HI/O Show: Habs goalies seeing plenty of rubber


Why are opponents outshooting the Canadiens, on average, by a 2-1 margin in recent games? 

On this week’s Hockey Inside/Out Show, our hockey insiders — Gazette columnist Stu Cowan, former Canadien and TSN 690 radio host Chris Nilan, and CBC Daybreak columnist Andie Bennett — discuss the shot count as well as these topics:

— Canadiens coach Michel Therrien told fans not to panic in the wake of last week’s 10-0 loss to the Blue Jackets. Why are so many fans freaking out when the team has only one loss?

— Should Al Montoya have been pulled from the whitewash in Columbus?

— Will the Habs earn a playoff berth? 

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This week’s HI/O Show:


  1. HNS says:

    After last years epic collapse, who the hell knows….

  2. zip by says:

    OK here is my question for the HI/O Show:

    Who decided the show needed a makeover, and [supplementary] does he/she still have a job?

  3. Gerry Pigeon says:

    Who said last week that fast guys get tired, but big guys don’t shrink?

    This HIO discusses the Habs getting outshot 2-1. Nilan says they don’t depend on Price too much, but they’re not getting the puck support, therefore they’re losing the puck battles. If you lose the faceoffs consistently, and need endless speed and energy for puck support to gain possession, then this team will get worse as the season wears on (duh, no where to go but down from 11-1-1). Price will get tired and allow more goals as they get second and third tries on him.

    Hard to cycle the puck when you can’t keep possession. Hard to win the puck battles by outworking the other team night in and night out. Team needs some size down the middle and on the boards. I love talent, and it can be any size. But bigger is better.

  4. CHasman says:

    Is it just me or is Adam Susser taking away from the show. It’s only about 15 minutes long, he gabs for a full two minutes before anyone else speaks and then we have another segment from him in the middle that is a full waste of time. Do they have some new young producer of the show that thought they had to change it up and make it more hip? I’m sorry for being critical but I’ll trade Boone for Susser any day.

  5. FlyAngler says:

    The Red Wings are a Division rival. 4 point game. Price plays Saturday night…..

  6. Chester says:

    Andie Bennett is hot

  7. Facoffs and Shots Against

    2016-17: With the exception of Anaheim and Buffalo, we rank the same among the entire league in faceoffs plus or minus a few % points. 21st in the league
    2015-2016: 13th in the league, and 4 #pts from the top
    2014-2015: 4th in the league, .6% from first
    2013-2014: 17th in the league, 49%, 53% was tops (Preds)
    2012-2013: 17th in the league, 49.8, Bruins were tops 56.4%

    Shots Against
    2016-17: 1st SA, Good in the circle, worst in SA.
    2015-16: 19th SA, Great in the circle, great SA.
    2014-2015: 10th SA, great in the circle, middle of the pack SA.
    2013-2014: 9th SA, Terrible in the circle, middle of the pack in SA.
    2012-2013: 26th SA, Terrible in the faceoff circle, one of the lowest shots against.

    The reason we allow so many shots against this season isn’t facoffs. It’s the fact that every team that plays us comes out skating hard, and movement in our defensive zone. We try to keep them outside and never attack them in the def zone. They are content in letting them all skate around.

    I have a very weak Peewee B team, I do the same thing. I tell the kids, just keep them to the outside and our goalie will stop everything. 😆

    The Habs do not attack in the def zone, the opposition is allowed to set up anything they want. Shots from the outside, or shots from the slot, every team that plays us directs pucks and bodies to the net because they all know that’s the only way to score on Price and the Habs allow it. More def zone pressure will cure that.

    Facoffs are great to win during a PK or PP, but 5 on 5, so many other factors come into play after each draw (too many to explain each one, I’ll have Mr. Waffles do a show on it). NOW, 3 on 3, faceoffs are THE most important play. But that’s gimmick hockey.

    OK that was fun!
    😆 😎 😛

    Shane Oliver
    Custom Sports Figures
    I Bleed Canadian!
    God Bless Our Infantry

  8. vegas says:

    it has just been confirmed that Desharnais and Pateryn are sitting out tonight. Joining the line-up are Andrighetto and Hanley

  9. B says:

    Charlotte is in Des Moines Iowa playing an AHL game for the school kids that started at 10:30 AM local time today. I also noticed that the arena in Des Moines holds over 15,000 for hockey (almost as many as the Islanders’ barn).

    –Go Habs Go!–

  10. JohnBellyful says:

    Montreal – “The Man, the Mountain,” the National Film Board’s animated film about Shea Weber of the Montreal Canadiens, will make its premiere this Friday.
    “It’s a compelling tale about a young ‘boulder’ who grew into a ‘mountain’ of a man and became an all-star in the National Hockey League,” the NFB said in a news release.
    Weber’s detractors claim the 31-year-old defenceman’s skills have clearly eroded and “it’s all downhill now” but supporters interviewed in the 60-minute “rockumentary” counter he’s yet to reach his peak, citing his impressive debut as a member of the Montreal Canadians.
    They say his spectacular performance has elevated the play of teammates and helped the club reach heights few expected after a disappointing season in which it failed to make the playoffs.
    “His altitude has really changed the team’s dynamic,” the film’s narrator intones.
    Weber isn’t the captain on the Canadiens but the example he sets puts him well above C-level.
    “Nobody wants to get on the wrong side of the Man Mountain, that’s a slippery slope you don’t want to go down,” says one player in awe.
    “He’s become the rock face of the franchise,” says another. “We can thank Shea for being on top of the standings – and having Carey Price in goal really helps, too. He’s our glacier: a wall of chill. Together, they’re all but impenetrable.”
    “The Man, The Mountain,” fittingly, will premiere at the HIO Summit.

    — “A little song, a little dance, A little seltzer down your pants.” —

  11. D Mex says:

    ” We play playoff hockey right from the start,” said Pacioretty. “When you have that mentality you have everybody skating. “

    ALWAYS Habs –
    D Mex

    (Coaching 101 – what not to do : http://i.imgur.com/NoNJ3FV.gif)

  12. HabinBurlington says:

    The latest hockey related contribution from The Players Tribune.


  13. Old Bald Bird says:

    Eric Engels ‏@EricEngels 5m5 minutes ago
    Desharnais is officially scratched

  14. B says:

    Back to back games coming up this weekend. Does Montoya get a start vs Detroit in Montreal Saturday or in Chicago Sunday?

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • Dust says:

      In my mind you play Price at home on saturday night for the fans

    • savethepuck says:

      If their goal is for best chance to get 4 points, it’s Montoya-Det, Price-Chi. If they are more concerned about just getting 2 points it’s Price-Det, Montoya-Chi. This doesn’t mean I think they have no chance beating Chicago with Montoya in net, just that they have a better chance of beating the better team on the second game of a back-to-back with Price who is more likely to steal a game.

      “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
      Carey Price

  15. habsguru says:

    i wonder if there is any commonality between posters that were pro Halak, and are pro Weber

    should be the new poll question, though after this week, we all know what polls are worth.

  16. WindsorHab-10 says:

    A good hockey coach will fix the problems we’re having on this team. Relying on our goalies game in/game out is risking our prized goalie getting hurt. I referenced the Sens last year being one of the worst teams in shots for & shots allowed. A new coaching staff reversed that trend and we can do the same thing if MB steps in and ditches this overrated coach.

    We will not go anywhere with MT guiding this team. Totally unfair to the best goalie in the world, whose main job as far as MT is concerned is add W’s to MT’s misleading record.

    • montreal ace says:

      I think Price who is the best goalie in the world, is not that unhappy showing people he is. The star of our team, showing that he is our best player on a nightly is all good. I think he is going to make a few bucks when he signs his new contract, by not keeping it a secret.

  17. B says:

    Televised regular CHL games featuring teams with Habs’ prospects:
    Fri. Dec.2, Owen Sound @ London, 7:30 pm (Sportsnet E,P,ONE)
    Thu. Dec.15, London @ Peterborough, 7 pm (Sportsnet 360)
    Thu. Jan.12, Kitchener @ Windsor, 7 pm (Sportsnet 360)
    Sat. Jan.14, Ottawa @ Hamilton, 3:30 pm (Sportsnet)
    Sat. Jan.28, London @ Owen Sound, 3:30 pm (Sportsnet)
    Fri. Feb.10, London @ Kitchener, 7 pm (Sportsnet)
    Fri. Feb.24, Medicine Hat @ Calgary, 10 pm (Sportsnet)
    Thu. Mar.2, SSM @ Windsor, 7 pm (Sportsnet 360)
    Sat. Mar.4, London @ Windsor, 4 pm (Sportsnet 360)
    Thu. Mar.9, Guelph @ London, 7 pm (Sportsnet 360)

    –Go Habs Go!–

  18. joeybarrie says:

    In the last 4 seasons we have always averaged about 31 or so shots against. Interesting is last season we were one of the better teams in shots against.
    Its the style of play we use. We did it with Halak too. From what I can see we tend to not give them (for the most part, negative nellies) good shooting position. We tend to give them a bit more space to shoot in less dangerous areas. Where you tend to see less rebounds. Again, for the most part.
    Freed up our forwards for counter attacks, and ideally not to be able to sustain too much pressure.
    This season I have noticed that losing in the face off circle has increased our shots against.
    What is nice is that when we are short handed we are among the highest in faceoff wins. PP we are second last…
    I think with winning more faceoffs and tweaking our play (which i am sure we are working on) we will see that number go down.
    There are a lot of things you work on during the season. I am happy to say we have a team that is capable of winning regardless of what we need to work on.
    Depth is the key. Try to remember that right now Max is playing a full minute less than he did last season and two minutes less than the season before. This will take an effect on his goals and points.
    He is in a slump right now. Everyone is adjusting. But there havent been any tourist so far in my opinion. So it will come. we are a tough team to play against. We will improve on the PP, faceoff and shots against.

    In the end i have to say the only stat i care about is Ws. and while many games have been close (astonishingly enough given this is today’s NHL) we had only one collapse (epically) and I am looking forward to a good game tonight.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      Don’t know what games you’ve been watching.

    • chilli says:

      I agree that all that matters is wins.

      We need MT and MB to tinker with the lines all seasons – until we have a competitive playoff team come playoff time.

      That will likely include names other than DD.

      Shaw has been a tourist. A terrible tourist.

      DD still being on this team was the main reason I hated the PK trade. It’s a big ask of fans to keep watching him play.

  19. habs001 says:

    NB28 has been mentioned as a key player that hopefully can develop but right now he looks like at best a mid quality D…His offensive skills have not developed for the NHL..Petry has some very solid games but that is followed by poor games..he is very inconsistent..Markov did not look good vs the Bruins he got away what many poor coverage reads that will catch up to him…

  20. Timo says:

    I have a question for Gamecenter Live users. I noticed last few days that when streaming through Kodi there is a lot of buffering issues. Tried it with different games – Habs and not Habs. I have no issue watching on my laptop or phone. Nothing else through my Kodi box buffers – ran a few 4K videos as test and not a glitch. So seems to be something with the Gamecenter live addon.

    Anyone else has similar issues?

    • FormalWare says:

      I’ve seen this. First time it happened was 2-3 weeks ago. Only occasional, since. I restart my Kodi box (RB Pi running OSMC) and/or networking equipment, fiddling around until it stops.

      “Good Luck With That,” Habs!

      • Timo says:

        it’s annoying. I did all the reboots and that didn’t do much. Seems like the app although it is also strange cause there were no update to the up since Sept. Seriously, it’s 2016 – can’t Trudeau do something?

  21. Luke says:

    I’d just like to remind everyone that if MB had listened to me we’d have Draisaitl AND Ekblad right now.

  22. montreal ace says:

    Can the Habs extend a player, while giving him a large signing bonus, then trade him and his cap hit, for a young centre.

  23. B says:

    The CHL Canada vs Russia series continues tonight from North Bay with Mikhail Sergachev vs Victor Mete. The game is at 7:00 PM Eastern on SportsnetOne and TVA Sports2.

    The Habs game at 7:30 is on RDS and Sportsnet360.

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • HabinBurlington says:

      SergaCHev has been added to Team Russia roster?

      • savethepuck says:

        I was under the impression that he was definitely playing anyways. I was surprised he didn’t play vs the WHL team but then I noticed there were only 4 CHL players on the Russian team for that game but all of them played for WHL teams. Makes me assume he will play for the 2 games vs the OHL but not the games against the Q

        “They don’t hang Conference Championship Banners from the rafters here”
        Carey Price

      • B says:

        Yes, the mistake was Mete, It turns out he is scheduled to play Monday in Hamilton and not tonight in North Bay.

        –Go Habs Go!–

  24. Paz says:

    The center is a key position on any team. Not only does he distribute the puck, requiring vision, passing talent, timing etc, he needs to skate extremely well to cover the whole ice. 200 feet from the opposing goalie, the center needs to defend like a 3rd dman, needs to win board battles with consistency, and yes, he is a key player in leading the exit out of the dzone.

    The team has settled for less here. Over the 5 seasons Bergevin and Therrien have been in charge, with all the trades made all over the league, with all the free agents available, the team is still stuck in the mud at the center position.

    Plekanec can be a stand out as a 3rd line shadow, defence first center. Whatever offence he gives you is a bonus, but yes, the 3rd line should contribute goals too.

    But Desharnais is not up to any of the tasks. The only thing he has proven he can do is feed Pacioretty, and that is now too predictable and too easily defended. He has never done the job on the defensive side of the ice, and that’s why you never even hear his name considered as a penalty kill option, or in any discussions involving defence on this team.

    I don’t even think center is Galchenyuk’s best position anymore, either. His defence is really not good enough to match up against any of the league’s best offensive lines on the road, when Therrien does not have last change. Galchenyuk can score 40 goals in this league on the wing, too, so saddling him with defensive responsibilities might not even be the best option.

    The team does not defend well for many reasons. One of them is that Galchenyuk and Desharnais are not anticipating the plays well, nor are they winning battles. The dmen , 2 of them, are left to battle 3 forwards, and then Price is left out to dry.

    But on defence the team is short of top 4 talent as well.

    Once you get past Weber, who is excellent in every way , but not the quickest guy out there, Emelin is a 4/5 dman playing top line minutes, Markov is really fading fast, Pateryn and Beaulieu have yet to prove they can play top 4 mnutes, and Petry has been inconsistent and injured.

    The combination of a lack of defensive talent at the top end of the center position and Emelin and Markov in the top 4, means this team will inevitably give up a ton of scoring chances over a long season.

    I would love to blame Therrien.
    And maybe these same players could be more effective in a different system; but that’s pure speculation at this point in time.

    • krob1000 says:

      HAbs are at disadvantage in any battle…they are usually exhausted after long sustained dzone pressure, they are always starting from too far on interior in collapse mode and there is no support option for them if they do get it…it is all as simple as pressuring on outside and not collapsing to a small cluster in middle of dzone at all times….

      • Paz says:

        Emelin’s strength is his physical game, not his defence. Yet, he’s now a top 2 dman, and a first unit penalty killer.

        Markov’s strength is his passing. Defensively? He’s become way too slow down low. His coverage has really deteriorated these past 150 games or so.

        Do you think Galchenyuk and Desharnais defend well? I don’t see it.

        • krob1000 says:

          I think the tam limits players ability to defend well and limits offense and transition which in their won right are forms of defense by nature…we have puck they don’t. I think team is doing just fine but pattern of late is reminiscent of last year where early on team was aggressive in dzone and causing turnovers and plays in transition which makes use of team speed….then they got too contained in dzone and clustered….of late we are seeing this no foot movement collapse into middle of dzone and it is IMO hindering everything…from Habs bleuline out I don’t realty have issues as I have seen less chip/chase or at least better timed….but for mt the issue is the dzone and I personally believe it to be structural as opposed to personnel based issues

      • twilighthours says:

        I totally agree that the centre and wingers are too deep to properly get separation on the breakout.

        I don’t know what the alternative strategy is though. Not sending a winger or the centre to help out the D is asking our D to win the lion’s share of puck battles on the wall or below the goal line. I don’t see our D corps strong enough to really take care of that with regularity.

        • krob1000 says:

          D need to keep it simple…stay between man and net….stick on puck and do not chase hits and get beat back into interior… only need to contain with stick on puck..rest of team then needst o eliminate passing options…when Habs chase into corner right now wingers are collapsed into slot…D chases,…then puck goes back to point uncontested as we leave it wide open….then the shooting gallery beings…Habs block shot…lose race again to rebound as all standing still to block shot…then repeat…

    • Phil C says:

      I agree that the players Therrien has limits him somewhat. But I do think coaching is a part of it. Coaching is not just Xs and Os and systems, it’s also deciding who plays where and when. Having DD as a third line centre isn’t work on any level, so the coaching is behind before they even hit the ice by making that choice.

      Part of a good defense is a good offense. Many of the really good defensive teams, stats wise, are that way because they drive the play to the other end. Therrien’s system is so conservative with the puck that they give it back to the other team and ice it a lot, with makes them defend more than they should. That won’t make them any better in their own end, but they should spend less time there with a different system.

      Galchenyuk’s line dominated the play against Boston with 2 goals and they were the only line with a positive corsi, so I see hope there. Plekanec can play a key shutdown role while chipping in offense. That can be enough to beat teams who rely on one line for most of their offense. If Danault can click on offense in DD’s spot or give more offensive opportunities to Plekanec’s line, they may have something. It’s worth a try.

  25. on2ndthought says:

    By my calculations, the negative nellies have a 53% faster reaction time than the positive pollies. This scientifically accurate measurement has a precision of +/- 0.5%.

    Free Front.

  26. HabinBurlington says:

    In light of tomorrow being Remembrance Day, here is a good read on Joe Turner who lost his life in WWII.


  27. bwoar says:

    Since I’ve never watched any episodes of the HIO show, I can only complain about the boring and predictable reactions each time a new one is posted.

    With respect to the team, well, we have a really good goaltender. He’s like, even better than Jaro Halak, which is pretty darn special. So we play a style that allows us to take advantage of that special player.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I think our lack of offensive centerman behind Galchenyuk is really hurting the team at present. We have some good forwards but without a centerman helping distribute the puck it is tough. It is looking to me like Plex is perhaps now best suited to be an above average 3rd line center providing excellent matchup work on opposing top lines. DD simply isn’t getting the job done in the offensive end and this is the area he needs to excel at.

      In no way shape or form did I excpect Danault to be an answer to offensive woes at the center position, but if his speed and hard work can translate with Max and Shaw, perhaps we have something there. We need to get Max off the schneid.

      • Bash says:

        Agreed. I spoke to the Danault at #2 and Pleks at #3 some time ago. Bout time MT started listening to the experts!

        “Damn it Jim I’m not a doctor, I’m a hockey expert.”

    • Phil C says:

      The show is much better. I enjoyed this episode, the reactions should be more muted if people actually watch it.

    • HIO_Wieners says:

      Speaking of boring.

    • New says:

      Just coming out like that and declaring Price is even better than Jaro Halak is a little brazen.

      I think the Habs have a good team and their start of the season record is right up there with the better teams.

      There is nothing wrong with Boston flying home and talking about how one of 43 shots went in off a fluky bounce and they had to throw everything at him to get the second one.

      Right now things are going great for the Habs. Honestly, if you didn’t watch the games and just checked the standings and highlights there wouldn’t be much to complain about.

      Maybe that is the way it should be.

      • bwoar says:

        Jaro Halak is a measuring stick, that’s true.

        I think it’s way too soon to start poking around the team finding faults, especially when we already know what they are and that coming into this season there was improvement. The same things wrong with last year’s club are wrong with this year’s, by and large, so for me it’s too soon to tag and bag the corpse here. I’m gonna enjoy my highlights and my standings and my Price poster and just chill.

  28. Phil C says:

    Nilan hits the nail on the head. They are not a defensive team, Therrien hockey is not defensive. They are bad coming out of their own end with no speed through the neutral zone, depending too much on the stretch pass. No puck support for the D so they turn it over or ice it a lot.

    • CH Sam says:

      They just seem to stop moving or become hesitant, like they forgot how the system works.

    • krob1000 says:

      It is all a result of collapsing too tight and blocking shots though….how can you recover and exit zone with speed if you are at a disadvantage to any puck race, are wron down from stops/starts in d zone and are too far on interior…we allow teams to throw puck around unchallenged, create our own messes in slot area and then allow them to swoop in and out and then have advantage when retrieving a puck…..then if we do retrieve it by this point team is likely too tired and or as you said not able to exit with speed…there can be no transition when 5 guys are below 3 of them at all times in dzone and so far on interior

      Just collapsing as s designcreates so many issues…having higher forwards play out further and not being afraid to have a player pursue puck changes everything…it forces opposition D to be aware and worried ….if they don’t you get quick transition…the way we do it often leads to 20 seconds of intense duress….a puck retrieved, dumped or chipped and he3n linechange/icing or a repeat of same struggle if we lose race to loose puck(which is likely as our guys are so far on interior).

      I understand the idea of protecting home…but there has to be pressure on the exterior and a realization that we will still out number then down low if they have two guys at point and we have 4 or 3 and a cheater staying low enough…I find this also makes PRice blind and creates scrambles…this makes even PRice vulnerable…what he sees he normally stops…the shots into a crowd and a puck moving quickly to other side a la ping pong ball make himhuman…as do allowing the cross ice passes and forcing him to move across crease constantly in traffic….I am not worried about PRice off he rush……or anywhere 25 ft out or beyond…as long as he sees it and the player is not given all day to load up…..this collapse and ultra d strategy actually results in more trouble….it should only be employed as a last resort…it has become the norm and go to.

      There can be no transition or speed exiting neutral zone the way we are defending…it really has no benefit unless it is an emergency situation and you do not mind an icing or need a linechange…not to mention it is just plain exhausting for everyone…

  29. Ingy27 says:

    Good show today I like what Susser brings. Fire Therrien

  30. dgab says:

    It’s really too bad about Reway, he could have been the talented offensive LW we need. Lehkonen may also come around, haven’t given up yet

  31. New says:

    The show is getting better. I like it.

  32. dgab says:

    Yeah I miss Mike Boone… Since the Habs are so bad (sorry, but there are) what types of players do we need? And why has our drafting been so bad for so many years? Gallagher was probably our last contributing pick up

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Draft Picks on Habs roster taken by Habs since Gallagher:
      Nathan Beaulieu, Alex Galchenyuk, Arrturi Lehkonen, Sven Andrighetto
      Draft Picks on AHL roster of note taken by Habs since Gallagher:
      Charles Hudon, Michael McCarron, Nikita Scherbak,
      Draft Picks with perceived upside taken by Habs since Gallagher:
      Noah Juulsen, Mikhail Sergachev.

      There are other picks who could still provide help but longer shots.

      Interesting to note the first year that the present regime drafted was the Galchenyuk draft. The team did well in taking Galchenyuk, but it isn’t looking like the other picks that year will turn out with the exception of Hudon which is hard to say at present. But he is doing very well again in the AHL.

      The drafting since then appears to be pretty good, but unless a team is picking in the top 3-5 it is rare to have impact players on the roster within 2 years. The development seems to be 2-4 years before impact is felt depending on the player and position.

  33. Dear Mr. Peters,

    Unless you and the programmers at Post media owe Mr. Sussex a debt of gratitude for something, or he has blackmailed you into keeping him on this show, I and everyone who used to be fans of this HIO show are beyond why he is still on.

    Susser must go for all the reasons outlined below. I don’t wish to be mean to Susser, but really? He just must go!

  34. twilighthours says:

    (not hockey related)

    A couple things worth watching:

    1) Only if you’re over the election and can have a sense of humour about it:


    2) These poor things are born ON the beach and their first task is to climb to safety!


  35. nbsjfan says:

    I tried, I really did. I skipped his intros and made it as far as the fan interview segment. Can’t do it anymore. this used to be a good show and I’d look forward to the opinions and discussion. Please return to the old format. This ain’t cutting it.

  36. HIO_Wieners says:

    I pressed play, then saw it was still him, then pressed stop. I refuse to watch this show with him hosting it.
    It’s like punishment having to sit there and watch his mouth do what it does and his fingers,….making punctuation marks. And, of course, his voice.

  37. Cal says:

    The panel has come to this conclusion: without Price this team is pretty bad. But, hey, it’s a process, right?

    • Mavid says:

      Will you be there tonight?

      º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

      Weed Wacker -and now Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

    • 24 Cups says:

      No, I’m taking the Friday morning train to Montréal with my son-in-law.

  38. FenceSurfer says:

    I can’t wait for the reviews.

  39. 24 Cups says:

    “I hate to dwell on numbers but regarding Price it’s unavoidable. In his last four starts he has faced 38, 42, 38 and 43 shots and given up only seven goals. In those four game shots on goal totaled 161-78 and Price’s save percentage over that stretch is .956. So what else is new?

    For the record Price has now won his last 13 starts at the Bell Centre. This was his eleventh win in a row over all and his 21st of the last 23 starts. He has beaten Boston nine straight games and has won 18 consecutive starts against Eastern Conference clubs.” (Ron Reusch)

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