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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-19 14:13:34)
    The difference being that the players would listen to and respect Robinson's perspective and teaching on how to play the position. Robinson has one thing that our current person doesn't - credibility that comes with being a winner.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-01-19 08:38:59)
    Our defencemen appear to be unable to: (a) handle the puck in our zone while being pressured, (b) make a clean, crisp, and accurate first pass, (c) establish and maintain a defensive position on forwards who are crowding the goalies, and (d) anticipate where the play is "going to be" as the opposition sets up in the zone. In other words, at times, they appear to have no idea of what to do. Eerily similar to the style of "defensive" play demonstrated by their coach and mentor, J.J. Dangerous when he toiled for the Habs years ago. And to think that we couldn't return Larry Robinson's phone call when we were looking for someone to mentor our young defencemen. Pity.
  • Comment on Game 1 Liveblog: Canadiens drop opener to Leafs 4-3 (2013-10-01 18:34:11)
    Finally, another season is upon us with lots of intriguing potentialities: Is this the year that Carey Price can steal several games on his own? If so, we'll be in great shape. Can Gallagher and Galchenyuk continue to grow as "hockey players" who love to play the game competitively and enthusiastically? If so, we're in for a fun ride? Is PK a true (82 game) tour de force and continue his on ice maturation to the point where he dominates key moments in the game? If so, look out? ( Wouldn't it have been great if the Big Bird was his NHL defense mentor instead of JJ Dangerous?) Is Max Pac a viable and valuable power forward, who will thrive on going to the net in order to collect 10-15 "Shuttesque" type goals? If so, then all will be right with the world. Finally, is Therrien the right teacher, mentor, strategist, and coach for this group of up and coming talent? If so, then it's, "to the playoffs and beyond..." There it is. Intrigue. Potential. Possibilities. Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Habs deal Cole to Stars for Ryder (2013-02-26 21:38:31)
    Welcome back Michale Ryder! Now I won't have to worry about you making another phenomenal save against us in the playoffs! It's amazing how many people overlooked your value to the Bruins in their playoff run two years ago; while everybody remembers Tim Thomas, you were, in my opinion, the MVP in their first round, seven game win against us.
  • Comment on Jagr to Dallas (2012-07-04 08:59:54)
    We shall see; it will be especially interesting to see where he plays and for how much money. Past performance is a poor indicator of future performance once they sign that huge contract. But the expectations of others - owners, coaches, teammates, and, of course, the fans become a heavy burden.
  • Comment on Jagr to Dallas (2012-07-04 08:07:33)
    Has anyone noticed how Zach Parise's numbers over his first sevn years are eerily similar to those of Scott Gomez? Perhaps this is why he hasn't been signed yet. Caveat emptor.
  • Comment on First Shootout of the season. and another L (2011-10-15 09:08:42)
    Actually Mr. Boone if we really want to see our team improve to the point where we can actually compete for the Cup, we need to Stop Occupying the Bell Centre. This ownership/management group will only respond to one thing -empty seats. And without any competition in the marketplace,due to their monopoliistic status in the NHL. Ever since they "supported" the relocation of the Nordiques to Colorado for the benefit of the league", this organiztion has no need, desire or motivation to actually commit the time, talent, and money to ensuring that we can compete for the Cup as long as we lemmings continue to fill the (Fill In The Sponsor's Name) Centre evry single night. Pathetic.We have become the Leafs.
  • Comment on This just never gets old … (2010-06-22 17:29:27)

    This is the best French immersion video I've ever seen...I'm still laughing even though I could only translate/understand 50% or the words... much better than that Rosetta Stone Foreign Language software...bring on some more of this especially after the draft weekend.

    merci, merci merci

  • Comment on Habs silence spurred Robinson to Devils (2010-06-18 05:53:23)

    I'm waiting to see what happens in the next two weeks before passing judgment on this but the first question that came to mind was "How is it that Brian Burke can trade nothing for something (Phaneuf) and we seem to do the opposite?" Lars Ellers and Ian Schultz was the best we could get in return???

    Gauthier,Martin, Timmins...didn't we see this show already in Ottawa? And the result was a team that was conservative,consistent, close but never a champion.

    Maybe I've just passed judgment.   

  • Comment on A good one gets away (2010-06-08 08:45:25)

    Didn't Scotty Bowman follow a similar path in his career? And, furthermore, what AHLer amongst us wouldn't jump at the opportunity to move on up?

    Finally, Tampa has the perfect mix of youth,veterans, skill sets and,most importantly, realistic and achievable expectations, from its ownership, management, and fan base for a rookie coach to develop his "system".

    Good luck Guy Boucher - will ye no come back again?