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  • Comment on Price sees Stars, Ryder views from upstairs (2008-01-11 15:52:59)
    they had to over pay him or let him walk. that's why its only a 1 year deal
  • Comment on Price sees Stars, Ryder views from upstairs (2007-12-23 15:17:49)
    ryder should have been traded this summer when he wouldn't take 6 million over 3 years. if he thinks he should get a cent more than 2 million, he's out of his mind and needs to be part of an organization who's willing to burn the cap space. ryders agent is to blame for his slump. hes out to get the most money, not ensure ryder has a comfortable environment to play in. it takes to sides to come to an agreement. gainey can't be held responsible for not signing ryder long term if he demands more money than he is worth.
  • Comment on Canadiens scratch pre-trip practice (2007-12-23 15:13:23)
    great camps against other ahl players. so what ?
  • Comment on Fallen star Ryder will be hard to move (2007-12-23 15:00:08)
    if the habs tried to run and gun with their opponents, they would lose big on a regular basis. they dont have the offensive players to play that style. the only way to do it is to shut the other team down so our pathetic offense acutally has a chance of scoring more than the other team.
  • Comment on Canadiens scratch pre-trip practice (2007-12-19 23:56:28)
    why do the canadiens need to tell anyone who's playing at any time before the game starts ? to please some kids on an internet discussion board ?
  • Comment on Dandenault’s turn on the No. 1 line (2007-12-10 16:18:58)
    you can sub in any premier names and say that ... but the fact remains that if MTL refuses to finish at the bottom of the league, they are at the mercy of hoping other teams stupidly trade away their star players for non-star players and hoping that someone will decide to sign here in the summer. until then, we'll never be able to get good value for gillette's money.
  • Comment on And on the seventh day… (2007-12-10 13:14:08)
    lol, how about we hire JFJ so he can sewer the Habs now that he's f-d over the Leafs for the next decade. WE DEMAND A BAND AID SOLUTION IMMEDIATELY. if the Habs don't fire the coach or they don't trade a pick and a prospect for an underachieving 35 yr old by chirstmas I refuse to buy tickets any longer. that will show them. please, oh one more thing, when's the last time an organization who drafted no one useful in the first round for 8 years and patched up non-contenders just to make a brief appearance in the first round ever been able to turn it around in only a few years? it's going to take a decade to clean up the mess left by gainey's predecessors.
  • Comment on And on the seventh day… (2007-12-10 12:55:15)
    Leaf fans want to fire the GM, trade all their picks and sign what ever name player they can get regardless of the contract. looks to me that you're the one who sounds like they're a 'Laff' fan.
  • Comment on And on the seventh day… (2007-12-10 12:50:20)
    you've got to be kidding me. this team won't win this year, it won't win next year and it might not win the year after that. boycott a non playoff team because they're not contenders 6 months later ? LOL ... ya, i wouldn't have signed here either if I were Briere or Smyth. if there were less clowns like you in Montreal, Gainey might actually have a shot at rebuilding properly. Instead we get people losing their minds like Leafs fans becase the Habs can't magically buy a playoff spot and demanding that he slap some more bandaid solutions on it.
  • Comment on And on the seventh day… (2007-12-10 12:39:04)
    as long as it takes. you can't just decided it's over now because you're an impatient child. if you like the JFJ model of trading away the future and signing who ever is available to insanely long and big contracts ... take your crap to TO and help sink that ship.