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  • Comment on Islanders visit Bell Centre (2011-12-13 12:59:58)
    Don't play Campoli unless he's 100%... Then when he is: Subban - Gorges Kaberle - Emelin Gill - Campoli Sounds like a competent D to me. Not elite, but I'll settle for stability and competency at this point of the season for the back end. Ahhh, if only JM was as brilliant as me.
  • Comment on Forecast for September: Hitting (2011-08-07 15:51:10)
    According to some comments it's an ea sports jersey, stylized like a habs jersey.
  • Comment on One to go (2011-07-13 18:03:20)
    I totally forgot how well white handled boychuk. Love the guy and AK-Eller-White is a line I want to see tried out at some point. 3 guys who all hit, or at least play physical, and I think White wont slow them down offensively.
  • Comment on Not enough guys for a game of shinny (2011-07-05 11:43:24)
    They've already resigned him, I believe not qualifying had something to do with avoiding arbitration.
  • Comment on Not enough guys for a game of shinny (2011-07-05 11:42:04)
    Mara's definitely my first choice. I'd rather see him than a lot of other UFA depth guys; and I rather see him than overpay for a top talent.
  • Comment on Not enough guys for a game of shinny (2011-07-05 11:31:11)
    PG's comments about adding another D-man, and the brief rumors that someone like Yandle was being looked at strike me as pretty crazy. It really wouldn't seem like a PG move, especially considering we'd probably have to give up something like Georges (by all accounts that would be an unpopular move in the dressing room) even though it would improve the club. If all they're looking for is a guy to round out the depth, why not look to Mara or Sopal if they're willing. Mara's first go with MTL was not so great, but in his return I thought he did a fine job with his ice time. Sopal was another good depth guy, but if we resign Georges then I think he's off the table.
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 14:02:18)
    Since when did sigs have to have philosophical meaning?
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 12:51:41)
    Stewart for cheap would be alright; a player who could chip in but play his bottom 6 role well. I would not complain if we sign him. Zherdev? No thanks.
  • Comment on So how do you like your Montreal Canadiens? (2011-07-02 12:48:16)
    Pity we can't get a James Neal. I think he'd be everything we're looking for; but even with his terrible numbers as a Penguin, I highly doubt he's available or within Montreal's budget to acquire. I would not have minded Auld signed for similar numbers, maybe could have even gone the same term for less. I'm not convinced Budaj is much better, but it's the one position we can get by with less talent assuming the franchise has another healthy season. Cole makes a bit more money and has a year or two more on his contract than I'd like, but I like the singing overall. Another guy to try out in the top 6 for a winning combo, a bigger body, can chip in 20 goals, etc. I think it's unfair to even expect a 30 goal season from the guy. Considering he's only done it once, but hit 20 a few times, and he'll now be playing without Staal and in a more defensive system, I think 20 is a nice number to hope for.
  • Comment on Eight in a row for the Bolts (2011-05-14 21:19:21)
    Reading a bunch of TB articles today, watching the game... A thought reoccurred to me (I chuckled at the thought around trade deadline) that it would be scary/entertaining/slightly awesome if Brad Richards goes back to Tampa Bay. With only 11 players under contract for next year and 22.8M in capspace... and Richards likely to make no more than his current contract on a yearly basis, he can fit for sure. Stamkos, Bergenheim, Brewer, and maybe Gagne are their biggest U/RFAs to fit into their payroll. He wont be coming to MTL, so TB sounds like a nice place to me for Richards. :P