HI/O Show special edition: Habs paid high Price to re-sign goalie, but it’s money well spent

On this week’s show, our panel — The Gazette’s Stu Cowan and Pat Hickey, along with TSN 690 radio host Chris Nilan and Jessica Rusnak of CBC Daybreak — discusses general manager Marc Bergevin’s efforts to restock the Canadiens as well as these topics:

Do you think newly re-signed forward Alex Galchenyuk will play centre or wing next season?

Can the Canadiens afford to lose Andrei Markov to free agency or should they give him a two-year, $12M deal?

Can Jonathan Drouin revive the Canadiens’ offence – and was Mikhail Sergachev too high a price to pay for him?

Will the Canadiens regret giving Carey Price an eight-year, $84-million contract extension?

Has Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin improved the team so far this offseason?


  1. Gerry Pigeon says:

    Patience is a virtue. One I don’t have.

    MB might get it right one day. How many years exactly does Molson wait for that? Sixth year starting now…

    Ten years? Or is the eight year mark enough to assess whether or not he is on the right track?

  2. frankie2 says:

    Hi everyone…….I’ve been a Habs fan for more than 67 years now…….I’ve enjoyed seeing those great Hab years in the ’60’s, and 70’s and what a pleasure to see…..and since the years since 1993 Cup, things have gone from bad to worse……especially with those disastrous GM’s with Houle, Gainey and then Gauthier….however I thought that our new GM MB would make a difference….still no new Centers to get the Habs rolling…..this guy, to me is not the GM to make thing happen…….Molson has to get him fired before we get into bigger trouble……and I think that most Hab fans are thinking the same things as I do……..

    • on2ndthought says:

      Hey, Frankie. Patience is a virtue. Let’s see how Galchenyuk (or whoever he is traded for) does at center for a full year.

      Centers in the pipeline: DLR, Vejdemo: likely 3rd, 4th liners good sized multi-purpose
      Bitten, Ikonen: small offensive in the Tampa Bay mould
      Poehling: Big strong two way
      assorted Evans, Hollands, Pezettas

      • frankie2 says:

        on2ndthought……..I’m not a spring chicken anymore…….can’t wait for the pipeline future centers……Hollands?……a Laffs release?……give me a break……so we get JD, not a center……..lose Rads……now maybe Marky…….our roster is made up of 4-5th line puds…….in fact, we’re worse than last year……..

  3. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    At this point Habs line-up according to their actual ability IMO is:

    the rest

    the rest

    1LD will be Markov and/or rotation of mobile guys Schemlko/Davidson/Jerk. Not much MB can do here without a trade. Don’t see it happening given the need at center.

    Speaking of which, Pleks will get another shot at top-6 center since he’s played it most of his career. There is the obvious gap at center for the 1st line. Obviously it is highly unlikely they will find a true number one so that leaves Chucky or a trade for a number 2 center. That leaves 3 players who could be dealt IMO because they can be replaced. Obviously Chucky but I think you can add Gally and Lehks to the list. Some combination of these three and/or prospects and/or draft picks should land you somebody.

  4. habstrinifan says:

    JULY 7, 2017 AT 6:02 PM
    How about Saku Koivu : Head of European Scouting.

    I like the sound of that…

    This post was treated as if someone at HIO had reached back into the past and mined a nugget of inspiration to create a hallelujah moment.

    It was quickly followed by the type of effusiveness which has characterized the discussion of some of our cant miss prospects (like Colbert/Andreighetto for instance??) who now seem to have flown under the HIO Amber-alert missing person radar trigger. Cries of Koivu for Captain or Saviour followed.

    The remark even drew the sappy ” never heard anything bad of him” approbation from poster Krob100, who, any examination of HABS history will show, is NOT batting 100 in his recollection of Koivu’s tenure with the HABS.

    Koivu was a long serving and outstanding HABS player/captain who overcame many personal trials and served the HABS and following teams and the NHL well.

    But Koivu as a captain was not universally acknowledged as a motivational leader. His captaincy was much like a paternoster which kept the ride moving but his qualities never propelled the group to greatness.

    Today HABS need leaders of motivational substance. We may do well with a Koivu as scout but not a Koivu type as captain today.

    • SmartDog says:

      I think part of the nostalgia over Koivu is an absence of love for Pacioretty as Captain. You may be right that Koivu wasn’t a motivational force in terms of communication. But he was a digger and a fighter. Pacioretty doesn’t seem to be a motivator OR a fighter.

      With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
      The “C” stands for Cronyism.
      The “H” stands for Hubris.

  5. Habbily Everafter says:

    The longer Markov takes to sign somewhere, the more likely it seems to me he may not sign anywhere.

    He just got married. And took custody of his kids by his former wife. All of whom are probably more comfortable living in Russia.

    He’s an old man in hockey terms and he’s already made enough money to live comfortably the rest of his life. And it’s not like he doesn’t have any hockey skills that could get him a job in Russia.

    Plus the fact that he chose not to use an agent makes it less complicated if he decides not to accept the best NHL offer.

    Markov may be thinking if he doesn’t get an offer he feels is worthwhile, he’ll retire from the NHL and live with his new family in Russia.

    • petefleet says:

      I would bet his signing bonus that he stays in Canada, he is a citizen.

      “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
      Carey Price

      “You can’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET”.
      Abraham Lincoln

      ***Go Habs Go***

      • SmartDog says:

        Habbily Everafter makes a good argument. But I think yours is better. 🙂

        He’s lived his whole adult life here. He’s a cerebral man and he chose to become Canadian. I think he knows this is a better country by many standards and would be surprised if he went “back” to the place where he hasn’t lived in over 20 years instead of staying in his adopted home.

        With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
        The “C” stands for Cronyism.
        The “H” stands for Hubris.

      • Habbily Everafter says:

        Makov’s a dual citizen Canada/Russia. His recent marriage took place in Russia. And he lives in Florida in the off season. I suspect his family means more to him than living in Canada.

        BTW, you left Jakub Jerabek off your list of Dmen. He’s a Czech born player who was the best defenseman on his team last year and was 4th overall in scoring in the KHL. At 26yrs old I doubt the Habs would’ve signed him if they didn’t expect him to make the team.

        • petefleet says:

          He’s not on their roster for some reason so I didn’t include him. You’re right though, he could make the team.

          “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
          Carey Price

          “You can’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET”.
          Abraham Lincoln

          ***Go Habs Go***

  6. petefleet says:

    Trying to put together a line up for opening night and it’s a frigging crap shoot. Too many wingers and fourth liners. May even be too many top six if Hudon and Hemsky end up on the roster. Here’s what I came up with.

    Carr-Mitchell Hemsky
    Extras: Hudon, McCarron, De la Rose, Holland, Martinson


    Extras: Davidson & Markov (?)

    “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
    Carey Price

    “You can’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET”.
    Abraham Lincoln

    ***Go Habs Go***

    • Kythehabsfan says:

      i don’t see Chucky-Drouin on the same line. Max will get pretty pissed at that D coverage in their end…

      IMO, Danault is a 3C on a good team.

      • petefleet says:

        I think it will depend on their ability to produce. Both young guys will benefit from Max and his defensive prowess and he will benefit from their play making like he did with Rudu last year. If they fail miserably against other teams top lines then I don’t imagine they will last. It was really best case scenario.

        “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
        Carey Price

        “You can’t believe everything you read on the INTERNET”.
        Abraham Lincoln

        ***Go Habs Go***

  7. rhino514 says:

    1) Is Alzner a legit top 4?
    2) was Price overpayed or overextended (and worth giving away McNiven and Lindrgen eventually)
    3) Should the habs sign Markov or use the cap space to sign a better, younger player?
    4) should they trade Galchenyuk for a centre or try him again at centre?
    5) Will Drouin cope well with the pressure here?
    6) Hudon or Hemsky?

    • on2ndthought says:

      1 yes
      2 a bit
      3 leave the cap for a trade or next year, or waiver pick up
      4 give him a chance
      5 yes, he’ll love it
      6 Hudon when Hemsky hurts

    • govenah says:

      1) Yes
      2) Should have paid 9 to 9.5 and cited his record.
      3) Sign for one year at 5M or find a younger player and stock pile $ for talented forwards
      4) The kid stays in the picture at centre
      5) I think the question is Hudon or Shaw or Hemsky and it shold be a battle not a hand out.

      Habba Dabba Do!

    • adamkennelly says:

      1 – YES
      2 – YES
      3 – do not sign but use the cash
      4 – do not trade
      5 – YES at first
      6 – Hudon

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      1. Probably
      2. overplayed – let Montoya start at least 20.
      3. Without Marky our D looks a bit underpowered.
      4. No trade.
      5. Yes
      6. We’ll see


  8. PK says:

    Alexander Mogilny

  9. Psycho29 says:

    A blast from Gazettes of the past:
    Habs’ open training camp September 1965 with a new exercise regimen which was sent to the players weeks before…


  10. HABS 63 says:

    HI/O show without Adam , so much BETTER !

  11. Mavid says:

    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  12. Habnormal says:

    @Berc, thanks so much for the Koivu post. Indeed, Anaheim was lucky to get a player and person of that quality. I miss the days where we had such a great Captain.

    • SmartDog says:

      >I miss the days where we had such a great Captain.

      Ouch. I don’t disagree… but I wonder what it will take for Pacioretty to get respect as the Habs Captain.

      With Marc Bergevin’s leadership:
      The “C” stands for Cronyism.
      The “H” stands for Hubris.

      • Strummer says:

        Other than by some on this site, where is he not respected ?

        -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

      • toneez says:

        @SmartDog …to answer your question if I may… A little effort and leadership instead of floating and nonchalance may be a good place to start !

        All Habs all the Time

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