank post". I'm turning the computer off now. Have fun.
  • Comment on About last night … (2007-12-16 12:20:33)
    Disregard the post from Mr. Cobb. There was nothing else said. Anyway, that's enough. Dave Stubbs and Mike Boone are gentlemen. I didn't set out to ruin anybody's day. I'm obviously getting too wrapped up in this. I swore, it's there, and I'm not going to trivialize it. It's not the first time so I understand the ban. I apologise to Dave Stubbs for questioning his motives.I just needed to calm down enough to think about it. Yeats, Moey, grabbed the cup, you can all raise a glass to your achievement. Everybody else, have a nice day.