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Hockey Inside/Out iPhone app – FAQ

What is the Hockey Inside/Out iPhone app?
The Hockey Inside/Out app brings you the latest news, video, photos and commentary on the Montreal Canadiens from the The Gazette’s award-winning team of hockey writers. It also connects you with a passionate community of Habs fans from around the world.

What’s under each category?
– Scoreboard:
Live score updates and goal alerts during Habs games
– What’s New:
The latest news, photos and videos on the Canadiens
– Boone:
Mike Boone’s popular live-blog and incisive commentary
– Stats:
Check out Game Results, Standings and Canadiens Schedule
– Photos, Videos, PuckCast:
Galleries, post-game interviews, podcasts

What is Boone’s live blog?
Gazette columnist Mike Boone live-blogs every Habs game, with his cutting commentary and hilarious video clips. Be sure to jump in and share your views on the game. During the game, you can tap the scoreboard on the home screen to get to the live blog.

How can I leave a comment?
To post a comment, you must log in with your Hockey Inside/Out account or create a new account. With the post open, tap the blue Comments button on the upper-right. In the Comments view, click on the arrow in the top red bar and log in or create a new account.

How do I sign up for score alerts?
Go to Settings and select ON for Goal and End of Game Alerts.

How can I share a post?
With the post open, in the top red bar, click on the arrow icon on the right and select Share on Twitter or Facebook or Send Email.