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  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 10:34:36)
    Damn, I think I was writing my message (two above) while you were posting yours. Total agreement.
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-27 10:32:55)
    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I just wanted to point out that while Halak and Price have no playoff experience, neither does Huet, really. He's played 6 NHL playoff games, 4 of which were losses. I'm not saying they're better off without him, but it's not like they were absolutely set with him in the playoffs. The trade definitely surprised me, though. Mainly because they only got a second-rounder in return. Has his play been that poor lately? I'm not terrified about the prospect of having Halak and Price. Both very young, but both very talented. Remember the run Halak went on late last season? It's not as if Price is being left alone. At the start of the season when all the experts (?) predicted the Habs to finish 13th or 14th, we all knew that the outcome would depend largely on how the young guys played. That is even more true now. This very young group is going to get the chance to grow and play together. So far they're doing alright.
  • Comment on Habs, Sens seem to be leading Hossa lottery (2008-02-25 07:32:27)
    As much I hate the Leafs, I respect Sundin. Even more so now that he's decided to stay in Toronto. He could have easily been traded to a team with a good chance of winning the cup this year but he decided to stay loyal to a team in the bottom 5 and their fans. Kind of refreshing in today's NHL, and sports scene in general.
  • Comment on Price will face Maple Leafs (2008-02-07 08:01:43)
    I totally agree. If Gainey makes any trades they will be minor and involve someone like Dandenault or Ryder. In order to trade for a high profile player they'd have to lose one or two of the young, promising players. What's the point of trading guys like Higgins? Montréal has a bright future. Why throw that away to take one big swing at it this year? Why not see what these guys can do in the playoffs?
  • Comment on Market watch (2008-02-07 07:55:17)
    I like Price and Halak. But, neither of them has played 20 games in the show yet. That's one serious reason it would be nice to keep Huet.
  • Comment on Market watch (2008-02-07 06:00:46)
    I don't see the hilarity in it...Without Huet we're left with two goalies with the combined experience of 37 NHL games ...
  • Comment on Price will face Maple Leafs (2008-02-07 05:50:39)
    Hossa and Spezza are not any better than Ryder?!?!?
  • Comment on Price will face Maple Leafs (2008-02-07 05:46:43)
    I hope that is sarcasm. Remember that Fresh Prince episode where the family sees the tape of Jeffrey cheating in the olympics? They call him the 'shame of a nation (England).' Well Nickelback is one of ours.
  • Comment on Game 53: Rangers overpower Canadiens (2008-02-03 14:45:45)
    Quite off topic, but... This week is gonna be huge. 2 games against Ottawa and one against the Leafs. With the way Ottawa has been playing things could look good at the end of the week.
  • Comment on Game 51: Alexander the GR8 lights it up (2008-02-01 07:47:10)
    They're both American?!?!?!!! There should definitely be an investigation.