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  • Comment on Canadiens will face well-rested Rangers team; prospect Nikita Scherbak suffers back injury (2014-11-23 15:57:02)
    Cant see Perron coming to the Habs. Doubt we would trade DD as he works so well with MaxPac. and I dont see The oilers wanting DD in return. Similar cap hit. Lower numbers. Smaller. No incentive for the Oilers to trade Perron for DD, even if we throw in a pick. Far fetched dreaming at best to me.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The W streak ends, not with a bang but a whimper (2014-11-18 19:56:47)
    Not such a great game very quickly....
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-17 13:03:35)
    I have noticed along with the obvious, you need good players and depth to win in the NHL, there are a few keys that successful teams seem to always have. Important: -Winning face offs. Possession is a huge key that translates directly to goals (goals against) and wins. -Special teams. a great PK is essential. And of course a PP is important. -Cycling with possession. The last time i can remember us keeping pressure in the offensive zone with good cycling was with Kovy. -
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Brandon Prust is Habs’ tough big brother (2014-11-16 15:56:55)
    50-3 ??? WOW. Ill admit im not a big CFL fan and havent been paying attention till the Alouettes turned the season around so drastically. But 50-3.... Ok only one more game tonight for a PERFECT WEEKEND.
  • Comment on Canadiens go for fifth straight win Saturday night vs. Flyers (2014-11-15 16:02:36)
  • Comment on Canadiens go for fifth straight win Saturday night vs. Flyers (2014-11-15 16:01:16)
    Actually he is on pace to have his worst season in 3 years, points wise. More giveaways than he has ever had by ALOT.... I dont think he is anywhere near the best defender in the league right now, and since we are paying him like a top three player in the league i hope he hits his high soonish. We are doing just fine like this, but 9 million a season for what we have been getting out of him lately is too much by a lot. LOVE PK. so dont get me wrong, but he is in a slump.
  • Comment on Busy weekend for Habs with Flyers in town Saturday and road game Sunday in Detroit (2014-11-15 11:49:14)
    Montreal Canadiens tied for the top team in the NHL. Even if it most likely will not stay like that.... We got a great team and are moving up. We have TWO Habs games this weekend to enjoy. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY we have phenomenal news that Alex is doing much better and we keep our hopes and prayers for it to be back to normal as soon as possible. This is really the best news I have seen in quite awhile, and I am very happy to see how many people this affects. Its true, only Habs fans really understand the levels this hockey team, city, country and its people identify and unite to the club. To its people. This website has really shown something incredible since its inception. For me living in the US, remembering growing up in Brossard, sitting in my spot at the edge of my grandmothers bed, with my dad in the chair and my mom standing behind him (bugging us with how handsome she thinks Michel Bergeron is just to get under our skin). When my uncles, aunts and cousins came all jamming into her room to watch the game on her small TV instead of the more appropriate living room. It was just something we did. Drinking every morning out of the Habs mug my grandmother gave me when I was 4. Even now I still have my morning coffee on game days in it although it has almost no CH remnants from almost daily washing for A LOT of years. Being a Canadiens fan is simply different.... Having battled Meningitis when I was younger myself, this really touches home and makes me very grateful for everything I have. GO HABS GO GO ALEX GO
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-12 10:05:55)
    Our PK has not suffered since trading Gorges. Gilbert is a 2.8 million dollar hit vs Gorges 3.9. Gilbert is also a +7 right now. I am a huge Gorges fan as well. But I think MB made the right move here. Gorges was overpaid for his role on our team. And since we obviously needed to over pay PK (presently anyways) we couldn't have both IMO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-12 09:53:18)
    While Jacob Trouba played almost 22 minutes last night, his team lost 3-0... I want the younger guys to get experience as well, but we have PK and Markov leading our blue line. Not many young defencemen will get big minutes with these guys leading our team. The Jets have Enstrom and Bogosian leading their Dmen. I also like the Gonchar trade. It brings in a good veteran Dman to help out. Hopefully it gets our PP going a little more. Plus itll help out both PK and Emelin who are not playing to their capability or salary. And he is only a rental. No real downside in my mind. I loved Moen, great grinder. Did great things for us, but we had really moved on already from him. So far, I am loving this season.
  • Comment on Rene Bourque will be healthy scratch against Wild; Habs call up Drayson Bowman (2014-11-08 12:52:44)
    His time in Montreal is only going to come to an end if we find someone to take him off our hands. Until then, we are stuck with him until the end of next season. Cant do anything other than continue to try to get him to perform more consistently or to trade him for something. If we give him up, we need a top two line player to replace him somehow. Truth is the guys we have now are pretty good on the 2nd to 3rd line. But we really need another consistent scorer with some size. More likely we will simply ride him and hope for the best until Galchenyuk is ready for full top line duty, and we have someone solid to replace him on the second.