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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Leafs (2013-04-27 18:51:00)
    Took me a minute to get it; good one.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Senators (2013-02-25 19:38:07)
  • Comment on Spacek possible for Saturday game in New Jersey (2011-12-07 15:41:23)
    Okay, Tom, just for fun: it's "a grasp of the English language." Moreover, the second paragraph consists of sentence fragments, and most English language teachers would likely advise you not to begin sentences with "and," although I disagree. English is tough to get a handle on, though, and I'm not too sure of the rules (like ending punctuation) myself and I taught them for years. ;)
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Jarred Tinordi (2011-11-02 20:50:57)
    I don't buy the watered down argument. Back in the 6 team NHL, almost all of the players came from Canada with a population of 25 - 30 million people. Nowadays players come from all over the world; ergo, the talent pool is much deeper. In fact, one could argue that a reason that there aren't more talented players is that they prefer to play sports that aren't so imbued with violence. Get rid of it and you might attract more talented players. As for walking away from fighting, I would agree that most people would watch regardless of their views on violence. That, imo, does not necessarily mean they are hypocrites no more than someone who rubbernecks when passing a traffic accident. People are morbid, curious, often irrational, etc. Perhaps you have emotions that sometimes run counter to your values and, if so, I would imagine that you've sometimes acted on them despite what you believe or value. Does that make you a hypocrite? Is it possible to despise something and yet be fascinated by it? Aren't we all a little neurotic? Cheers, TMR
  • Comment on Game 26: Habs cruise over Devils (2010-12-02 23:39:08)

    Thanks Dave (Stubbs) for the interview with Melanie Auld. I tried leaving a thank you below the podcast but couldn't activate the comments form. At any rate, I appreciate your journalism and the human interest stories you do. Good work.


  • Comment on CA-REY! (2010-11-16 21:01:41)

    I agree that Philadelphia has had a territorial advantage; however, most of their shots are coming from the perimeter. The Habs are playing the same way they did in the playoffs last year, and they have had their chances themselves. And Price: wow.

  • Comment on Kelowna honours Josh Gorges (2010-09-06 13:47:44)

    Excellent post. No doubt many bloggers are not far removed from the sort of comments one finds on any site that allows fans to speak their minds; nonetheless, i don't think they have the corner on stupid or irrelevant questions. Just witness the "in-between-periods" and post-game questions put to players by established journalists:

    • How important was that tying goal with a minute to play?
    • How important is it to come out strong in the third after giving up a late goal in the second?
    • What's it like to play on a line with ...?
    • Do you think you can come back from a 3 - 1 deficit?

    I don't know if Stubbs' and Boone's comments were aimed at this individual in particular or at bloggers in general. Fair game, if the former, but bloggers and established journalists alike should be judged on their merits.

  • Comment on Price talks! (2010-07-20 15:16:37)

    Why, since you already acknowledged MarkC? However, maybe we can blame you somewhat for dangling another bone!


  • Comment on Game 53: Price blanks Rangers in matinee (2011-02-05 10:51:26)

    Okay, but Cammi is +6 and Kessel is -20.

  • Comment on Practice cancelled today (2011-03-11 21:40:01)

    Completely agree. If we really want to salvage the game, we have the power. Let's spread the word.