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  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 10:29:32)
    If we put this into prespective, the Habs are not in terrible shape. They are pretty much exactly where everyone thought they would be...in a position to lose in 6 or 7 or to win in 7. That pretty much was what 95% of people thought would happen. At least we are not Vancouver fans, right? Imagine what that feels like... Also when I read the headline about a Leaf winning something big, I couldn't help but think of our friends in Toronna :) Perhaps, the only way a Leaf will ever be a winner: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/cars/Nissan+Leaf+named+World+Year/4655035/story.html
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-04-22 01:59:07)
    Frustrating and depressing way to lose but it boils down to a 3 game series now. It's not 2-2, it's 0-0. Nobody can predict the outcome. Home ice means nothing, momentum means nothing...if they did the Habs would have swept tonight. Each and every game is its own and the previous one will not determine the outcome of the next one. It's anybody's series and if Carey plays like Carey, this puppy is ours.
  • Comment on Halpern rejoins team (2011-04-13 16:29:05)
    so he was tearing it up under Carbo and production declined under JM? Too many distractions in Mtl for a man with the mind of a teenage boy.
  • Comment on Halpern rejoins team (2011-04-13 16:26:52)
    Uh-boy - not another GM that has trouble counting to 3! :)
  • Comment on Lots o’fun in stripes (2011-03-24 12:59:25)
    Lucic should have been tossed too for idiotically trying to goad Pouliot.
  • Comment on Lots o’fun in stripes (2011-03-24 12:28:11)
    i gotta feelin' it will come down to who is going to allow the one less goal tonight vs. who will score more. Habs will try to play a game like BUffalo did. At least they may have learned a thing or two from it seeing as it was so recent. :)
  • Comment on Lots o’fun in stripes (2011-03-24 12:25:37)
    If only the game was on St-Pat's day it would be perfect! :) On a more serious note, skimming through the post-Recchi interview commentary and stories, one would think that if indeed this was a big ruse to get Chara suspended, someone from the habs brass would have let MaxPac in on the conspiracy no? "Uhm...Max, about that twitter account you are thinking of opening up, why not wait a few weeks. Oh, and if you are feeling like getting out and watching a movie or something...reconsider and create a netflix account instead". Recchi's/Boston radio's take on this is all messed up...talk about blaming the victim.
  • Comment on Price in goal vs. Sabres (2011-03-22 15:18:44)
    not for nuthin' but i miss having an avatar...just not that much. If HIO would be so kind as to validate or dismiss the above allegations, it would be much appreciated...in fact, signing up with gravatar should have come with a warning from HIO if the above is true...
  • Comment on Price in goal vs. Sabres (2011-03-22 15:14:48)
    I stand corrected - we are no longer united...beware the ides of March...
  • Comment on Price in goal vs. Sabres (2011-03-22 14:58:04)
    interesting thoughts but I know for certain that a computer is now used...back to backs are the result of 30 teams playing 82 games each in arenas used for multiple purposes (concerts, circuses, trade shows...) all within a 7 month timeframe.