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  • Comment on The CH stands for character (2010-12-11 10:43:28)

    Blaming the refs for this loss is no excuse.  The Habs got outplayed in the 1st and got called for it.  But it was fun to watch two high flying teams play instead of the clutch and grab common in the league.  If Howard keeps this up, Wings win the cup this year.  This was a great matchup...I would love to see a rematch in June.


    The league needs to have more original six match ups.  Hab fans travel well and it would be nice to see the teams play home and away series.   Buttman for some reason insists on having lame schedules that deny true hockey markets from thriving.  We deserve better games and this weekend would have been perfect to showcase the habs/wings game at the largest outdoor venue in the world.  Today the hockey attendance record will be shattered in Michigan when UM/MSU play...I can see a 117,000 stadium filled with a classic rivalry like the Habs/Wings.   Detroit is only 3.5 hours from Toronto and 8 from Montreal, but they might as well be on the other side of the globe.


    Any ways, the NHL needs to celebrate its heritage more and that starts with Original 6 teams playing at least twice each season if not more.  And one of those matchups should have at least one outdoor venue!