The Canada-Russia Summit Series: 40th Anniversary

Relive the excitement of the historic 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series with the Premium Edition of The Gazette’s commemorative 40th anniversary eBook.

The $3.99 premium eBook features archival columns and recollections by Montreal hockey legends Red Fisher and Ted Blackman and classic illustrations from award-winning Gazette cartoonist Aislin.

  • Classic, full-colour illustrations by Aislin from his assignments in Canada and Russia, accompanied by his reflections on the culture and climate surrounding the Summit Series
  • Archival columns written by Red Fisher for The Montreal Star covering Team Canada’s practices, roster changes and the lead-up to the big showdown
  • Ted Blackman’s post-game stories for The Gazette after each Summit Series face-off at home and in Russia
  • Recollections on the legendary series games 40 years later by Red Fisher for The Gazette

Plus, reprints of The Gazette front pages after each historic game

The Premium Edition of our E-Book is available here for purchase for the following eReaders:


FREE VERSION: Canada-Russia Series Commemorative eBook

You can also download our free version of the commemorative eBook here.

The free version features:

  • An introduction by Red Fisher for The Gazette
  • Post-game stories for each Summit Series game by Red Fisher for The Montreal Star and Ted Blackman for The Gazette
  • A selection of Aislin’s illustrations for the series

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  1. kempie says:

    Cool. Thanks.

  2. New says:

    I don’t understand. No questions about income, race, gender, favorite products, phone numbers, bank account numbers, numbers,numbers…

    I hope this doesn’t catch on. It could drive hits through the roof and kill that old server for sure.

    Thanks guys.

  3. RetroMikey says:

    Awesome, we get something finally free from this site. No royalties to give to anyone.
    God bless Red!
    Will miss your fine journalism in covering the Habs for over a half a century.
    Hope the Habs organization finally lets us download the training camp & yearly media guide as well since other teams have them available for download for their fans and for anyone else interested in their club.
    If not, Boone or Stubbs can share the guide(s) on this site.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

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