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  • Comment on Laraque throws helmet into federal political ring; carves Parros (2013-07-09 16:21:41)
    It's easy to see why Laraque late in his hockey career went to politics. He's the perfect fit for a person with a lot of talking and little action!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 02:36:54)
    First comment in a long time and want to throw in my two cents... 1. Wasn't a big Jacques fan, but the timing of this move is flat out wrong! Just before the last home game in a while and now the holidays approach with the players minds elsewhere. 2. I'll give Cunny a chance, but I don't anticipate much of a difference. 3. We fire the coach with the 7th most wins and replace him with a guy who's never coached an NHL game before and add an assistant coach who's never coached at any level! REALLY!! i mean c'mon!!! 4. If they were thinking about this weeks ago as stated by PG, then why not give Muller the call? Same NHL experience as Cunnyworth. Knows the Montreal media far better too. 5. The next move should not be player movement. We have good players, but our finishers are just not finishing. Moen's got 8 goals! What does that say! 6. If this doesn't turn around, I really think Gauthier needs to go. The moves he has made have been very questionable and I feel not very well thought out. Who would we get to replace him? How about Larry Robinson? Should be an ex-player who really know the dame in it's current state. That's it for me! Let's hope for a turnaround! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on New farm club (2010-08-31 22:52:25)

    All I got to say is that I don't know why the new ECHL affiliation is perceived as an upgrade from what existed in Cincinnati. You base it on the fact that you can't spell it? Geeeeez! Get with it Geezer Gazette people!

    The Cyclones won the league title 2 out of the past 3 years. Yes, it's ECHL, but it's a feather in your cap! Wheeling has been CR@P forever!! The goalie we just traded Desjardins and David Desharnais the center are just a couple of the names that have gone on from Cincinnati to impress in Hamilton and Montreal.

    Why take a slug at the Cyclones? I see this as another questionable move by this franchise. Cincy loved having the Canadiens as partners and unfortunately that is over.

  • Comment on Habs deal Desjardins to Bolts for Ramo (2010-08-17 16:47:35)

    I see this trade as one that will haunt the Habs down the road. I've seen Cedric play in Cincinnati and some AHL all-star moments. The guy has a very bright future ahead of him. Yzerman is no fool! Ramo has already proven he's average at best in the NHL. Cedric will get his chance in the NHL and make some noise.

    If Halak and Desjardins blossom, their needs to be a shake-up. I just don't see these moves in the off season benefiting the playing level of the team!

  • Comment on The morning after (2010-06-18 10:53:14)

    Wow!! Certainly not a popular decision, except in St. Louis.

    A real roll of the dice. Perhpas they trade Price and completely overhaul the goaltending situation completely?

    Can't wait for the first Halak Hitler rant to show up on Youtube! :)

    With more money, Plekanec or Marleau has to be signed. To lose out on keeping or aquiring either of the two is crazy!

    Let's hope for the best!

  • Comment on Game 64: Canadiens romp over Thrashers (2008-02-26 23:04:55)
    I agree with your comment on Huet. Certainly we were in a position to maybe package Huet with a youngster or rental player (like Ryder) to get a solid scorer. I will see Hossa's +/- stats are pretty dreadful. To score that much and still be - 14 or so, it's like getting Souray back all over again. Price looked comfortable tonight. Confident. Perhaps he can do what so many other great Habs goalies have done in the past at his age. In hind sight of the draft, there are many players on our roster that will be seeking a substantial raise for next year. Not having Hossa potentially resigned next year should make resigning our own players who know Carb's system more affordable. Kovalev needs to stay here and resign with us and he is sure to fetch a hefty price.
  • Comment on Game 63: Canadiens blanked on Gainey Night (2008-02-23 23:42:22)
    A pessimist....no A realist.......no A bit radical and ready to panic......maybe This team will start to find it's rhtyhm again. Higgins, Komisarek, Pleks, and the Kostitsyns are just in a funk. Perhaps it's time to play shuffle the lines again. I say after the team plays better once Tuesday comes and goes.
  • Comment on Game 63: Canadiens blanked on Gainey Night (2008-02-23 23:27:04)
    Another interesting stat someone rattled off during the game was that we are the leagures 3rd best offense in regards to goals scored. I checked the stats and believe he is right. So id getting a sniper what we need?
  • Comment on Game 63: Canadiens blanked on Gainey Night (2008-02-23 23:22:04)
    I see that the Leafs beat Atlanta soundly, giving them only one goal. We pretty much have to be considered the BIG favorite in that game. BTW, no Quebec goalie on the roster for Atlanta.....that bodes well for us!
  • Comment on Game 63: Canadiens blanked on Gainey Night (2008-02-23 23:19:23)
    could it be that Ryder has chosen now to pick up his game to enhance his chances of being picked up by another team? Let's say we don't trade Ryder, my gut tells me he goes back to not producing. I LOVE Ryder, I hope I'm wrong but........... I saw plenty of hits delivered by the lower lines, just no chemistry on them in regards to offense. Maybe the didn't produce goals, but the didn't let in the goals either.