HI/O Show: NHL is a ‘clown show’ when it comes to goalie interference


During Saturday’s 5-4 win over New York, Canadiens goalie Carey Price was dragged out of his net on a scoring attempt by the Rangers’ Kevin Hayes, allowing Rick Nash to score an uncontested goal. There was no penalty on the play, leading many to ask: what constitutes goaltender interference? 

On this week’s Hockey Inside/Out Show, our hockey panel — Gazette columnist Stu Cowan, former Canadien and TSN 690 radio host Chris Nilan, CBC Daybreak’s Jessica Rusnak and host Adam Susser — discusses goalie interference penalties as well as these topics:

Were you surprised the Canadiens demoted Mike McCarron?

How much of Price’s recent struggles have to do with Andrei Markov being out of the lineup?

Is Phillip Danault good enough to be a second-line centre behind Alex Galchenyuk in the future?

Viewer question of the week: Do the Canadiens have a shooting coach? 

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This week’s HI/O Show:


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